Kurt Warner confirmed as DWTS cast member

It’s official.  Former Rams, Giants, and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner will become the latest former NFL player — and the first former quarterback — to trade in his steel-tipped cleats for tap-tipped dancing shoes.

Reports emerged earlier in the month that Warner will take a turn on Dancing with the Stars; ABC made the announcement on Tuesday.

Warner will join a cast that includes David Hasselhoff, former NBA player Rick Fox, Bristol Palin, the dude from Jersey Shore who calls himself “The Situation,” Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch fame, and Jennifer Grey, who hasn’t done much of anything since starring more than 20 years ago in Dirty Dancing.

Though we don’t know what the rehearsal, training, and broadcast schedule is for the show, there could be a conflict between the time Warner must devote to DWTS and his preparation and appearances as a game analyst on FOX.

Either way, there’s now a zero-percent chance Warner will return to the NFL this year.  As if there’s was anything more than a zero-percent chance that Warner would have returned.

And no matter how it all plays out, we’re hoping that Warner at some point will try to put Baby in a corner.

15 responses to “Kurt Warner confirmed as DWTS cast member

  1. I don’t know if thats a good career choice, he didn’t stay in college for an extra year to take ball room dancing, so I don’t know how this will pan out.

  2. losing respect for him now do not understand why ppl like this retarded show u dont win squat its not reality its celebrities so it cant possibly be real its boring as hell n tom bergeron hosts need i say more?

  3. Florio said:
    and Jennifer Grey, who hasn’t done much of anything since starring more than 20 years ago in Dirty Dancing.
    That nose job killed her career…what a shame. She was great as Ferris Bueller’s sis…

  4. Looks like a lot of dudes get substantial amounts of estrogen when they leave the league. WHO CARES about Dancing with the Twinky friggin’ Stars????? IT”S BORING!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Warner, how about if Hasbeen Hasselhoff plays you in the movie? LOL, how could we have overlooked the obvious.

  6. Anyone who watches this crap should be culled from the herd.
    Our society has devolved to the point where the least common denominator repesents our highest aspirations.

  7. I have to agree with jb1996 and munchmaligned.
    This show is pathetic, and it doesn’t belong on prime time television. It’s a show for women and is a better fit for the Lifetime Network. Hiring football players is a lame attempt at getting male viewers. Any man who dares to watch this show, should just turn in his man card right now. I have friends who watched it for Emmitt Smith, and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were hiding something from me. That maybe they were a little light in the loafers. To this day I don’t let them get too close to me.
    Florio, stop reporting this and promoting this garbage on your site. All your doing, is giving that pathetic show free publicity. You can bet the majority here want it to go away, so just stop already.

  8. They need to bring back Battle of the Network Stars and get rid of the singing and dancing crap. Sad thing is, there are no network stars anymore because all they have is this false “reality” crap.

  9. I feel for the girl he has to dance with. You know she’s going to get some bruises when Fumbleina drops her multiple times.

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