Danny Amendola gets first crack at Avery's starting job

It wasn’t so long ago that Danny Amendola was the 2008 version of John “The Terminator” Conner, a fan favorite on Hard Knocks just trying to make a team.

Amendola wound up spending a year on the Cowboys’ practice squad, then went to Philadelphia’s practice squad before the Rams signed him last September.  Now “White Chocolate” looks like the Rams’ Week One starting wide receiver opposite Laurent Robinson.

Rams rookie Mardy Gilyard, who says the other receivers are sugar cookies, explains the nickname.

“We bring the sweet portion to the game,” Gilyard told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “So if
you bring one lone chocolate chip, and place it in a single sugar
cookie, how much would that chocolate chip stand out? Get my
drift?”  (Yep, we got it Mardy.) 

With Donnie Avery out for the season, Amendola’s play will have to get noticed.  The Rams listed the former slot receiver as a starter on their latest depth chart.  Gilyard and Brandon Gibson are fighting for snaps behind him.

If Sam Bradford can produce this season with this group around him, the Rams have found something special.

8 responses to “Danny Amendola gets first crack at Avery's starting job

  1. More like, if Sam Bradford comes out of this season without ongoing symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome, the Rams have found something special.

  2. I liked Amendola in Dallas, but he couldn’t crack the 53.
    Hope it works out for him, except for if he plays against Dallas of course…

  3. I’m mystified that the Rams made no substantive offseason moves to upgrade their WR situation. Or for that matter, most other troubling positions, like backup RB, DBs, etc. Maybe it can be blamed on the change of ownership. More likely Spagneuoulo simply believes he can coach up any “talent” Devaney gives him. That’s not gonna work.

  4. I was thinking dog turd in fresh snow, but if the chocolate chip analogy works for Gilyard, that’s fine too.

  5. yeah i agree
    i think he should stay in the slot like wes welker does
    he doesnt have the speed to stretch the field
    gilyard should try it since he is the only other ram that can

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