Good news for Cameron Sheffield, so far

Though details remain sketchy and the team is taking a guarded approach to drawing conclusions or supplying information regarding the condition of Chiefs linebacker Cameron Sheffield, we’re hearing that Sheffield’s condition has improved dramatically following a scary incident on Friday night that left him motionless on the field.

Early indications weren’t good at all, with Sheffield showing all the signs of someone who had suffered a potentially severe spinal cord injury.

Stay tuned for more details.  Though more tests need to be conducted, the indication for now is that Sheffield will be fine.

10 responses to “Good news for Cameron Sheffield, so far

  1. i hope all is well for him,things like this our team and player or not is our worst fear but it sounds good so far

  2. God bless him, indeed. That was a very scary moment last night. In our prayers.

  3. Dude, having a spine injury, seeing something like that last night just made me sick to my stomach. Cameron wasn’t moving AT ALL and the way the trainer was comforting him by holding his hands on while he was being hauled off on the “Gator” made it seem even more frightening to me.
    I pray for Cameron and hold out hope that his injury is not permanent nor significantly debilitating. Poor fellow.
    One good sign was seeing him belly breathing while being hauled off the field. Hopefully that’s the beginning of a complete recovery.

  4. Percy Headachin says:
    August 28, 2010 10:04 AM
    I hope he is ok, but who is cammeron sheffield?
    @Percy: What a stupid comment, like you are trying to reduce his injury to nothing because he is a rookie.

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