Cardinals have started shopping Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart’s time in Arizona appears to be almost up.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Cardinals have started actively shopping Leinart, according to several of his sources.  The news comes one day after Leinart went nuclear with comments to the press.  If Leinart’s quotes were intended to get him moved from the roster, he should consider it mission accomplished.

Florio pointed out Tuesday morning that a straight release is more likely than a trade because Leinart’s contract is not conducive to a deal.   At best, the Cardinals could find a team willing to give up a late-round conditional pick.  It would be tricky because Leinart would likely need to be willing to renegotiate his contract, which balloons to unmanageable levels in 2011.

Derek Anderson will start Thursday’s preseason finale, and we doubt Leinart will play at all following this news.  Why waste snaps “showcasing” Leinart when Ken Whisenhunt can use them to develop rookie quarterbacks Max Hall and John Skelton?

It’s amazing to think how quickly this situation has escalated.  There wasn’t a hint that Anderson could pass Leinart until eight days ago, and nothing concrete until five days ago.

It would be a surprise if Leinart is still on the roster by Saturday evening.

92 responses to “Cardinals have started shopping Matt Leinart

  1. Carolina needs to give him a look. With their running game and the acrobat Steve Smith he might just be a good fit.

  2. I guess 4g’s is happy. Good luck Arizona with Anderson, Hall and Skelton.
    Sounds like a damned old law firm.
    But of course anyone can throw to Fitzgerald…

  3. That’s what happens when the Big Dog on the team (Larry Fitzgerald) doesn’t like you. He was going to sit out the opening game with his “injury” if the coaches picked Leinart to start.

  4. No takers…he will be cut. If any team takes a chance at signing him after the cut, it might be the Saints. They don’t have a back-up to speak of. I guess Ramsey is a decent back-up but Leinart could gain confidence in NOLA. He is much too young for the Vikings to be interested and he does not have the personality to play in NY

  5. Lienart was a joke since day one. How can a player not learn a thing when sitting behind a HOF qb?
    Look at what Aaron Rodgers accomplished while he was waiting for Brett to move on. Matt Schaub as well absorbed knowledge while Mike Vick did his thing.
    The Average NFL Career is 4.3 years. Lienart is done

  6. And Josh McDaniels is probably ringing the Cardinals’ phones off the hook. He loves a “challenge”.

  7. … Leinart going to the Raiders … Sage Rosenfels going to the Cards for a backup CB …

  8. Can someone please post (all) the links to Mel (retard) Kiper who bitched out Buffalo and a bunch of other teams for not taking this BUM? Please? Sukkitt, Mel!

  9. Expect Matty to be traded to Jack, buffalo, Pats Indy or Colts as a backup for a 6th rounder.

  10. This is incredible news! Matt Leinart is ridiculous and shouldn’t have ever been drafted into the nfl.

  11. It’s all up to you Matt. Do you wanna be a Brees or a Leaf? You got some skills, but you have to WORK HARD.

  12. He can always take pictures with under age girls in hot tubs again. That worked well for him. Or claim “the better team lost”, or get benched for a late 30’s QB who took the team to the Super Bowl, or have his College Coach get a job in his division and show no interest in him, or he could suck in game but be dynamite in practice where they aren’t allowed to hit you.
    Basically Matt Leinart is:
    afraid to be hit
    not very good when it matters
    not appealing to his former HC
    not as good as a QB in his late 30’s
    not very good at saying the right things
    going to be backing up Tim Tebow
    Matt Leinart should change his name to “Matt Super Bust Leinart”.

  13. Always thought, if used right, Matt could have been the next Steve Young. He needs to get in the games and play, can’t prove himself sitting on the bench.

  14. YUNGSMURF, I dont thinkd Matt is overrated. Everyone KNOWS he sucks. I never heard anybody rave about him or say he was going to have a good season.

  15. Seahawks kind of sounds like a possible option right?
    Hasselbeck is old news, Whithurst and Losman are definite career backups. Even Pete Carroll is there.

  16. The funny thing is if pretty boy would have come out after his junior year he would have been No1 overall to san fran.Not sure alex smith is much better though.

  17. Give them Carr and a 6th round pick. I would rather have Leinart pushing smith than Carr. At least Leinart is accurate.

  18. I’m sure Pete would trade for him if he didn’t already trade for Charlie. Might have been a good fit.

    Pete, you don’t need this bum! You already traded for one bum QB this spring.
    Say it ain’t so! USC sucks anyway! Go Huskies!

  20. And Glazer implied in his report that Matt had outplayed Anderson during the preseason (by the stats he chose, and by those he left out). He also never mentioned he trained Matt during the off season. But who cares about bias, or full disclosure. LOL

  21. Cards fans, realize that I have been a Browns fan for over 45 years. I do not come here to rag on your team or act like some 8th grader by calling names, etc. I just want you to be very careful what you wish for because you just may get it. I am talking about, of course, Derek Anderson. He will break your freaking hearts. Great guy personally from all I’ve heard and read, got a cannon for an arm, but the accolades pretty much stop there. He may look good for a half season, for a half a game, for a half a quarter, or a half a series. But he will inevitably throw the ball 5 ft. over the receivers head, 5 ft. in front of the receiver, or throw a bullet pass to a back 5 ft. in front of him. Everything will turn out incomplete or intercepted. He cannot operate under pressure. I think Leinhart sucks as well, but you better start looking real hard at Skelton or Hall. If you guys want to go ANYWHERE this season, you’d best hope one of those two comes out of nowhere and can play. Otherwise, it’s going to be a looooooooooooooooooong season for you (believe me, I’m an EXPERT at loooooooooooong seasons). Sorry.

  22. What a loser… And NO he couldn’t be the next Steve Young. He’s not half as accurate and he can’t run. Steve was also a leader. How can u compare them? Because they’re both lefties?? Dumbass

  23. Funny thing is that Max Hall is as big of a jerk as Leinart is. I guess you go with the younger version.

  24. Ken needs to send Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell and Steve Hutchinson to go get another old man QB…they’ve done it before and can do it again. Kurt?

  25. QB class of 2006 might be one of the worst ever. Leinart is first QB to go, with Cutler drafted right behind him. No other QB went in first round. Other QBs drafted that year? Croyle, Whitehurst, Omar Jacob, Ingle … What a bunch of duds and benchwarmers.
    but again, this is what happens when you go out and get an interim guy (hmmm … Favre anyone?) and don’t invest in a long term guy. Did it suddenly dawn on the Cards that Leinart was a washout? Not possible. So where was the plan to get another guy in here? Anderson is the plan you say! Really? That’s like hiring Pee Wee Herman to replace Hugh Hefner (a potentially obscure pop cultural reference there). Just because there is some “basic interest” in the job doesn’t mean the guy is qualified to do it.

  26. I am not a cards fan by any means but whisenunt never wanted the guy or gave him a chance.he was good enough to start as a rookie until he broke his collarbone and again his second year when he was again sidelined by an injury but instead of working with and developing a 3rd year qb he immediatly signed warner when he got the how is leinart going to get experiance if he doesn’t get get to play?he yanked him on passing downs then named warner the starter after a competition ,yea right.he never bitched and the cardinals won with a hall of famer but he retires and whisenhunt says it’s his job to lose then gives it to a browns reject?oh wait the all knowing florio didn’t like that he had a party at his house in the off season on a weekend not missing any workouts.yea that’s right no single young rich does that. shows he has no passion for the game,but when he shows passion by daring to ask what he did wrong he is a jerk?right he doesn’t get that he is just suppose to sit back and say nothing after doing what he is told for 5 years and then having to listen to internet hacks saying how he sucks. yea how dare he say anything in return.

  27. man what an assbag. how can you come out of the professional system in usc, sit behind one of the greats at your position, rest and relax for a few years learning the playbook, have 1 of the greatest receivers in the game, and STILL SUCK ASS? wtf? i guess it just goes to show u that u can’t learn intangibles. one of the many reasons i truly believe, one day, tebow will be a star.

  28. espn breaking news: Cardinals asking for a six pack of Natural Light and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in return for Leinart

  29. @DirtDawg55 pretty sure Vince Young was drafted before any other QB not Matt Leinhart…get your facts straight before you act like you know what your talking about.

  30. Maybe the Cards could trade Matt Leinart and $25 mil to Kurt Warner for one more season. It works out for everyone. The Cardinals get their HOF QB back, Warner gets his money, and Leinart still has a job washing Warner’s clothes and cleaning his cars.

  31. Sactown49er Steve Young had blazing speed huh. And Young very rarely threw deeper than 20-25 yards. You think I was born yesterday,I watched Young play his whole career. Grow up knob head.

  32. Seattle won’t get him just because of Pete Carroll. Carroll just trade Laurence Jackson, the first rounder last year away and he was from USC.

  33. Break the bank for Kurt Warner. Money talks. You can buy anything! As for Leinart, its either go to the 49ers where he’ll instantly be their best QB, or the UFL

  34. Zukny says:
    August 31, 2010 8:23 PM
    Eagles Trade Mike Vick to Cards for Matty Lienart & a 3rd round pick..
    I would be happy with that.
    would have to be Vick and a 3rd for Leinart.

  35. Unbelievable that the Cardinals choose the piss-poor Derek Anderson over Leinart. Leinart completed over 80% of his passes in the preseason and had a passer rating of 119. All you Cardinals fans can truly kiss any chances you had of going to the playoffs bye bye.

  36. Not a hint? have you never seen Leinart play at this level? You really are only 17, aren’t you?

  37. Matt L. Will resurrected his career on another team. Whiz is a joke and he will be fired soon I bet you that if non of his current QB dont pan out this year. Seattle will pass them in the West for 3nd place, while my Niners take 1st.

  38. This is music to my ears. I’ve got Hall in my dynasty league and I really, really think DA won’t remain the starter all season.

  39. The dude simply cannot play. If he can’t get it done with Fitzgerald and Breaston as his WR’s, where can he get it done?

  40. yo matty you’ve been here for years…you had the attitude it was your God given right to be the starter…you even bitched when Kurt won the job…you are a whiner…you will not be missed by this 16 year season ticket holder!!!!!!!

  41. Not a cards fan but I love the state and the governor. And sherrif Joe. I’m not being sarcastic at all here. I would snag jeff Garcia TOMORROW. He would be excellent this year. He is available I think. Just a thought. Matt sucks big hog. Excellent news to get his ass 86’d. His complete denial of any fault was classic narcissism.

  42. LOL @ AJ. The funnier part is Carr and Boller both probably have tightened their butt cheeks at this news. I will still take Leinart over Carr. I think smith will end up much better though. Especially once his weapons are all on the field and the line starts clicking

  43. **ring, ring!**
    **ring, ring!**
    “hello, chilli, this is whisenhunt…heard you had a guy up there named after a sixties hippie tune that does a mean helicopter maneuver…think we could take a look?”

  44. Doesn’t anyone else find it funny that DA has gotten into QB competition with 3 of the worst QBs in the league over the past few years (Leinart, Quinn and Frye)? I think that Quinn is the worst of that group but Leinart isn’t that far behind. His problem (like Quinn and Trent Edwards) is that he just can’t (or won’t) throw the ball down the field. Did you ever notice that Quinn and Leinart always put up high completion percentages? That’s because 90% of their passes are probably 10 yards or less. My prediction is that DA has a decent year throwing to Fitz and Breaston. Leinart will be lucky to be a backup somewhere.

  45. The Buffalo Bills will be happy to take him. We could use another crash test dummy, er, quarterback. I figure we’ll go through four or five of ’em while we try to teach our O-linemen that their job is not carrying our mangled signal callers off the field.
    I’m already looking forward to next season when we can ruin the lives of Jake Locker or Andrew Luck. Go Bills!

  46. What does this say about Heisman trophy value? Leinart then Bush? Was USC that good or was overall Div 1 quality that bad? Carrol seemed to be half way descent DC but head coach? Was he lucky? Strange outcomes to such an allegedly successful program now in flames from scandals of its player and its programs. Matt seemed to learn bad habits and is unwilling to do the work to be successful — or worse does not have the off-field intelligence to understand that.

  47. It must kill Leinart that he’s being beaten out of his job by a guy from Oregon State. The horrors of it all!

  48. Jeeze, there are some mean spirited aholes posting here. You’d think he raped their mamas. Big tough guys behind their anonymous keyboards. Matt can play and he will be given a chance someplace else. I’m not an AZ Cardinal fan and am actually happy to see them self destruct. He will be happy to be out of there because their ‘run’ (if you want to call it that) is over. It’s back to Bidwell hell.

  49. Leinart is just too much of a left-hander. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB that favored one side of his body more —with no ability to run or manuever at all. He is a bust.

  50. Why not New England? They tend to make below-average to average QBs look like pure gold with the receivers they have. Look at Brady…

  51. Fithy Fernandez…Did you follow the draft or did you pick up the 2009 version of the NFL Season. Jake is gone.. Moore is the starter and we have a BETTER THAN LEINART rookie in Clausen. So put down the crack pipe and come to the future.

  52. To the idiot who said Matt Schaub learned behind Michael Vick while he did his thing. Are you F-N kidding??? What did Vick do??? He was a HORRIBLE Quarterback, look at his stats. He was a RUNNING qb, not a REAL, or TRUE qb. What did Schaub learn behind him…he learned what NOT to do. Schaub is a pure pocket QB, like Manning, Palmer, Brady, Rivers, Brees. Vick is just another black QB who just runs from the pocket every chance he gets. Who would take QB advice from Vick??? Do you see anything in Schaub’s game he learned from Vick?? NO !! Schaub either led, or was one of the leaders in MAJOR passing stats in 2009. Vick is too stupid to actually learn and play the QB position the proper way. That’s why he is a running QB only, and not a decent QB. If anything…Vick should learn from Schaub on how to be a proper QB.

  53. The Emporer has no clothes…Tom Brady won Super Bowls with David Patten, David Givens and Deion Friggin Branch fuhchrissakes! Lineart couldn’t win with THE BEST WR tandem in the NFL. Those two shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same paragraph (although I guess I just did).

  54. The Bengals need a backup QB and Mike Brown loves first round draft busts. I see this stoner in orange and black stripes come week two.

  55. lalalalala says:
    August 31, 2010 8:08 PM
    Can someone please post (all) the links to Mel (retard) Kiper who bitched out Buffalo and a bunch of other teams for not taking this BUM? Please? Sukkitt, Mel!
    Yeah, Buffalo was smart on passing on him but, I think if he would of gone to a team that was to start him the second he exited the draft we would be talking about something else. Leinhart needed to play right away. His talents diminished while rotting on the bench.

  56. Matt Leinart is a dud, a failure, a washout. His career is now a three and out. Derek Anderson has proven his mediocrity at Cleveland. Therefore, Arizona is in desperate shape and as some of the other guys have said their only hope is to dial up Kurt Warner and have him fill in a blank check so that he can pull another Brett Favre. Getting rid of Antoine Bolden was another dumb move. Larry Fitzgerald by himself will be half as effective. Arizona is my leading selection this year to go 0-16 unless they can get Warner to come back.

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