Marshawn Lynch expected to play Thursday

A fourth preseason week that won’t include many starters should include the return of a familiar face in Buffalo.

Bills coach Chan Gailey said he plans to get Marshawn Lynch some work in the team’s preseason finale.  Lynch has been out since hurting his ankle on August 13 against Washington.

With Fred Jackson’s status for the beginning of the season up in the air, Lynch should get a chance to share carries with rookie C.J. Spiller in the season opener against Miami.  The events of August took away whatever small chance left of Lynch getting dealt before the season.

7 responses to “Marshawn Lynch expected to play Thursday

  1. Let the Three-headed monster out–> Jackson, Lynch and Spiller. I can’t wait to see the headache that this crew causes for opposing D’s. With Jackson’s ability to turn a screen pass into a TD, Lynch’s power running and Spiller’s break your ankle jukes, the Bills should have no problem running the ball this year. Action Jackson, Beast-Mode and the Thriller Spiller! Go Bills!!

  2. I want to see plays where both of them are out there….not in the preseason, but in the real game. I want Buffalo to utilize their running backs while they have them. Jackson is getting older and Lynch is free after this year……when the real season starts, we should be using at least two running backs during the same drive.

  3. The only problem with that plan is, since your QB’s (take your pick) can’t complete a pass of more than 5 yards, opposing defenses will simply stack the line. It wouldn’t matter if you had AP and Chris Johnson back there together if everyone knows what’s coming…
    Good luck, Buffalo. I smell 3-13 coming…..

  4. Apparently, tdawg didn’t see the last game where the Bills offense outplayed the Bungles. Our QB’s both did very well. Gailey is doing wonderous things for the offense, actually instituting plays geared towards the strengths of what he’s got to work with, and not trying to shove a square peg in a round hole like his predecessor.
    tdawg, save us the un-informed babble. You’ll see it 1st hand week 1 when we squish the fish.

  5. Not to mention, the total of all our rushing yards this past week were against one of the better running D’s and we were able to rack up over 100 yards. Yea it’s preseason, and it’s vanilla but so far this preseason, we are 5th in rushing yards. Imagine once we actually start playing and the different looks start coming.

  6. Our fullback (C.M.) is (finally) looking good, too – not to mention that the O-line not nearly as bad as everyone trys to point out. Looking forward to see how this thing unfolds starting on 9/12!

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