Pats place Leigh Bodden on injured reserve

In one of the more stunning moves of the preseason, the New England Patriots have reduced their roster to 75 players by, among other things, placing cornerback Leigh Bodden on injured reserve.

The team announced the move earlier today.

Though the official release from the Patriots claims that Bodden’s season was ended due to a shoulder injury, multiple media outlets have attributed the move to a knee injury.

Bodden, who signed a one-year deal in 2009, re-signed with the Patriots in March, agreeing to terms on a four-year, $22 million deal.

Also placed on IR were safety Josh Barrett (shoulder), defensive back Brett Lockett (chest), and defensive lineman Darryl Richard (foot).  Defensive back Terrence Johnson was waived, completing the reduction from 80 to 75.

Bodden did not play in New England’s first two preseason games.  He came off the bench in Week Three against the Rams.

UPDATE: Bodden suffered a torn rotator cuff, according the multiple reports.

35 responses to “Pats place Leigh Bodden on injured reserve

  1. I guess that Rams game was the straw that broke the camels back. The NE secondary is hurting. The rooks are going to have to get up to speed quickly. Wilhite and Wheatley better stay healthy and start making plays. :rolls eyes:

  2. Ouch, people. I hope McCourty can cover long enough for Burgess and TBC to get around the edge, lol…

  3. Wheatley and Wilhite, one of them just saw their roster spot saved. Now both need to step up…..just like they did against the Rams. Oh boy.

  4. Wow I was pissed-off when the Texans didn’t sign him during free agency but it looks like it was for the best…

  5. The Pats better pick up a CB.
    Butler will start now, and I don’t think that McCourty is a NFL-Starter just yet.
    Wilhite and Wheatley are no starting caliber players either.
    Now, whaddayagonnado Bill?

  6. .
    With a very suspect D-Line and now the loss of their most reliable CB, new defensive coordinator Bill Belichick better have something up his hoodie sleeve.

  7. Mccourty better get real good real fast cuz he’s the only guy w the skillset to cover guys like Brandon Marshall, and reggie Wayne

  8. Devin McCourty is going to be just fine … He will get the balls thrown his way and by week 5 he will be established as a cover corner ( dont think he’ll ever be a shutdown corner ) . . . After him , ummmm – do you think you can talk Darrell Green into coming back ?

  9. Man… their defense is going to kind of suck. We should just brace for that. To many questions / not enough answers. Raymond Clayborn must have a couple kids that can suit up for us by now.

  10. A real tough break for a defense already in transition. Bodden was one of the givens. Missing the playoffs is a real possibility. I planned on focusing on the development of the kids anyway, but this really hurts.

  11. As a Pats fan, this isn’t the worst development. Their D is completely retooled and they still need a few more parts.
    Consider that outside of Wilfork and Mayo, they have a journeyman and a spot starter at end; a pass rush specialist and a washed up Burgess at outside backer; a rookie inside backer (or Guyton, not much difference), a rookie and a second year starter at corner, crappy slot corners, and their best safety is Meriweather.
    If the young guys – Spikes, McKenzie, McCourty, Butler, Chung, Cunningham, et al. improve over the course of the season, they’ve got the makings of a very formidable defense in 2011 and beyond. But for this year – better hope TB, Moss, Welker and co. pile up 2007 like numbers.

  12. This is exactly why B.B. went corner in the first round, because if one injury happens to a starter in the secondary, you are dead in the water. How many people would trade Devin McCourty straight up for Sergio Kindle right now, even if Kindle was 100% healthy? no one.

  13. I never thought Bodden was all that great…he was adequate, but definitely not great. This is a good opportunity for the young bucks to step up.
    Still think the Pats take the East by outscoring pretty much everyone.

  14. @patriotfart
    Ozzie Newsome would NEVER trade KIndle for McDoofus.
    Plus if we ever see the Stupiots again we’ll run the ball down their throats AGAIN like we did in the playoff game.
    Ray Rice can’t wait.

  15. Hey you AttackRaven,
    Do you know where you are? You may want to give some thought to not being here.
    Dexter Morgan (Patriots fan)

  16. J-E-T-S Suck, suck suck!
    Mafiosos! Get the latest Mafia game for PS3, since your season will be over by Halloween.
    With Mafia, you can still communicate effectively with each other though!
    LOL! Ryan’s a lardass!

  17. .
    With a very suspect D-Line and now the loss of their most reliable CB, new defensive coordinator Bill Belichick better have something up his hoodie sleeve.

  18. This is bad news for the Pats although I don’t think Bodden’s presence would really have made that much of a difference. All of those second through fourth round slapd*cks that BB has drafted for the defensive backfield will have to do…then again, maybe Troy Brown will come out of retirement.
    They really didn’t do squat to fix their defensive issues between free agency or the draft. It’s good that they resigned Bodden, but that won’t help us this year. Is Revis available via trade? 🙂

  19. “How many people would trade Devin McCourty straight up for Sergio Kindle right now, even if Kindle was 100% healthy? no one.”
    Only a Patriot fan would even think this.
    Not even talking about the actual guys. Just acting like, “McCourty is the most valuable draft pick (because it was by the Pats), we have no secondary depth and should have prepared for injury (because it is the Patriots, we did), and now McCourty is going to play like Revis in his 3rd year (because BB is a genius), because we’re in trouble otherwise.”

  20. Hey AttackRaven, when’s the parade? You know, for that incredible wild card victory and the first time the Ravens had ever beaten the Patriots?
    Didn’t you guys just get dusted the next week anyways? But let’s forget about that and brag about an incredible wild card win.

  21. This ultimately is what scuttles the Patriots. Injuries. Not so much that the injuries are “key”, but voluminous.
    Enough already.

  22. # prophet of the light says: September 1, 2010 1:58 AM
    He saw Brandon Spikes sex tape, fell over laughing, and busted his shoulder 😦
    I gotta admit the chick is pretty hot. But that is funny.
    Sucky pass rush and our best corner down. Gonna be an interesting season this year, hopefully they can rally and pull off an unexpected season a la 2001-02

  23. @AttackRaven – when the Ravens actually win more than 1 playoff game come back and let us know. Until then you sound like a Jets fan bragging about NOTHING. I’m glad that you enjoyed that 1 win so much though. Probably as much as I enjoyed when the Pats beat the Ravens in 2007 in Baltimore. Remember that game? The Ravens unwound, started screaming at the refs, throwing things, stomping on the ground like little gansta kids. Loved it.

  24. Not good. He’s the most reliable CB on the Pats by far as he is a solid CB. The young ones aren’t ready yet as it takes at least two seasons to get it down. Even Law, Revis, Bailey, et al took a couple of seasons before they emerged.
    Billy Boy is going to have to do something and get a legit CB somehow and not another retread like Deltha and all the other pieces of garbage they’ve had between Samuel and Bodden.
    If they can’t get a legit CB then a pure pass rusher is going to be needed as the current secondary can’t keep cover for more than a few seconds after the snap.
    Think BB can trick Al again and get Asomugha from the Raiders?

  25. PFTiswhatitis – where are the Patriots sinking? The Ravens lost Donte Stallworth, Ed Reed, and Dominique Foxworth, and unlike other teams the Patriots don’t let themselves be THAT dependent on one or two players. The rest of the league isn’t getting better – the Ravens haven’t; the rest of the AFC East is worse outside of the Patriots; the South has gotten closer and we will not see the scenario of teams playing the Colts scared, but they’re not the strongest division; the West is San Diego and that’s it; the NFC East is becoming a joke; the North has the Packers and the Vikings but they’re not great teams; the West is weak; the South has the Saints but as the Patriots just showed they’re not unbeatable.

  26. Since WHEN does 2009 performance have ANYTHING to do with 2010, WizzTurd? If that’s the case, expect the Ravens to once again SCHOOL the Patsies in the playoffs. LMFAO!!!
    You sure spend a lot of time “laughing your ass off”
    Must some kind of fruit.

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