Herschel Walker still into MMA

We noted a few months back that former NFL running back Herschel Walker wasn’t ready to quit mixed martial arts after one professional fight.

Walker now says his training has progressed to the point where he’s likely only a couple months away from getting back in the cage. And he says he hopes to bring his fans over to his new sport.

“I think my fame can be helpful to mixed martial arts and I hope that helps, because I love mixed martial arts, whether it’s Strikeforce or the UFC or smaller promotions,” Walker told me over at MMAFighting.com. “People think this sport is all blood — but it’s really about the most technical sport there is. So much of it is about technique.”

In his retirement from football Walker is also becoming a spokesman for mental health treatment, saying that after seeking treatment for mental health issues himself, he knows that “There’s no shame in asking for help.”

7 responses to “Herschel Walker still into MMA

  1. Think MMA is past the point of Walker’s fame
    helping it at this point.
    He would be better uited for toughman, as he said it gets more technical in MMA.

  2. How do you not love Herschel Walker?
    Loved that guy for nearly 30 years – and I aint a fan of any team he ever played for other than the U.S. bobsled team.
    Herschel is a class act from head to toe.

  3. I do some training and the sport is very technical. He is an amazing athlete and its incredible that in his late 40’s, he’s making a run at it. A lot of us have played team sports (as he has), but it takes another level of courage and confidence to walk out onto a mat or into a cage and go one on one, pound for pound, with another man who’s goal is to put you away.
    I have a ton of respect for a guy that loves a new sport, isnt afraid to test himself in it, and help bring over new fans using his notariety.
    Good stuff Hershal, I’ll def tune in for your next fight…

  4. I saw pictures of his last fight and can’t believe how ripped he is in his late 40s. Damn, the guy’s a genetic freak. Looks like he could strap on the pads again and run through defenses.

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