Jim Brown believes his "agreement" with Browns was violated

Earlier this year, the Cleveland Browns decided to part ways with Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, who most recently served as a member of the team’s senior management.

Brown had kept quiet about the situation in Cleveland, alluding vaguely to “Pandora’s box” but not opening it.  Yet.

That could be changing.  According to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Brown has sent a letter to the Browns explaining that — as reported and expected — he won’t be attending the September 19 Ring of Honor induction.  In the letter, per Grossi, “Brown states that while he had no formal contract as executive advisor
with the Browns, he believes his agreement with owner Randy Lerner was
violated because a clause in it stated he would answer to no one but

But a contract is an agreement.  So either Brown had an “agreement” or he didn’t.  It sounds like at most he had a legally unenforceable understanding as to what his role would be and, more importantly, who he would be reporting to.

Brown contends that he was offered $100,000 per year to be “a greeter . . . a mascot . . . a person that would represent special events by his physical presence,” and that he declined.  From that it could be inferred that his prior agreement/arrangement entailed much more money — and much more substantive duties.

Still, it doesn’t appear that Brown plans to demand a settlement or to file suit.  Instead, the main purpose of the letter seems to be the communication of his decision not to attend the September 19 event.

“I don’t have any trophies in my home on display,” Brown writes.  “I don’t claim to be
the best at anything, and I emphatically do not need validation from any
man, so I will not participate in your Ring of Honor.”

We respect Brown’s position.  But shouldn’t he also be asking the Browns not to include him in the Ring of Honor at all?  Even if he doesn’t show up, he’ll have permanent validation at Cleveland Browns Stadium via the presence of his name there. 

If he doesn’t want it, he needs to say so.  And if he doesn’t say so, we’ll assume he wants it.

57 responses to “Jim Brown believes his "agreement" with Browns was violated

  1. jim
    dont let the door hit u in the arse on the way out, cause we dont want yer arse-prints on our door.
    the browns

  2. For a guy who doesn’t need validation, he’s sure taking the news that his fat mouth isn’t needed pretty hard. This guy’s a big-mouthed asshole and Holmgren did the right thing in getting him. What an attention whore.

  3. Jim Brown was the original NFL thug and he continues to be a turd. He claims to answer to no one but the owner. Last I checked, the owner did not stop the “firing”. He is a child in an old man’s body. “I emphatically do not need validation from any man, so I will not participate in your Ring of Honor.” The Browns wanted to honor his past achievements not “validate” anything that was not already proven. Apparently, he needs his validation in the form of a made-up nonfunctional job with a perception of power and self-importance.

  4. God – this is why we in Cleveland are embarrassed by this clown. For decades he has put a gun to our head – forced us to pay money for him, plus money for his charity – all because he is the great Jim Brown.
    Enough already – his bitter old guy “woe is me” routine has worn thin – no one needs it.
    Great job Holmgren – lets shake off the ghosts from the past – or in his case – lets run right over him.

  5. The fans know who Jim Brown is and what he has done playing football. I enjoy his attitude especially after seeing the idiotic display at the Football Hall of Fame this year.

  6. Jim Brown is the greatest football player of all time. And that comes from a Steelers fan who watched with frustrating regularity as Brown ran over and around the Steelers. Looked like The King in the Burger King commercials. ( I loved those.)
    It is germane to Ohio so I will retell a famous story about Bob Hope. The Ohio Knights of Columbus called Hope to offer the Cleveland native their prestige annual award. Told by Hope the date conflicted with a movie role they asked, “Oh, do you know if Dean Martin (Steubenville) is available?”
    Jim Brown has the high road here. He was a constant reminder of an era when the Browns beat everybody and not the other way around.
    His declining the invite makes the whole thing a farce.
    The Ring of Honor is a ring of baloney.

  7. for the love of allah, jim brown, please ask the browns to remove you from their ring of honor, you bumbling idiot…maybe you were a great running back in your time, but you’re no longer relevant…and you give horrible advice

  8. Bullshit. He can’t stop them from “honoring” him. He stated his position, then you restate it adding the opinion of this phantom “we” we keep hearing so much about. Why isn’t one man’s word about a position only he definitively can state not enough?

  9. Oh, my God, go away.
    As a Browns fan, you’re humiliating yourself at this point.
    Pissed off that the gravy train finally ended, you bitter, sour, racist, woman-beater.
    cue Al Sharpton’s motorcade into Berea.

  10. Brown was a great football player, but these days he’s nothing more than a self-important windbag. Waaaah, waaaah, waaah… I’ve been disrespected!!!
    Walter Payton wouldn’t have pulled stunts like this.

  11. “I don’t claim to be the best at anything, and I emphatically do not need validation”
    Hopefully after writing this letter his wife didn’t say, “I Love You.”

  12. Hey leave him alone, this guy as integrity. Can’t wait to see him at the ring of honor ceremony for men who enjoy punching women in the face.

  13. Poor Jim.
    The rhetorical crap was fun for 5-10 years, but Jim grow up.
    You are like a little boy. What did your Mom or Dad abuse you??
    What’s up man up and grow up.

  14. They violated him like he violated women!
    Just another proof that the media and the general public think that because someone is famous they are somehow “smart” and that their opinions mean something.
    He is a tool who needs to disappear.

  15. A contract is an agreement, you are right.
    But not every agreement is a contract, in this context. Did you miss that day of law school?

  16. Funny! From what I understand there are plenty of women that believe their agreement with Jim Brown was violated.

  17. I think you summed it up pretty nicely near the end of the article:
    >>>>>BROWN: “I emphatically do not need validation from any man, so I will not participate in your Ring of Honor.”
    We respect Brown’s position. But shouldn’t he also be asking the Browns not to include him in the Ring of Honor at all?

  18. There is no disputing Jim Brown’s greatness but his remarks about not needing another man’s validation are dishonest. He happily accepted 13 letters during his college career. Accepted selections to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, college football hall of fame and even the lacrosse hall of fame. He has been selected for numerous awards and recognition including the NFL’s 75th anniversary team. He has not complained about the recognition before and isn’t shy about using it to advance his favorite causes. The only reason he is making a huff now is he was bounced from whatever figurehead role he thought he had.

  19. Tomthebombtracy says:
    August 30, 2010 6:32 PM
    His declining the invite makes the whole thing a farce.
    The ring of honor is a ring of baloney.
    Kinda like the Steelers’ first 40 years of existence was a farce and baloney?
    Yeah right, dude. The Browns have, what, 13 players in the HoF? …but because Brown, a bitter, whining, old wifebeater is throwing a temper tantrum over being cut from his “do nothing and get more $$$ than most people make in 2 or 3 years” position, suddenly those other H of F’ers and legendary Browns players don’t deserve their names in a ring of honor?
    Sounds like “Tom the Bomb” is as senile as ol’ Jim Brown.

  20. rule #1 of agreements:get it in writing.
    i’m sure sad that jimmy feels violated,he must feel like those women he threw out of windows on those famous ‘dates” of his.

  21. fleet10 says:
    August 30, 2010 6:46 PM
    Oh, my God, go away.
    As a Browns fan, you’re humiliating yourself at this point.
    Pissed off that the gravy train finally ended, you bitter, sour, racist, woman-beater.
    cue Al Sharpton’s motorcade into Berea.
    1. Totally on point, couldn’t have said it better.
    2. The “Al Sharpton’s motorcade” crack was hilarious!

  22. Wait off in the distance I can hear Jessie Jackson warming up with some bullshit type of complaint against the Browns.
    Stay home you angry bitter old man, it is a shame that you could be the toast of a town starved for a winner or to hang on to the great past of winning teams that you were a part of.
    You will be remembered for turning down the invite because you aren’t allowed to hold the Browns hostage for free money and sponsorship to that dumb program you “run”

  23. You forgot the best part when Jim Brown yelled, “…and get off my lawn”, as his false teeth fell to the floor.

  24. #32 is a hero because of what he did on the field — perhaps the best ever. THIS is what is being commemorated in the Ring of Honor being established by the Browns. The Browns franchise, as everyone knows, changed the game and deserves the glory if possesses, recent years notwithstanding. Mangini was roundly criticized for taking down murals of Browns heroes last year — he and Holmgren should be congratulated for the Ring of Honor idea. It’s NOT just about what your record is this year. They’re rebuilding a great franchise that’s fallen on hard times, not in small part because of self-aggrandizing coaches/players/executives who thought it was about THEM, not the team or the franchise.
    I remember watching Jim Brown run up and down the field as a boy…he WAS amazing. I won’t comment on his later life — maybe he did get the shaft and certainly, he’s given the shaft in his life. Too bad #32 won’t be at the game. It’s not about validating him, it’s about recognizing his outstanding work for the team and for the franchise. Because he won’t show up, because he’s bitter about not making $100g for being a greeter and a mascot (and providing the press with his opinions on internal matters), today’s generation of fans will remember him as a curmudgeon, not a hero.
    Jim, if you don’t want to show, that’s fine. Thank you for the thrills and the excitement. But this is YOUR loss, not mine. And the next time I see you in the airport, I’ll keep my seat and leave you alone, just as you wish. The other Ring of Honor members recognize their blessings and are more than happy to share in the event. For them, recognition of great achievements is something to be shared. Many fans will find that much more appealing and memorable.

  25. dude might have been the greatest running back to ever play the game, but he is a class A douchebag as a person. talk about working hard to destroy your legacy.

  26. I respect him as a player, he is one of the greatest players
    to ever play the game but it’s time for him to move on with his life and just not have anything to do at all with the NFL.

  27. ppdoc13 says:
    August 30, 2010 8:14 PM
    dude might have been the greatest running back to ever play the game, but he is a class A douchebag as a person. talk about working hard to destroy your legacy.
    This is Brett Favre in 20 years….only Favre will still be playing.

  28. trickbunny:
    I am getting perverse pleasure out of a Browns-noser ripping on one of their own.
    Maybe I’m a cycnic but what edition is this now of the Browns rebuilding…..Carmen Policy, Butch Davis, John Collins?
    I’ve seen other new management teams ingratiate themselves to suffering fans by intoning the memories of the long lost glories…..often times at the expense of those players who were underpaid and forgotten until they were potentially useful to them for some marketing reason.
    I’m sure they will serve a nice buffet at the Ring of Honor. And maybe for one game a VIP parking pass no less. I’m also sure these players will be swept into the closet again until further needed.
    Many older players, including Steelers, have been taken advantage of and poorly compensated for their worth.
    Take the Ring of Honor for what it is…..a marketing ploy to connect by emotion the successful Browns of Municipal Stadiums with the yet to this date underachieving Browns of their new stadium.
    Trickbunny, you should know tricks. This is a cheap trick and you bought it hook, line and stinker.

  29. Dont worry Jim, maybe you could write Mars Attacks 2 and get some work again….
    And hey, if you do write it, you could cast the all black list (because white people suck, I know, we are just animals) for the movie, even have LeBoob in it. Win win.

  30. Greeter? $100,000 per year.
    Does that profession pay that much?
    I will finish this post later….
    Gotta Run. On my way to Walmart to fill out a job application forum.

  31. funny thing is, i keep thinking about how he doesn’t want 100k to be a “greeter” or whatever. there are people out there who’s kill for any kind of job right now at a quarter of that pay. take that 100k and go do some good with it in the city you “love so much”.
    you aren’t sticking it to the Browns, you are sticking it to the fans. we loved you for what you did on the field, but life is much more than what happens on a football field. in that “non-football”part of life, you are just a loser. get some perspective because the only people hurting from this are the poor schmucks who get to escape reality for a little while on sundays and you remind them of better times both on and off the field.
    sad, sick, racist (not a term i use lightly), demented old man.

  32. great player, yes.
    but the browns didnt slip very much after he left (leroy kelly, anyone?).
    and they actually slipped with brown. they used to be in championship games every year before womanthrowin womanbeatin jimbo came along.
    with jim, the browns went to 3 championship games in 9 years and lost 2, 1 very badly. to the lions.
    their big win was when they shutout the mighty colts. the cleveland D did that.

  33. They should unveil the numbers on the ring of honor and then adorn #32 with a large red circle with a diagonal line through it until this jackass grows up.

  34. If he doesn’t want it, he needs to say so. And if he doesn’t say so, we’ll assume he wants it.
    Actually, he doesn’t need to say anything.
    I’m dissappointed Mike. You had actually eased up on the “he needs to say” or “he needs to do” BS for awhile. Guess you’re feeling ornery now that the season is about to start.

  35. Thanks for a stupid conclusion and an invitation for idiots to whine in the comments as if any of this affects them in anyway. If he told them to not add his name, he would have more comments from idiots. There is nothing wrong with just letting people do what they want to do. It doesn’t mean he wants it, it just means he does not want to participate (at least as a non-employee).
    You know, like the ESPN reporters, when you delve into opinions when you do not need to, your credibility really slips–or perhaps you just become more annoying. Report stories and do fewer editorials or at least separate them.

  36. When you use assume, remember what that really means ( ass/u/me ) I say don’t assume, just report the facts and let the reader do the assuming. Bill

  37. Let’s see here. Jim Brown a FB that played nine years and won the rushing eight of those years. The one year he didn’t win was that a FB from a pretty fair team won it . That FB was Jim Taylor of the Green Bay Packers. Back when Lombardi patrolled the sidelines. Last guy like that around here was Montana.

  38. Congrats Jim Brown, I didn’t think I could dislike you anymore than I already did. You overachiever, you!

  39. Obviously, Jim Brown needs to hire Vincent Jacksons agents.
    He was a GREAT running back and was really good with the hand grenades and broken field run in The Dirty Dozen. But, Alzheimers takes a toll.

  40. Sounds like Brown wants his cake and to eat it too. He’ll be on that ring even if he doesn’t show up. If he didn’t want that end of it either he should have stated as much in his letter to the Browns. So I figure he does want his name on the ring without having to go to the ceremony.
    Wish I could be a greeter or represent a team at special functions, etc. for $100G’s per year. Ole Jim ought to take a hard look at the unemployment figures in this country, and be grateful he had a job that paid so well for doing not a whole lot.

  41. Jim Brown beleives his “anus” was violated.
    Brown has kept quiet about his Cleveland anus, alluding vaguely to “butt hurt” but he has not opened it. Yet.

  42. Jim Brown the football player was awesome. Jim Brown the man is not. We’ve known this for awhile, and on this occasion we are reminded again that this is so.
    There is a school of thought that you do not give awards to people who don’t want to show up to receive them. There are plenty of Browns, original Browns from the very first Browns teams that could be inducted now, especially if they have family members who will accept the honor (where the player himself is deceased).
    I suggest they put off inducting Jim Brown till later. I suspect that even if Jim Brown is not keen on the award or the present management, things will change. Things always change. And when the time is right, induct him, and he’ll come — or he’ll send someone in his place, and that might suffice.
    The Browns have 16 players enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Jim Brown is just one of them.

  43. The misunderstanding is that the team gave him 10,000 of those goofy hats he wears per year, and he somehow thought they were worth more than $1 apiece.

  44. Damn it Jim; I’m a doctor not a mascot!
    If ignorance is bliss, Jim Brown is one happy dude.

  45. There are too many white devils receiving the award as well. Maybe if Rev. Wright, Sharpton, and Farrakhan were present, he would show.
    Doesn’t need validation from man??? His whole life has been a spectacle for man. NFL, College, 20/20 interviews of his bullsh1t civic projects.
    What a d1ck hole.

  46. jim brown wants it alright, don’t you mistake that.
    he just wants the organization to kiss his feet, basically. he’s miffed because he was not included/consulted in some organizational planning & decision-making.

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