C.J. Spiller doing a lot of running backwards

The Bills hope that running back C.J. Spiller will help pull the franchise out of a decade-long funk.

Before that can happen, he’ll need to quit impersonating Jim Marshall.

Spiller lost a total of 16 yards in his first three carries on Saturday night against the Bengals.

Of course, the quality of the line has something to do with it.  Which of course makes more curious the failure to take meaningful steps to shore up the line in the offseason.

The good news is that, as I was writing this, Spiller got another carry, gaining four yards.

So he’s up to minus-12.


22 responses to “C.J. Spiller doing a lot of running backwards

  1. Feel free to post a lot more stories like this, because he’s been dominating ever since this post. 12 carries, 52 yards (so by my math his last eight carries have gained 64 yards) and two touchdowns, plus two catches for 33 yards.
    Go Bills!

  2. nice post you joke… 3 carries and you’re blogging about the o-line not being addressed and spiller needing to ‘quit’ doing anything that he’s doing. here’s an update…. 12 carries 52 yards 2td, 2 catches 33 yards

  3. Why don’t your refresh your game track FLORIO!??
    2 TDs and a few yards
    Quick to judge as usual.

  4. Please update, Florio.
    He’s at 12 for 52 and 2 tds (and 2 rec for 33 yards) now.
    This kid is going to be a superstar.

  5. Now it’s half time and he’s up to +52 yards and two touchdowns. Hooray.
    Trent Edwards is 13 for 17, 153 yards and a touchdown. Hooray.

  6. Dumb Bills fans. Spiller got those yards AFTER the first teamers left. Dummies. 3-13!

  7. Bengals Defense is hard but gotta say Spiller is a beast..and Ghee hits like a sledgehammer

  8. Bills are looking good, like last week against the Colts. Any chance Florio reports any positive news? No, b/c he’s a pillow biter.

  9. wow…..I guess I am a little late on this comment…..but maybe you spoke too soon. I agree with your question of the offensive line. The right tackle they put in needed to get his footing or something because after the first drive, he started to look OK; but the first drive was rough…….as for CJ, he looks solid…..it will be interesting to see him in the regular season cycling through Freddie Jackson and Marshawn Lynch.
    My prediction: the 2010 Bills running game might save Trent Edwards career.

  10. Actually PFTspellchecker, the Bengals had their starting defense in for most of the first half, they just pulled a few offensive starters

  11. Seems like the line made some adjustments and started opening some holes in a hurry for CJ. Man he is quick, the lateral movement on his 20 yard touchdown was just sick.
    They talk about Dallas having a three headed monster, I think you have to add Buffalo to that list.
    Well as easy as it would be to call out Florio, I think he realizes that he made a mistake on this article.

  12. Yeah, maybe you should wait until the game is over until you talk your sh-t! The starting O-line looked well and Spiller had an excellent outing. You need a new job Florio.

  13. Still a bunch of dumbasses. You think it was the first team offense. Jim_Kelly-….nevermind- you are too dumb to talk to. Same for ejtowne.

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