Dolphins-Falcons one-liners

The Dolphins played so poorly in their 16-6 loss to the Falcons that coach Tony Sparano may change the team’s practice schedule over the next few days.

Miami benched CB Sean Smith for showing up late to a team meeting, so Jason Allen started ahead of him.  (When Smith came in, Roddy White quickly got three steps behind him, but White dropped a long potential touchdown.)

The Dolphins threw to Brandon Marshall eight times; he had three catches, 51 yards, and a drop.

Dolphins QB Chad Henne was inconsistent enough to inspire a “Don’t write off Chad Henne yet” column.  (Henne finished 10-of-23 for 123 yards and a red zone interception.  Drops hurt him.)

It’s probably not a good sign for the Dolphins running game when Chad Pennington had the team’s longest gain on the ground.

Someone, wake Florio up: Pat White played

Falcons QB Matt Ryan was somewhat erratic in a winning effort.  “There were some things we did pretty well, but for the most part I
think we had seven possessions in the first half, and we came away with
just 10 points.

LB Mike Peterson led an impressive Falcons rush defense.

Rookie LB Sean Weatherspoon may have solidified a starting job with a big effort.

Falcons WR Brian Finneran is still catching tough touchdown passes after all these years.

The Falcons’ third down defense excelled, led by preseason defensive MVP candidate DE Kroy Biermann.

12 responses to “Dolphins-Falcons one-liners

  1. Kroy Biermann is an absolute beast! By mid season the entire NFL will know his name and all opposing QB’s will fear him. Here we come Dallas.

  2. Kroy Biermann will be the starter at DE opposite John Abraham. Watch him make a Manwich out of Byron “Right, Right” Leftwich & Dennis Dixon in a couple of weeks. Yep, yep.

  3. Dolphins offense is even worse than the Jets. At least the Jets have good running game and superior defense.
    Can the Tuna survive another 7-9 season? Can the Fish even get to 7-9 this year?????

  4. Yeah, the jests defense was so good they allowed a backup QB to get 111 yards against them. That’s just funny.

  5. It’s funny how all the Jets fans come out to talk shit when Miami finally loses a preseason game.

  6. its preseason.. who cares about records? Most teams are people are playing vanilla offenses and defenses.. We had won 9 preseason games in row.. and i could care less.. win or lose.. i just want to cut the scrubs…

  7. @ dabills4
    It’s easy to sit there and call other teams overrated when yours has sucked for so long… see you September 12th when we light your ass up in your own house.
    Our defense has only showed about half of its potential, especially without Nolan calling any blitzes.
    The offense is a bit troubling so far, but we are still finalizing the offensive line, Henne and the WRs need a little more time to develop a good chemistry that I know they are capable of and everybody knows what a healthy Ricky and Ronnie can do…

  8. Big talk, Jets fans. If we go by 3rd preseason week performances, Buffalo wins the division, right?

  9. @S.TMorse
    Thats a joke right? Have you seen the Jets boards lately? There’s an infestation of Fish trolls. Koamisi spends every waking minute under Jets stories. He has to have at least 1000 posts in the last month.LOL

  10. it’s just a single preseason game, and the first one the dolphins have lost. by the way, the Bills, Jets, and Patriots all lost a preseason game before the Dolphins did. Does that mean anything? Absolutely not.
    They’re not overrated, the season isn’t over, stop it with this sky is falling crap…

  11. Just trying to keep up with you cunnyboy. Your posts are so retarded I have to try to keep up.

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