Steelers-Broncos one-liners

After Steelers CB Keenan Lewis took two personal-foul penalties and busted a glass-encased sign in the locker room, coach Mike Tomlin was candid:  “That’s what you call young and dumb right there.  Watch your step. [No.] 23 is playing bad and
doing stupid stuff as well

Tomlin also was blunt in his assessment of QB Dennis Dixon and other players; “He didn’t play well.  But a lot of players didn’t.  Guys were presented opportunities, and quite frankly, they
didn’t take advantage.  That’s the nature of preseason football.”

The head coach was happy with QB Ben Roethlisberger’s performance:  “I thought he was sharp.  We moved the ball.  He did some nice things.  I thought he did well playing on the road . . . [playing in a] hostile environment.  We thought he did well.”

Roethlisberger wants to play in the preseason finale:  “I’d like to work on the no-huddle [offense]; it’s a lot easier at
home.  You can use the cadence, and I think it would have been hard to
do it tonight.   I’d like to get a couple of series doing that, even
though I don’t want to keep those O-linemen in there too long.” 

Steelers LB James Farrior left Sunday night’s game early with the latest NFL badge of honor:  the Frankenstein forehead gash.

Steelers QB Byron Leftwich doesn’t know when he’ll find out whether he’ll be the Week One starter; “I’m quite sure they will let us know sometime soon,” he said.  “September is really right around the corner.  They’ll let us know sometime soon.  I’m glad we’re getting closer to that day, and we’ll see.”

It looks like the Broncos already are pushing QB Tim Tebow to avoid running the ball.

With rookie CB Perrish Cox making an impact in the preseason, the Broncos may not need Champ Bailey come 2011.

Rookie CB Syd’Quan Thompson is getting noticed, too; “Every time he gets an opportunity, he makes the most of it and I think that’s what you want a rookie to do,” coach Josh McDaniels said.

Broncos QB Kyle Orton downplayed the wicked hit he took from Steelers LB James Harrison after a fumble that was later ruled an incompletion; “I just got the wind knocked out of me, you know, and felt pretty good afterwards,” Orton said.

RB LenDale White celebrated his debut in his hometown with a touchdown; “So many emotions going through me right
now,” he said after the game.  “I don’t know whether to smile, cry, whatever it is.  I’m happy to be home in Denver. . . .  I’m so happy to be on the field
with a team that wants me and be playing football.  God is good.”

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  1. I would start Ben in preseason week 4. Practice is no replacement for a game, even a game against guys who are likely to be cut or barely make the roster.

  2. Ben looked terrific–we can only pray he won’t lose a step after sitting out four weeks. After what happened in the Colts game, they need to let Ben work on the no-huddle for a few series. Then they should turn the ball over to Leftwich and Charlie. I’m not a big fan of the wildcat, but hope they’re working on some of those formations with Dixon during practice–anything they can do to catch opponents off guard.
    My biggest concern is the undisciplined play of the defense. We can only hope it was a variation of opening night nerves. Maybe they got it out of their system. We’re going to have enough trouble beating our opponents without beating ourselves.

  3. One can only imagine what would have happened were Ben to punch a pregnant woman in the face.
    Maybe 7 games!

  4. Tebow hate is like CNN reporting the news.
    When something positive happens on the right side of politics, or wrong for the left, CNN usually tries not to report on these happenings.
    Seems as if we have the same mentallity here. If Tebow looked great, threw darts all over the field; then you better not say anything nice about him.
    Florio, you and NBC are about to lose my business. I guess you moved to NBC so that you get make more money, not report anything, and show your hatred as much as possible.
    What a joke you are Florio. Same with the rest of your “team” here.

  5. Wow, jkiddrock, that was the most unfoudned hatred I’ve ever seen. I have a feeling we won’t miss you here. Adios.

  6. There is not one thing about the play of Parrish Cox that suggests the Broncos would not need Champ Bailey next year. That’s a hasty speculative conclusion at best. Extending Champ has more to do with the current labor situation than the play of a rookie.
    A much more accurate result of Cox’s play would be stronger criticism of Alphonso Smith. Why did we trade for this guy again?!
    @robert ethen – Laughing out loud!

  7. Tebow will never make it as an NFL QB. He may have been BMOC down in Alabama, but now he’s in the grown up world of the NFL. With a passing game not much better than some high school QBs, he’ll just be easy lunch the NFL defenses when he tries to scamble. I guess we should just hope he doesn’t end up with any life threatening injuries before he gets moved to the safe haven of a practice squad somewhere.

  8. Let’s be honest. The sports media is based in the East Coast, which is very liberal. Anything regarded as conservative (Tebow) is treated like garbage. Repeatedly.
    Tebow leads the league in jersey sales for a reason. He is a class act, and a College Football HOFer. Yet, he gets no respect. I can only see this as a concerted effort by the previously mentioned media to bring down anything representing conservativism.
    Am I the only person on the planet that speak the truth?
    Sorry for being a “hater”. I will stick around now that I have thought about it.

  9. @dukelonghorn- you are a complete idiot. The gravity of your stupidity is so great that even light cannot escape. Everyone knows that Teabow went to college in Florida and snubbed Alabama. He was never Big Man On Campus at Alabama you troll! He was the first player to throw 20 TDs and rush for 20 TDs and won the Heisman, the Maxwell Award, the Davey O’Brian Award, and the James E. Sullivan Award! All that “with a passing game not much better than some high school QBs… easy lunch [sic] the NFL defenses when he tries to scramble…”
    Wow! He rushed for 57 TDs in college so I’m going to go ahead and say that he knows how to avoid tackles seeing as how tackles outside of the endzone prevent touchdowns (he knows how to scramble=run with the ball). He passed for over 9,200 yards and 88 TDs during his college career with his high school talent!
    I could go on and on but I really don’t feel like teaching you the ABC’s of football which is an obvious intellectual reach for you so why don’t you go and watch some baseball?! It is a much easier sport for you to understand so that you do not make such a clown of yourself when you comment on these “big boy” sports websites!

  10. After watching the game, I think Pittsburgh’s lack of discipline had to do with the fact that a team predicted to win very few games whooped them all over the field.
    They are beginning to panic as they know they can’t win any games without Ben, and will be a .500 club with him.
    No playoffs again this year. 6-10, 7-9, maybe 8-8? That O-line is bad.

  11. @Socal661BroncosFan – Alabama, Florida sorry… I tend to lump all the southeastern teams together. At any rate, my statement stands regarding his passing abilities at the pro level – he will never measure up and that is already becoming more clear each week. Not to mention his new nickname “one hit wonder” by the way. One hit and out. So much for his ‘pro’ caliber toughness. Sorry, but he is just low hanging fruit / easy meat if he stays in the lineup against professional football defenses. Almost feel sorry for the poor kid.

  12. @dukelonghorn …
    As far as Alabama’s BMOC go, Joe Namath and Ken Stabler did just fine in the NFL. Of course, Alabama fields MEN, not little boys who yell “Ouch!” and run off the field to Daddy the first time they’re tackled so they won’t miss a big payday in the draft. What a shock … he did the same thing in his first preseason game. Yeah, you’re right … this is the NFL. Whatever else you might say about Tebow, the kid’s got guts … unlike your last QB. But you have to have moxie to play in the SEC.
    @SoCal661BroncosFan …
    It’s Tebow, honey, not Teabow. And he didn’t snub Alabama. The kid grew up a Florida devotee and never intended to go anywhere else. Mike Shula was just too dense to recognize that by all the Gator memorabilia all over his house.

  13. Wasn’t sure who you meant by ‘my last QB’… I guess you’re talking about Colt McCoy (true, I am a UT fan, although I tend to mainly root for my old stomping grounds division I-AA team in Southern Illinois when it comes to college ball). Colt certainly was a tough as nails college QB for sure – every bit as tough as any other college QB. I guess you pretty much have to be to win more games than any QB in the history of college football. Too bad he’s a bit small in stature for the pros – we’ll see. Size isn’t Tebow’s problem of course. His problem is skill (or lack thereof). Now if you could pump Colt’s legendary skills into Tebow’s head and arm, you would really have something! Maybe Tebow will make it eventually – as a 2nd or 3rd string fullback perhaps.

  14. Wasting your breath. Yes, Colt has impressive stats. He also has a history–going back to high school–of leaving big games with injuries that later proved nonexistent. That’s how he earned the nickname Cart (for being carted off) early in his career.
    I’ve suffered a lot of nerve injuries and know something about them. That hit didn’t dislodge the ball, he had full rotation of the arm in all the off-field camera footage. He didn’t start holding his arm gingerly until he returned to the field. If it had been a legitimate injury, he wouldn’t have needed to play it up for the cameras. All tests following the game were negative. He also played up that “injury” for the Combine but it was magically healed when the scouts came to Texas. And as if that weren’t enough, his father told the CBS announcers he was fine but they were going to hold him out to preserve him for the draft.
    He walked out on his teammates in the National Championship. When I talk about toughness, I’m not talking about stature, I’m talking about courage under fire, mental toughness, the character to take a beating and keep getting up. Colt doesn’t have it.
    I’m the kind of fan who congratulates even my most hated opponents on wins, calls out my own team members for bad hits and mouthing off, and defends even rival players who are lambasted for no good reason. About the only thing a player could do in a game to permanently burn a bridge with me is lay down. Colt’s skill may be “legendary” but I have 10 times more respect for Garrett Gilbert.
    As for Tebow … hated him all the way through his college career. But he’s no coward.

  15. Might as well call Mack Brown – tell him the kid who won more games for his team than any QB had won in the history of college football was really just a world class loser!
    Get a grip lady. Tebow groupies, I swear its even worse than the dittohead syndrome. News flash: Tebow isn’t the second coming, he’s just another slab of meat on the hoof who may or may not make it in the NFL, and his chances of making it as a starting QB are very, very slim.

  16. You’re dismissing my comments because I’m some Tebow groupie?? ROFL Guess they don’t prioritize reading comprehension at either school. What part of “hated Tebow all the way through his college career” didn’t you understand?
    All I said was he’s not a coward. But one of the joys of my life was watching Tebow’s tears when he and his puffed-up minions fell to Alabama in the SEC Championship. He has many qualities needed in an NFL QB–unfortunately, a sound throwing motion isn’t one of them. As I’ve posted many, many, many times, I’m skeptical of his ability to overcome a history of poor mechanics going back to grade school. In the heat of the game, he’ll revert to muscle memory. But he has a strong work ethic, so you never know.
    I don’t need to tell Mack Brown anything about Colt. Mack’s old school and a fighter. No matter what he might say publicly, I guarantee he has strong opinions of what Poppa McCoy and Cart did in that championship game. So do some of the more objective Texas fans. But a guy who could twist “hate Tebow” into me being a Tebow groupie in order to dismiss my comments … noooo, I don’t suppose objective thinking would be your strong suit. LOL

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