Eagles-Chiefs one-liners

The Eagles won 20-17, but QB Kevin Kolb had a disappointing game.

Said Kolb afterward, “That wasn’t quite as sharp as we would have liked it, for sure. There’s a lot of details we have to clean up. The shining light of the whole thing is that it’s 0-0 come here in next two weeks, when we start fresh.”

The Eagles won when third-string QB Mike Kafka hit WR Riley Cooper on an 18-yard touchdown pass with 23 seconds left.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said the offensive line played well.

Eagles RB Mike Bell finally got on the field and admitted he was rusty.

The Chiefs’ starting defense gave up an early touchdown but generally looked good.

Said Chiefs coach Todd Haley, “They say in boxing, it’s not how hard you punch, it’s how you react after you’ve been punched. We took a couple of pretty good body blows, might have been a couple of good head shots, haymakers. But guys fought back. We made plays, finally got something going.”

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel threw a pass that bounced off TE Tony Moeaki’s hands and landed in the arms of Eagles CB Trevard Lindley.

Said Cassel afterward, “I think this time of year, especially in the preseason, we’re trying to figure out exactly what we are.”

Said Chiefs LB Andy Studebaker, “Obviously we have some things to improve on. We obviously need a little more pressure and there are things I need to work on personally. We will get better.”

14 responses to “Eagles-Chiefs one-liners

  1. The Eagles won when third-string QB Mike Kafka hit WR Riley Cooper on an 18-yard touchdown pass with 23 seconds left.
    Why is Kafka third string again? Vick gets very little play time once again.
    Player Cmp Att Comp % Yds TDs Int
    K. Kolb 11 25 44.0 103 0 1
    M. Kafka 9 13 69.2 93 1 0
    M. Vick 1 1 100.0 8 0 0

  2. In all honesty, I can’t see this team winning more than four or five games with Kolb being as horrible as he is…

  3. Vick gets little playing time because he SUCKS…Reid doesn’t want to expose his pet project for the fraud he is….
    What happened to the obots that said Kolb would be benched by week 4?

  4. the reason vick is second is because of some rule about when the 3rd stringer enters the game at a certain point, the starter cant go back in, or something to that effect…. there is some crazy rule involving that but i cant recall what it is exaclty…… i remember hearing about that rule when it was thought that pennington would be started and chad henne would be 3rd string so that pat white would be able to run the wildcat or somehting…. maybe someone else can remember the rule?

  5. The Eagles will show how good or bad they really are when they play the Packers in two weeks. Trying to draw conclusions from the preseason is pointless.

  6. Iggles fans are getting exactly what they deserve after helping make Donovan McNabb’s life miserable for years. Enjoy being irrelevant, again, Philly fans.

  7. Two observations based on the first team performances.
    The Eagles have a serious problem on their offensive line. They can’t pass protect. If they don’t get that fixed, they’re going to have a Redskins-type season.
    Matt Cassel doesn’t look like a solution at QB for the Chiefs. He seems to make decent decisions. but he’s not especially accurate, he telegraphs his throws and like Leinart, he throws almost all short balls. I wonder of the Chiefs won’t be looking to draft a QB next year.

  8. I am not quite as confident in Vick’s abilities as I was a few weeks ago, but he will still help the team, and have a pretty good year. It was interesting that he did not play as quarterback really. I hope he hasnt been demoted to 3rd string.
    Maybe since it was just going to be mop-up duty, and they will give him a lot of time next week.

  9. Where are all the Eagles fans who talk so much SH*T that McNabb is done, and Kolb is the next best thing to hit the NFL? As a fanbase, y’all reap what you sow…which has been BS, so get ready for some turds this year

  10. You guys asked for this….
    “after so many loses in the NFCCG it was time for a change”
    “he throws at the WR ankles”
    “the reason he doesn’t throw INT’s is he only throws to open WR’s and never takes chances”
    Hey check this out. Kolb looked fine until Jackson left the game and then he was lost. If he can only perform becuase of Jackson the Eagles are in trouble. Jackson is not made for over the middle here comes a LB passes. He is a slot WR not a #1.
    Eagles 6-10 Say what you want but there is one main reason I don’t like Kolb as a starting QB for my Favorite team….. The whole University of Houston QB experiment has been done twicw with 2 different teams with the same damned results what makes this one different?

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