During suspension, Roethlisberger plans to work out in Pittsburgh

Soon, the suspension (six games or four games . . . or five games) of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will take effect.  And Roethlisberger told Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the Steelers starter will stay in town, working out with quarterbacks coach George Whitfield Jr. 

Whitfield isn’t employed by the Steelers; during the suspension, Roethlisberger will be barred from the facility and forbidden from working out with any players or coaches, whether at the team facility or, presumably, elsewhere.  (We’re in the process of getting more information about the contours of the limitations that apply.)

Whitfield, who lives in California, has worked with Roethlisberger in the past.  He also will be training with wide receivers who have been cut by other teams.

Roethlisberger also said he may do some high-school coaching on a voluntary basis.

He said he’ll watch every Steelers game during his suspension on television.  “I will be so focused,” Roethlisberger said, “taking mental reps on every single play.”

Roethlisberger also explained to Brown that the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback has changed.  “I’ve known from day one this is not going to be an overnight process,” Roethlisberger said.  “You’re not going to win people back overnight.  You’re not going to win
all of them back period.  I wish I could but it’s just not going to
happen.  But like I said my actions will speak volumes over the next
days, weeks, months and years.”

If it works, it will be one of the great sports redemption stories of the past decade, if not longer.  If it fails, he’ll be watching a lot more football on television in the future.

58 responses to “During suspension, Roethlisberger plans to work out in Pittsburgh

  1. I got $50.00 saying this jackass shows up at a Steelers Home Game Tailgate and starts tossing the ball around the parking lot. I also have a $2.50 side bet that little ben makes an appearance as well at one of the tailgates!

    Goodell’s been setting this up for weeks.
    Think of all the players he’s let slide lately–players who have been arrested, or charged. [And the little slip in the interview about the suspension could be less than four.] He realizes that he overeacted to Ben’s situation and he’s trying to lessen the impact when he knocks it down to 2 or 3.
    When Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, didn’t he let the draft dodgers off as well, to lessen the public outcry?
    Same deal here.
    You read it here: Ben will be suiting up against the Ravens in week 4 [who incidentally, haven’t beaten him in about 5 years]

  3. “If it works, it will be one of the great sports redemption stories of the past decade”
    What, getting a 2 time Super Bowl winning quarterback to stop whipping out his weiner uninvited and forcing himself on women?
    Yeah, HUGE accomplishment. Epic.

  4. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband to cause Ben’s rapping everybody round here..LFAO. Cmon’ man i know yall saw the Youtube clip right.

  5. Dear Flori-hole,
    Do you honestly believe that anyone except the biggest Steelers dweeb gives a damn where that piece of crap Roethlisberger works out during his suspension?
    How about writing about something a little more relevant than a pimple on the NFL’s ass for a change?

  6. High school coaching??? i thought he was into college chicks? Of course he is going to stay in pittsburgh, he knows all the party spots and the women will keep their mouth shut….so to speak

  7. “If it works, it will be one of the great sports redemption stories of the past decade, if not longer.”
    What? So he’ll be a redeemed man by going from, raping bitches to …. not raping bitches?
    How exactly do you redeem yourself from raping a bitch? I can see it now. They’ll stop calling him rapistburger and start calling him redeemingburger. “The man who is happy to say that he has not raped a bitch in serveral months. You’re right Florio, The greatest redemption story ever. I guess now you don’t have to worry about being raped by the masked rapistburger.

  8. Also from the article, about Ben turning his life over to the Lord:
    On why renewing his faith has made him a happier person, Roethlisberger said, “It’s a calming feeling when the Lord runs your life. And it’s something I’ve always known as a church person, but I’ve never really believed it. I think I’ve known it but never believed it. And now I know it, and it’s a great thing.”

  9. Here go the haters. Cue the black bird and bungal fans. Ben deserves a chance for redemption. He has made on major mistake (the bimbo in GA). The other chic is a psyco (McNutty) but most don’t care about the facts but will always judge based on not bothering to read the facts.
    Go Ben and Go Steelers.

  10. The only reason Big Ben is looking to coach high school is so he can get close to the cheerleaders without Little Ben causing a scene

  11. This will give him more time to eat those disgusting primanti sandwiches and make that fat pudgy face even fatter and pudgier than before.

  12. Mike, when to you move to Pittsburgh so you can be there to catch Rothilsberger violating suspension?
    Over/Under number of Florio posts “accusing” Rothlisberger of violating suspension?

  13. I hate to burst your bubbles, but as long as BR continues to drink alcohol he is going to have problems. Anybody who has been there knows that, you NEVER have control over the booze, it controls you. Anyone who thinks differently is only fooling there selves. He’ll be in trouble again soon enough!

  14. Roethlisberger did not rape a young female pit bull in a one stall restroom some where down south it was consensual.

  15. I won’t condemn the guy, he’s just an idiot. I can’t really say I would be in control if I had his life. Coming from a “Ratbirds” fan. I can’t blame a man for trying to get some play, but….. don’t pick the crazy ones, just the DTF slots

  16. Wasn’t Vick supposed to be one of the greatest redemption stories of this decade too?
    That’s going well. Out of football after 2 years.
    See if Rapistburger can beat that.

  17. If it works, it will be one of the great sports redemption stories of the past decade, if not longer. If it fails, he’ll be watching a lot more football on television in the future.
    That’s the story in a nutshell. It’s all on Ben. Ben’s life is his to live, for better or for worse.

  18. Guess I’ve been around too long and am too much of a cynic and skeptic, to completely fall for “the Lord is running my life” spiel. I HOPE it is sincere, for Ben’s sake, but time will tell. He’s got one thing right…..his redemption in the eyes of the sports world is not going to happen overnight….if at all.

  19. I am a homer, and I do believe in Ben. One type of person whom I do not believe in are those who refer to women as bitches. That speaks volumes about the character of a person who uses such words/references.

  20. I could understand staying in Pittsburgh, with the looks of the women there, Ben is far less likely to rape again.

  21. This guy is just a douche bag. Just as every prisoner on death row is innocent so is this A hole. NOT!!!!What will change is he won’t rape school girls in public bars………..he’ll invite them back to his cave to do it!!!!

  22. Blitz43,your mastery of the english language is truly astounding.Is there a Steeler fan to english translator anywhere?

  23. Dear Florio,
    You omitted two words from your headline, it should read as follows: During suspension, Roethlisberger plans to work out his penis in Pittsburgh.

  24. Florio, do you think it’s a bigger chore for Roethlisberger to redeem himself from being an egomaniac and drunken frat boy than it was for Ray Lewis to redeem himself from involvement in a murder case?
    You’ve enjoyed bilking this story–fair enough. But since you have a law degree and managed to launch this cash cow, I give you credit for having a brain. You know McNulty’s texts about looking forward to seeing Ben AFTER their one-niter negate her accusation. And you should be able to grasp from the findings of Georgia’s medical exam that there was no rape. If you can’t, develop a few sources in NFL Security who can explain it to you. Ben’s a frat boy who got drunk and acted like a boob. But he’s no rapist.
    I’d be more comfortable leaving my best friend alone with him than with guys like Nosredna, who get an erection chanting “she said no.” The men getting off on these rape fantasies are a lot sicker and more dangerous than Roethlisberger.

    Actually, the only time she said “NO” was when the cop asked her if he raped her.
    Read her testimony

  26. @# Philtration says: August 31, 2010 9:17 PM
    Where the skies are gray and so is the QB’s penis.
    SOOOO, You go around looking at other dicks? LOL!
    @ All the DOUCHES calling him a rapist or other names, You’re Right ,she did say “NO”!! IDIOT!
    Come up with something more original, you ASS SECRETIONS!!
    Go ahead and say I’m a homer for rooting for the steelers,because you idiots got issues on your teams also.
    Cue the idiots!!
    Goodnight Whiners!!!

  27. Sure he’s hiring a QB coach to help him but more importantly who’s going to guard the janitor’s closet while he’s out?

  28. You Big Ben haters sound like a bunch of idiots in here. Jealous your team hasn’t one a superbowl in years if at all.

  29. Four games, six games… whatever. He’s served his time in the court of public opinion. Penalties in the NFL have been deferential to player importance for years (see: Brett Favre – Vicodin).
    He’ll be formidable when he comes back.

  30. Word is the telethon will be held in Pittsburgh too.
    The AMA has officially added PFTBHDS (Pro Football Talk Ben Hater Delusion Syndrome) to its list of treatable diseases.
    Symptoms include:
    1. Misguided attempts to convince the public at large that someone should be matter-of-factly be referred to as “rapist” when in fact he has never even been charged with jaywalking in his life.
    2. The chanting of cute phrases such as “she said no!” in the misguided belief that this will actually affect said professional QB’s play on the field. (See: Denver, Sunday Night. Hostile crowd clams up tight after said QB completes first beautiful bullet of a pass to Steeler WR.)
    3. The misguided belief that screaming and drooling enough about said player on the Internet will result in that player’s team disposing of him. (This one’s really pathetic.)
    PFTBHDS afflicts literally dozens on the Internet. Won’t you help these poor deluded fools? After all, a hater’s mind is kind of a terrible thing to waste.
    Characteristics of the PFTBHDS sufferer include bloated belly, jittery behavior from overconsumption of caffeine and junk food while spending long hours on the computer engaged in PFTBHDS behavior, and, most of all, total lack of any sexual activity (at least involving others).
    Thanks on behalf of the American PFTBHDS Society. Dedicated to the cure.

  31. Are you sure it wasn’t Senator Scott Brown, who created this as a job for Ben? If he was driving a truck then you know it was.

  32. @PurpleNGold …
    Good grief, you are stupid. What victims??
    You mean the woman in Nevada who texted friends how great he was and how much she was looking forward to seeing him again? Then a year after their one-niter she sued for $3 million claiming rape? Gee, that’ll teach him not to call.
    Or the one in Georgia who’s medical exam showed she didn’t have intercourse? The one who followed the guy all night wearing a pin that said she was “Down to F**k” then complained to the cops he just dumped her without a word? The one DA said he hoped had learned her lesson?
    Looks like someone skipped the court files, police files, and DA’s statement and just got his news from TMZ.

  33. flake13 wrote-
    “You read it here: Ben will be suiting up against the Ravens in week 4 [who incidentally, haven’t beaten him in about 5 years]”
    I hope you’re right because I will pee my pants when the Browns hand him another 8 sack loss in week 6!

  34. Richm2257 says: August 31, 2010 9:09 PM
    “What, getting a 2 time Super Bowl winning quarterback to stop whipping out his weiner uninvited and forcing himself on women?”
    it was hardly uninvited…

  35. The “Hate Ben” talk is old now. Find something else in your pathetic lives that make you happy.
    Hate me if it makes you feel better. I am filthy rich due to a family business and never worked a day in my life.
    PFT Charter Member

  36. The haters on here are either in prison or the nut house..yea you’d be surprised what’s allowed in those places today….PC’s are everywhere…how do I know because I just got done visiting PurpleNGold in the big house!
    Go Steelers!

  37. I agree, the hating is getting old and tired. I guess none of the haters believe anyone deserves a second chance. I hope they all remember that when someone close to them needs one. They are nothing but hypocrits who have wasted countless hours posting on a web site thinking their hating drivel actually will mean anything to anyone. What a bunch of complete losers who ignore the facts. They live in their own fantasy lands, good for them if it makes them happy with their miserable hating lives.
    Good luck Ben on living up to your word about the type of human being you desire to be. I will miss you at QB for your suspension, and look forward to your return.

  38. @ The Terminator
    You were supposed to bring the metalworking tools that we discussed on a previous visit. What’s up?
    @ Deb
    In all my arrogance, I think there’s more to life than what comes out in the environment of a courtroom. People with money are targets, they become easy targets when they target others.

  39. @ PurpleNGold
    Dude like I told you I Cannot be a part of that…you’ll have to get your sister to bake a cake!
    Go Steelers!

  40. @PurpleNGold …
    I’m not sure I get what you’re saying since neither of these cases has seen a courtroom. But I assume you mean sometimes there’s more to a case than what appears on the surface–and that’s true. It’s definitely true in this case, but in a way opposite to what you suppose.
    I’m a writer/researcher with a lot of experience dealing with sexual assault, medical, and legal issues. I skipped the gossip sites and delved into the actual cases. Every detail I post comes from the Nevada civil complaint and court filings, or from the Georgia witness statements, police reports, documents, DNA studies, and the DA’s summation–including the words of the accusers. Nothing I post comes from Roethlisberger.
    The Nevada case is extremely complex. Andrea McNulty has a lot of issues. But the bottom line is that she had a one-niter w/Ben and bragged about it to mulitple people, including sending text messages saying she looked forward to seeing him again. Among other things, she was quite upset that didn’t happen. But those text messages alone prove their encounter was consensual.
    The Georgia case isn’t complex. She was drinking heavily before connecting with Roethlisberger. Multiple witnesses say she followed him from club to club, pinching him and trying to get his attention through the other men in his party. At the last club, he bought shots for the room and she helped herself. She told him her pin meant she was “Down to F**k.” They invited him to a party at their place and he refused, telling his companions that was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Her sorority sister started ragging him about Nevada and he threw her out of the party. She and another girl tried to get back in but the bodyguard blocked them.
    Multiple witnesses said the accuser was out of sight only 10 minutes. Later the two women who were expelled from the party dragged her to a cop and said he’d raped her. She repeatedly denied she’d even had sex. The medical exam found she hadn’t had intercourse. Later those three went to the cops and said she’d been raped. They’re the only ones who told the story about the bodyguard blocking the door–which conflicts with one of her accounts that she and Ben were rolling around on the floor in the hall outside the bathroom. Several witnesses refuted the story about the bodyguard. She also complained to police that Ben just dumped her in the bathroom and left.
    In his statement, the DA said Ben needed to grow up (TRUE) and he hoped these women learned their lesson. That’s not something a seasoned DA says about a rape victim.
    Ben was an easy target because of his immature, frat-boy behavior and reckless, foolhardy lifestyle, not because he targeted anyone. The people who choose not to believe that either haven’t read the case files or don’t want to believe it because they hate the Steelers and/or Roethlisberger.

  41. @ Deb
    Thanks for the research. I will consider myself corrected, but from time to time I may still refer to him as Mr. Toothlessberger.
    @ The Terminator
    My sister’s baked goods are considered lethal weapons in a number of states. It will have to be encased in something they would never expect, like the Spanish Inquisition…

  42. @PurpleNGold …
    Thank you for the humor. Toothlessberger is okay. As QBs go, it’s hard to imagine we’ll ever do better than Bubbi Brister. What could anyone have come up with that would top the name he came with?

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