Cardinals-Bears one-liners

The Cardinals fear that starting FB Nehemiah Broughton tore an ACL, which would open the door for the Juggernaut, bitch.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that it’s possible the Cardinals have gone from having no quarterbacks to having two.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt wouldn’t provide a timeline for picking between Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson. 

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald has no desire to get in the middle of the debate; “I’m not going to comment on that; that’s a no-win situation for me to be in.  We all trust in Coach Whisenhunt’s philosophy and expertise.  He’s led
us to two straight playoff seasons . . . so why wouldn’t we believe in
what he’s going to do?”  (Fine, but we’ve got a feeling that Fitz would welcome right about now the return of a certain “old ass man.”)

Cardinals WR Steve Breaston thinks it was bad for him to dive into the end zone last night because, well, he’s so damn good; “I don’t think that was a smart move, but it was just instinct,” Breaston
said. “Just being the playmaker I am, I wanted to make plays. You still
have to show the NFL that you are still a playmaker.”

If the Bears’ defense is proud that they held the Cardinals’ starting offense to 14 points, they shouldn’t be.

Israel Idonije got the start at left DE for the Bears, over Mark Anderson.

Bears WR Johnny Knox made “tremendous adjustments” to “some shaky [Jay] Cutler passes.”

If the Bears had a competent backup quarterback, Jay Cutler’s performance in the third preseason game could have him on thin ice.  (Which goes a long way toward explaining why the man who traded for and paid Cutler chose not to sign a competent backup quarterback.)

The home crowd at Soldier Field wasn’t booing; they were chanting “blow it all up and start over.”

10 responses to “Cardinals-Bears one-liners

  1. they better not be relying on derek anderson. this guy is terrible. cards may finsh 4th in the nfc west if he is their#1 qb.

  2. And the Bears? Lovie is still smiling. Oh thats right he’s always smiling….. Bears finish 14th in the NFC.

  3. As the Bears fade to irrelevance, the Lions look poised to steal 3rd place away from them in the NFC North.
    That’s how it SHOULD be! 🙂

  4. The Bears are who we thought they were. If you wanna give them the first pick in next year’s draft, then crown their @$$! But they are who we thought they were!
    They should have had Denny Green calling this game.

  5. I presume I am the lone soul that sees some hope for this Bears team. I think Cutler’s mind is weak but Chicago’s O-Line is about the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Knox seems great. Taylor/Forte are being utilized very well and playcalling for the offense was much improved. That Chicago Tribune writer amazes me – to complain of letting 14 points… is he aware of the PPG averages of the BEST defenses in the past 10 years?! The Bears D looked much more aggressive than their pedestrian look 2 weeks ago. IDK, the NFC North is rising as a whole which doesn’t favor Chicago but I don’t see the dismay everyone else should have been seeing 12 months ago. Back then the question was ‘why don’t Bears fans hate Lovie’ – now the question is ‘why won’t Bears fans give them a chance’?

  6. It’s never a good idea to read too much into preseason performance. There’ve been teams that looked totally awful in the preseason that whipped things back into gear as soon as the season started. That being said, the Bears didn’t have a ton of positives Saturday night. Knox looked good. Danieal Manning looked good. The defensive line did a good job, both Harris and Peppers were not giving Arizona a ton of time. We saw Chester Taylor in the open field twice. Juaquan Iglesias showed something finally. The secondary and the offensive line didn’t look great. Cutler struggled as his protection buckled, but that offensive line isn’t going to get a whole lot better, he needs to learn to be better behind a paltry offensive line.
    BUT, I’d like to point out that on Chicago’s best drive, which took them from their own 12 yard line to Arizona’s 13 yard line, included a -8 WR reverse on a 2nd and 1, and a fumbled snap to Hester in the wildcat on Arizona’s 13 which lost them four yards on first down.
    That’s a 3rd and 9 & a 2nd and 14 Chicago tried to overcome as a consequence of testing some trick run plays, ones that Mike Martz is unlikely to call in a game, particularly on a drive where Cutler was 5/8 for 83 yards. The drive stalled on 3rd and 14, and Cutler was sacked on the play, field goal unit comes in.
    Can’t read too much into what happens in a preseason game, coaches will sometimes commit to irrational game-time decisions just to see how the players respond to different plays.

  7. Bears haven’t been good in awhile. They desperately need a GM who can build an offense, maybe an offensive coordinator who doesn’t get fired as many times as the jouneyman QB’s he swears are the next Joe Montana and a head coach with a backbone.
    Arizona’s QB situation isn’t as bad as the media is making it. They have more than enough weapons on offense to make Anderson a pro bowler again if thats the route they choose. Larry Fitzgerald is light years ahead of Braylon Edwards.

  8. That sidelines interview with Jay Cutler after he came out of the game — he looked like he wanted to be anyplace but there. Had nothing good to say about his performance or the team.

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