Bucs let go of Derrick Ward

Tired of a lackluster attitude and sluggish running, the Bucs didn’t even allow running back Derrick Ward to stay with the team until final roster cuts this weekend.

The team admitted their mistake from 2009 free agency, announcing they cut Ward after only one season with the team.

(This Bucs regime is getting good at quickly admitting mistakes; they dumped two coordinators last year and probably will cut ties with Michael Clayton this week one year after his big deal.)

We thought the Ward signing in Tampa for reasonable money made sense last year, but he didn’t perform in 2009.  The team didn’t seem happy with Ward’s work ethic, as he supposedly showed up to training camp this year out of shape.

The move cements training camp sensation Kareem Huggins as Carnell Williams’ backup and a favorite fantasy sleeper for everyone drafting this week.

21 responses to “Bucs let go of Derrick Ward

  1. Weird. All Giants fans were sad to see him go, since he played pretty well for us. Never had an attitude problem or anything, always came to play. I wonder if the TB culture got to him.

  2. bucs go 4-12 this year.
    Coach needs to brush up on his communication skills and get some gray in his hair, then the players might respect him more.
    But hey they beat the Saints last year! Shattering New Orleans’ dream of winning a Superbowl…oh

  3. I think Carnell Williams is the fantasy sleeper there, the guy is going in late rounds.

  4. its real annoying that every thing that happens in the league now has some type of fantasy football implication.
    i hope fantasy football slowly dies soon …

  5. It is better that he is cut now and can sign with a different team with a week of PreSeason left.
    He will land on his feet.

  6. Good.
    Next up? Mike Clayton. You can’t blame last year (your worst year yet) on Jon Gruden, Nor the invisible preseason you had.

  7. is a reunion with the Giants on the horizon? Ward wasn’t a bad kick returner and the Giants are sorely lacking at that position, and he would be an upgrade over the Giants’ 3rd string RB options

  8. Didnt TB front office giggle and laugh at the Bengals for wasting money?
    Wow. Clayton and Ward.
    2 wins this year?

  9. Yeah right Joe, half the FFLers could run the Bucs better. We wouldn’t have shelled out for Clayton that’s for sure.

  10. Where are all the comments about how the organization should honor the contract they gave him and how they are greedy?!?!? Guess that only applies to players.

  11. Ray says:
    August 31, 2010 3:22 PM
    Hey Spagnoulo! (Rams coach) Take a look at him….
    Is there really rams fans? honestly There no people who really folllow the rams right? I bet there was fans in 2000 like band wagon fans but theres no way theres real fans nowadays. I dont see St Louis as Football fans

  12. I think the Rams will pick him up. Jim Thomas suggested it in his Q&A today, maybe he has inside info. Or maybe he just sees how much Spags and co like picking up former Giants and Eagles.

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