Bengals criticized for medical handling of Rashad Jeanty

It’s been a rough week for the Bengals medical staff.

One day after the team had to admit a very expensive mistake with Antonio Bryant, the agent for deposed linebacker Rashad Jeanty sharply criticized how the team handled his client this offseason.

Jeanty fractured his fibula in the playoffs last year, and the team initially told him he didn’t need surgery. When Jeanty visited Miami as a restricted free agent, the Dolphins told him he would need major surgery on his ankle to stabilize his leg, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Dolphins lost interest, and Jeanty underwent the surgery shortly thereafter.  On Monday, the Bengals waived Jeanty for failing a physical.

“It’s tremendously disappointing on the way this has been handled,”
his agent David Canter told Reedy. “We don’t see how the Cincinnati Bengals can do this
without any inclination that this was even a possibility.

“It’s a tad
shocking how he was released and was done in a disheartening, callous
and unfair manner. The only reason why he isn’t healthy and wasn’t able
to pass the physical is because they failed to fully diagnose and
mistreated the injury.”

Jeanty was regarded as a leader in the locker room and had won the team’s Ed Block Courage award in 2008.  He was widely expected to be placed on the PUP list.  

Perhaps the Bengals were trying to get back some of the money they wasted in the Bryant fiasco.  Then again, there could be a lawsuit for medical malpractice in their future.

19 responses to “Bengals criticized for medical handling of Rashad Jeanty

  1. It really is laughable how they botched the Bryant signing and now cut legitimately one of the best guys in the community because they misdiagnosed his injury. Got to wonder how many other injuries they may have screwed up that we haven’t heard about.

  2. Apply all the pressure you can to Mike Brown to upgrade in training facilities, rehabilitation, medical facilities and personnel, a scouting department and personnel.. Hell just ask him to shoot him self and if that works it will be a great day in Cincinnati..

  3. There is something to this. When Carson has been hurt over the years, he doesn’t use Mike Browns’ doctors. The team doc must work for peanuts.

  4. Yeah, the Bungles are back because their medical staff is getting criticized? Cool. Season sweep.

  5. I consider myself a Bengals fan (family from the area has that affect on you), and I’ve been calling for a switch in the medical personnel for years. They’re absolutely terrible compared to others in the league. Brown needed to spend some of the 8mill he blew on Bryant, on a new medical staff.

  6. It’s no secret the Bengals medical staff is lame. As a lifelong Bengals fan, I’ve seen this happen many times with Bengals players. Not just the injury part, but the conditioning, too. It’s a shame Jeanty became a stat for these clowns. He gave his all, and this is how he is rewarded….pathetic. Oh yeah, Roethlisberger is still a douche.

  7. The Good Ol’ Bungles…..Not only do they sign fringe character players, they go out of their way to rid the team of good quality people.

  8. hey Steelers Rule, we win the division again @ 11-5 (2 of those wins against you chumps)…..You guys have a real classy QB there, he deserved to be suspended the whole year but he’ll get what he deserves…Give that piece of crap a year or two and he’ll pull the same thing..WHO DEY RULES!!!!!

  9. Stay classy Cincy. Makes you wonder why they’d keep PacManhole types and not him on IR. Guess they need some guns for when Mikey B goes clubbin.

  10. I hope jeantry sues and isn’t afraid of getting blackballed from other teams. This franchise is truly a disgrace

  11. Its gonna be so funny when the Steelers and the Ravens lose to the Bengals 2 times each this year. Then are u gonna be saying how bad their medical staff is? Who cares? Jenty is just pissed cause he got released. Last time I checked the Bengals had a pretty good LB crew.

  12. I guess Mike Brown isn’t just the GM for the Bengals, he is also in charge of the training department.
    Now we know where he gets all the money to blow on WR’s.

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