Mystery regarding Channing Crowder's injury apparently isn't contrived

It’s hard to regard with anything more than a micrograin of sea salt the injury information disseminated regarding any member of the Dolphins.  Like many teams, the Dolphins regard the periodic obligation to share such data as a violation of their inalienable right to establish and maintain a competitive advantage. 

Anything said — or not said — regarding an injury to a player on the team needs to be viewed through that prism.

That said, Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that the mystery regarding linebacker Channing Crowder’s leg injury really is a mystery, not just to the public but to the team.

Per Darlington, the team initially believed Crowder injured a hip flexor.  More recently, it was suspected that the injury related to his lower abdomen in the same area.  (And that sounds like a possible sports hernia . . . says the guy who learned all he knows about medicine from watching episodes of The Simpsons that included cameos from Dr. Nick Riviera.)

Coach Tony Sparano said Monday that he’s not presently concerned about Crowder, who has missed the past two preseason games, missing the regular-season opener.  Still, we wouldn’t expect Sparano to say anything else at this point.

Details likely will be scant for the next eight days.  Then, next Wednesday, the Dolphins will grudgingly begin to release information regarding whether and to what extent Crowder participates in practice, eventually applying one of the available labels reflecting the likelihood that he’ll play, or not play, in the opener at Buffalo.

17 responses to “Mystery regarding Channing Crowder's injury apparently isn't contrived

  1. Of course knowing whether Channing Crowder was going to play would give any team a huge competitive edge.

  2. Is this another repeat of a Matt Roth indecent? Either way I like Tim Dobbins a lot more than I do Clam. Dobbins is a beast and IMO a better overall LB than Clam.

  3. Of course knowing whether Channing Crowder was going to play would give any team a huge competitive edge.

  4. His injury is not a mystery, he has a “cant cut a injured play” injury. He is trying to make it to IR or week one when his pay becomes guaranteed for the season.
    The reason Sparano is not “presently concerned about Crowder” is because they plan to cut him. Dobbins is better

  5. Imagine what would have happened to him if Florio would have kicked his ass a while back.

  6. Anything that keeps that stiff out of the lineup is just fine with me. We can only hope it’s a mysterious injury that requires sitting for the next five+ months.
    A.J. Duhe could step in today and be more of a play maker than Chowder.

  7. The injury is an enigma, surrounded by a mystery, wrapped inside of a riddle.
    In other words I am not sure but I think I don’t know.
    That is what people from the Dolphins must be saying to reporters because they cannot release any other information or they might be fired.

  8. Get a MRI to find out what is wrong. If nothing is found, give him some midol and tell him to get his ass on the field

  9. I’m not a doctor but I think he has what Albert Haynesworth has….which can be cured (temporarily) by carting him off the field on game day.

  10. Crowder one of NFL’s all time leading A holes…
    Sparano gets rid of the biggest idiot, Porter…and now this clown needs to be cuts.
    Slowly, Dolphins getting an NFL roster.

  11. I’m not Crowder’s biggest fan either but we definitely need depth at the MLB position. If anything, maybe starting Dobbins ahead of him will light a fire under his ass…

  12. crowder likes show tunes and he broke a nail.
    he may be lazy, but he isnt a redneck.

  13. I realize a lot of people may not like Crowder, but the fact remains that our ability to stop the run suffers greatly whenever he’s out

  14. don’t understand all the hate on crowder from fins fans; he isn’t a playmaker in the sense of creating turnovers, but he’s a very good run-stopper; one of our best.
    i’d put him in the “extremely serviceable” category.

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