Matt Leinart: "I outplayed the competition"

The reporters closest to the Cardinals quarterback situation have mostly lauded how Matt Leinart has handled the latest drama, despite some initial comments that missed the big picture.

Leinart will be tougher to defend after his latest round of comments.

He said Monday he “outplayed the competition” in relation to Derek Anderson.  Leinart says that off field issues, then, must be the reason he was demoted.  (Whisenhunt, however, insists he hasn’t made his decision yet.)

Of course, Leinart could find out the reason he was demoted by asking Whisenhunt.  The Cardinals coach has an open door policy with his players, but Leinart admits he hasn’t spoken to his coach.  You can say both men are at fault for a poor relationship here, but Leinart isn’t the boss.

Instead of talking to his coach, Leinart is talking to the media.  While he’s trying his best to say the right thing, Leinart is subtly complaining about his lack of opportunity, redirecting blame, and allowing divisive comments about Anderson slip out.  It’s not about Anderson.

Leinart’s comments provide a small window into why Whisenhunt doubts Leinart in the first place, and why Leinart probably hasn’t asked for an explanation about his demotion.

He doesn’t want to hear the truth.

81 responses to “Matt Leinart: "I outplayed the competition"

  1. Wow. Not a man
    That stuff may fly in Southern Cal when you are young.
    Not anywhere else.

  2. Leinart sounds like a real punk. No class, and very immature. He’s been a bad pick so far, and yet continues to blame everyone but himself. I can see him being the better QB this year (possibly) but still losing out to Anderson just because of his own lousy attitude. I’m surprised his agent isn’t telling him to put a lid on it.

  3. I believe the local high school quarterback looked better in his first ever start the Leinart has looked in the pre-season. 9ers division to lose.

  4. Todd Marinovich, Carson Palmer, Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel, John David Booty etc etc.
    USC Qb’s can’t hack it in the NFL.
    And for those who are offended by my throwing of Carson Palmer into the flpo list, just look at his playoff record

  5. “He doesn’t want to hear the truth.”
    OUCH! I imagine the truth goes something like this:
    “Matt, I hate small-ball QBs and Derrick has the arm to hit Fitz deep on a consistent basis. Thanks for playing though, we needed an extra camp arm, sport.”
    Poor bastard…

  6. With the receivers they have on the roster, Anderson is the better QB for that team. They don’t need a damned checkdown quarterback. The offensive line isn’t good enough to hold off 8 men in the box. 49ers roll in this division.

  7. Lienart isn’t the starter because of his mouth. Plain n Simple. Grow up or sit down and shut up!

  8. You can say both men are at fault for a poor relationship here, but Leinart isn’t the boss.
    Whisenhunt should have done more about this relationship and while you can say that Matt should have made contact, Whisenhunt could have made an attempt to address this issue face-to-face. I think it reflects POOR leadership skills on his part because he’s doing nothing positive in this relationship.
    I’m not saying that he should coddle Matt but that he needs to be truthful with him. Like it or not, there IS such a thing as positive reinforcement and I haven’t seen that publicly from Whisenhunt, who seems hell bent on severing ties with the guy that wasn’t his man. It’s fairly obvious that short of completing 100% of his passes and throwing a TD pass on every drive, Matt Leinart might as well pack his bags and leave because he won’t get a fair chance from Whisenhunt.

  9. Leinart has no arm and cannot succeed in the NFL by merely throwing 5 yard in routes and curls and whatnot. He’s going to have to throw the ball 10+ yards a few times per game and just can’t do it.
    That’s why he was demoted. DA sucks at all passes, but can actually make the important throws (albeit rarely). Leinart doesn’t suck at most of the throws he can make, but simply can’t make most of the throws.

  10. Is Leinart talking to the media, or is the media asking HIM questions? This story is making it sound like he’s going out his way to talk to the press. Leinart sounds like he doesn’t know how to avoid getting baited by media questions.

  11. He played with future pros in college. USC quarterbacks are overrated.!(yes, Carson Palmer too). This guy will never be anything.

  12. Leinart is such a cry baby. He needs to move on to the UFL and be done with it already. HE SUCKS!

  13. Mr. Leinhart truly doesn’t get it.
    This is his last season in Arizona — his place on the roster only secured by Mr. Anderson’s marginal skills.
    Trade or draft for a real QB; keep Anderson as a backup; and turn Mr. Leinhart loose.

  14. The only thing good about this is that Leinart’s only real legacy will be that he was the QB for the Cards in the “Crown their ass” game against the Bears.

  15. He didn’t “outplay” anyone. He just never attempted a difficult pass. All he did was dump it off. That 1 TD he got was ALL Breaston. He went underneath on third and long and Breaston made an amazing play to get in.
    He should go have a pity party with Paris and Lindsay.

  16. He did out play the competition, and that is the truth. Maybe he wants to speak the truth than to hear hate the 4g’s ignorant hate.

  17. I wanna second what hail2dansnyder says about Carson Palmer.
    That guy needed to step up last year and he didn’t.Losing to the Jets at home in the playoffs? Are you kidding?
    Since I’m a nice guy, I’ll give Palmer this year to put it all together; but I think the train’s already left the station.
    Good call , Snides….

  18. “You want the truth?……..You can’t handle the truth!”
    smell ya later matt………..

  19. I love rading all the comments from the 49er fans whenever a story bashing the Cardinals is posted.
    Guys, the Cardinals didn’t stand in your way last year. Your 3-7 record outside the division did. I know you all hope Goddell will let you play the Cardinals every week, but that won’t happen. Until the 40-whiners win outside the division, they’ll never win the NFC West.

  20. Hail 2 Dan Snyder says:
    August 30, 2010 4:51 PM
    Todd Marinovich, Carson Palmer, Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel, John David Booty etc etc.
    USC Qb’s can’t hack it in the NFL.
    And for those who are offended by my throwing of Carson Palmer into the flpo list, just look at his playoff record
    You are right, and no one should be offended by putting Carson on the list. He has had a couple of decent season but can’t put it together in the playoffs. Now we are just waiting to add Mark Sanchez to that list of fail.

  21. Leinart’s being a baby. He’s been given every chance to succeed by the Cards. Whisenhunt isn’t going to bench him because he doesn’t like him but because Leinart isn’t delivering. Leinart needs to grow up.

  22. He’ll be Cut and by mid-season Skelton will be starting, and the rookie will be second string. Anderson 3rd.

  23. I think Captain Checkdown may have burned his last bridge with his latest comments…….take the money Matt and enjoy those california beach parties.

  24. Leinart must really be bad. How hard is it to throw it to fitz and breston and let them make you look good.

  25. I’ve smelled the stench of Leinart’s impending spiral to obscurity for a while now,I really don’t give a shit about a guy who doesn’t seem to give a shit.
    Save room in your club for Brady Quin,Matty.
    Earth to Jimmy Clausen!!!!! your shit stinks too!!!…DON’T BE A WHINE-ART!

  26. Just shut up and play! This kid needs to learn how to be part of team. Just be quiet and do your part and you’ll get a chance to be successful. This guy has all the tools to excel…good physical ability, very good offense, and a strong coaching staff around him. He just needs to grow up a bit or he will be out of the league soon.

  27. I guess Matt having the arm strength of a 12 year old girl would count as an “off the field issue”.

  28. He’s just pissed off about losing not just a competition- but a competition with Derek Anderson.
    I like Derek Anderson and I still believe he has the *potential* to be a good QB in this league, but I recognize that my opinion isn’t the popular one and that’s fine. The fact is, most people feel that Derek Anderson is beyond terrible- and Matt Leinart knows this (and maybe he thinks it, too)… therefore, dude is just freaking out over the idea that he might lose his job to a QB that 90% of people feel is a backup at best.

  29. Matt Leinart: “I outplayed the competition”
    …at beer pong during my house party last weekend.

  30. “I scored more chicks than Derek Anderson; therefore, I outplayed him” – Matt Leinart

  31. Hail 2 Dan Snyder says:
    August 30, 2010 4:51 PM
    Todd Marinovich, Carson Palmer, Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel, John David Booty etc etc.
    USC Qb’s can’t hack it in the NFL.
    And for those who are offended by my throwing of Carson Palmer into the flpo list, just look at his playoff record

    On Palmer: Dan Marino was 8-10 with a 77.1 passer rating in the playoffs. You want to try to argue that he couldn’t “hack it” in the NFL? Palmer has been in one playoff game in his career (realistically). If you want to try to draw conclusions on him struggling against the #1 defense in the NFL last year with his only go-to receiver sitting on Revis island, go ahead. Not that you’d bevery wise to do so.
    Cassel had one good year with a good team, and one bad year with a team that Brady wouldn’t have been able to lead. Can’t draw any conclusions on him yet either.

  32. Totally agree with Rosenthal on this – Leinart does not want to hear the truth. He’s acting like an entitled, immature baby.
    Jim Rome’s program today had a comment from Whisenhunt – something about the QB position being about more than stats. Sounds to me like he isn’t confident in Leinart’s ability to lead; maybe his teammates aren’t either.

  33. Why he’s being demoted?
    1. Can’t read defenses, which causes him to check down entirely too often.
    2. Averages about 4yds per comp. because of all the check downs.
    There, that was easy.

  34. You can be the best practice QB ever, but if you suck in the GAME, YOU SUCK.
    He’s a BUST. Plus he’s an idiot.

  35. This is exactly why the scales are tipped in DA’s favor. Leinart doesn’t exercise leadership judgment….at all.
    Suddenly my QB Alex Smith seems like a more and more viable starter.

  36. Matt Leinart might want to start paying attention to Ryan Fitzpatrick on how to handle losing a QB battle with grace and maturity. And Fitz has done more for the Bills in 2009 than Leinart ever did for the Cards in his entire career. He’s entitled to nothing but his walking papers, and if Max Hall and John Skelton keep up… he may well get them.

  37. The real story here is the lack of foresight on the Cardinals side. They have had all these years to evaulate Matt and no he is not the future for this franchise. Instead , they let Warner retire and act surprised and all they manage to get is Derek Anderson. Seriously, Derek Anderson?!?! It doesn’t matter if Leinert or Anderson starts. This team is doomed.

  38. Hail 2 Dan Snyder says:
    Todd Marinovich, Carson Palmer, Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel, John David Booty etc etc.
    USC Qb’s can’t hack it in the NFL.
    And for those who are offended by my throwing of Carson Palmer into the flpo list, just look at his playoff record
    I’m not even a Palmer fan and I think you’re an idiot for saying this. He is, regardless of postseason numbers, able to “hack it” in the NFL. Matt Cassel is yet to be seen in his 2nd year as a starter on a new team. His very first year was nothing short of impressive for who he is.

  39. Hail2, if brains were underwear, you’d be barea**ed!! Carson is better than any QB the 4skins have ever had.

  40. Seems to me that its Anderson’s job to lose…which could happen. Leinart is best served at this point to just keep his mouth shut and be ready to play when and if he’s called upon.

  41. I think it’s obvious he’s trying to get cut so he can go to Seattle and be reunited with Pete Carroll. Maybe a little tampering involved, but it’s just a slap on the wrist and not beneath Carroll.

  42. Any chance the Raiders trade for him for a return to the glory days of the vertical passing game.
    Any chance the cards sign JaMarcus Russel?

  43. So, redo the draft: Young, Leinart, or Cutler?
    Seems Vince Young is the keeper. Eat your heart out, Houston~!

  44. the NFC WEST is so friggin terrible. its a shame that one of those teams takes up a playoff spot.

  45. the bottom line is whether whisenhunt will admit it or not Leinart was never his choice at qb. he was never going to give him a fair shake since the day he took over.if he was he never would have signed kurt warner and you can believe it was a competition if you want but no way he was going to beat him out.whisenhunt never complained about his work ethic this off season and in fact had praised it so it is definatly something personal.if he had thrown deep and been picked off florio would have had a field day about how careless he is with the ball but he goes out and executes the game plan and is hammered for it. it will be the best thing for him to go to another team and coach who will give him a fair shot.

  46. Right or wrong, the overwhelming thought here in Arizona from those in the media and fans following the team is that this decision is personal and for whatever reason, Leinart is getting screwed over.
    After watching both QBs through the OTAs, training camp and preseason, people who actually cover or follow this team will tell you that while the options at QB haven’t looked good at times, Leinart is clearly the best option on the roster. Now it seems Whisenhunt is just trying to find an excuse to keep Matt on the bench, hence the ‘chemistry’ comment.
    He has been continuously asked if the position was up for grabs since DA signed here several months ago, and he has gone out of his way to deny it on several occasions. In fact, he publicly anointed Matt the starter no less than 5 times (before and after the OTAs, the day DA signed with AZ, before camp, and before the preseason).
    What is troubling here is Whisenhunt’s handling of this situation. Open competition is fine, but it might help everyone involved to be made aware of this instead of springing it on your QBs with one game to go before the season begins.
    And let’s be honest here, the MNF game is probably the only time 98% of you commenting here have seen, read or heard anything about this team since the Saints game last year. That is just part of living out west and part of being a bad team for decades, but it also makes many of your comments hilariously ignorant. And not surprisingly, that includes Rosenthal as well.

  47. i dont blame him for saying the trojans were better than the horns after that game. players feel and talk that way after close losses.
    i also have no doubt he has had many discussions with the whiz. he knows why he is going to the bench. he isnt utilizing the talent the cards have. they have to pass to open up the run. cause they really cant run it. and that defense needs to play with the lead.
    as far as anderson is from being warner, he is closer than leinart.

  48. I live in Phoenix and will never support the Cardinals.
    Leinart is bushleague—and for all of you bitching about Brett Farve–Kurt Warner would be a welcome sight in Phx. right now.
    Now sit down and brace yourself kids——————————IT’S NOT ABOUT AGE,IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME.
    (repeat that to yourself one thousand times then write me back.)

  49. If the offensive line holds up, and Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower can be effective, I could see Derek Anderson making the Cardinals a divisional contender. The 49ers are a tough team but 10 wins should win it.

  50. kendog says:
    August 30, 2010 7:09 PM
    Hail2, if brains were underwear, you’d be barea**ed!! Carson is better than any QB the 4skins have ever had.
    Really ? How many superbowls has Carson played in?
    Kendog -sometimes it’s better to stay silent and have people think you’re an idiot then to give an opinion and remove all doubt.

  51. “You want the truth?……..You can’t handle the truth!”
    Go soak your head in a hot tub.
    Derek Anderson will make the Cardinals a divisional contender.

  52. “I outplayed the competition” he said???? Madden doesn’t count buddy!!! Good luck being a back-up your whole carrer!!

  53. Matt leinart-“I outplayed the competition”
    Ummm if the competition your refering to is a dog turf then it’s still close but other then that no he’s looked like trash all preseaso

  54. Kinda like how he still thought his trojans “were still the better football team” after they got beat by Texas
    http://www =7jy9pKvaViI
    that was a classic interview- ” A great win, or a tough loss or whatever…I still think we were the better team”
    then she calls him Vince…

  55. i think Leinart did outplay Anderson because Anderson’s passes were almost intercepted, BUT is Leinart good, yeah right. In all honesty, i think Brady Quinn would do better with the Cardinals than Leinart and Anderson, Is Quinn good, no, BUT he can throw to a talent like Fitzgerald better than Anderson and Leinart, I personally think the Cardinals will move on with a draft pick in 2o11, maybe Andrew Luck.

  56. Hey ” serr8d ” aka ahole .. The texans or their fans aren’t jealous of Vince ” I threatened to commit suicide when I was ” Young

  57. Matt Cutler, pure and simple.
    Two ladies playing a man’s game.
    Suh will eat Baby Jay’s lunch twice this year. Too bad he can’t dine on some Lady Leinart jersey too.

  58. “While he’s trying his best to say the right thing, Leinart is subtly complaining about his lack of opportunity, redirecting blame, and allowing divisive comments about Anderson slip out. It’s not about Anderson.”
    Sure it is. Whisenhunt has fallen in love with DA’s arm. Pure and simple. Happens everywhere the dude goes.
    Unfortunately, for Cardinal fans, after about 3 games he’ll figure out he should have looked a little deeper and a little higher. Like maybe DA’s head.
    There’s a reason he was on Baltimore’s practice squad and Cleveland let him walk. The guy will have one great play and then 3 bonehead plays. He will break your heart.
    Good Luck AZ, on your way to 5-11.

  59. The boy must still be hanging out with his delusional USC posse.
    I smell an agricultural road trip with Ryan Leaf, in his future.

  60. Did anybody ever consider that Whisenhunt might be doing this to light a fire under Leinart’s ass ???
    Did anyone at PFT even consider that ??? NO. Or the brain dead sports media ??? NO.
    I seriously doubt they will dump Leinart because if Anderson gets hurt or sucks out loud, the Cardinals season is over, as they have no other viable alternative at QB.

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