X-rays negative for Gary Brackett

NFL_Brackett2_250.jpgMiddle linebacker Gary Brackett was one of several Colts who suffered an injury on Thursday night.  X-rays were negative, according to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

A source with knowledge of the injury described the situation to Chappell as “no biggie.”

Despite the good news, it’s unknown whether and to what extent Brackett will miss practice or games.

15 responses to “X-rays negative for Gary Brackett

  1. Great news, watching that play and seeing Clint Sessions helmet hit his arm I thought for sure it was broken. Get some rest the next 2 weeks Gary and we will see you in Houston week one.

  2. @Who Dat Your Face says:
    August 27, 2010 2:20 PM
    How awesome does Colston look in the picture
    not very………..

  3. how is this worthy of a post florio?? do yur readers a favor florio- go tie a rope around yur neck and balls and hang yurself in the closet

  4. Who dat has run its course. Katrina and the BP cleanup is old news. The Saints have had their kudos and are now just another 0-0 team preparing for the regular season.

  5. @pacificamike.
    Dude, take a chill pill. It’s a solid follow up post from if you watched last nights game. You should be arrested

  6. Well good to hear. Colts have enough injury issues. I’d like to get a long look at Pat Angerer next week anyways, that kid looks tough.

  7. another lucky break(no pun intended) for the team as lucky as their helmet logo indicates. That looked bad but for Brackett to somehow escape a break in an injury that seemed to look like a classic break is nothing short of a miracle…that or Brackett’s bones are made of rubber.

  8. That’s great, looked like it might have been a broken arm.
    Addai’s concussion is a real shame. That injury now puts him on a dangerous path. I hope the team treats him well. Donald Brown is a very capable back-up.

  9. Just goes to show the mental toughness of the colts.. The guy got a minor bruise. Go get your booboo fixed Gary take a few weeks off!!

  10. Good news for the Colts. As a Saints fan I can say they have a classy organization and classy fans at last years SB. Hope to see them again next year.

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