Rumors swirl that Antonio Bryant could be done

With the Bengals cutting receiver Antonio Bryant and Bryant intending to get his balky knee to 100 percent, there’s a chance that Bryant may never get his knee to 100 percent — and thus that he’ll never play again.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports recently explained that multiple sources have characterized Bryant’s career as being in jeopardy.

“He barely practiced in training camp and now this happens,” one source with knowledge of the situation told Cole.  “The guy can’t
stay healthy at this point.  He gets to the point that he’s feeling good,
then it swells on him again.  When that keeps happening, that’s a very
strong indication that there are structural problems.”

Agent Peter Schaffer told Cole that Bryant does not plan to have any further surgery on the knee, and that Bryant plans to play this year.

It still remains to be seen whether Bryant seeks compensation from the Bengals for cutting him while injured.  In the end, it could be that the $7.85 million the team paid to Bryant could grow, via $176,000 per week until Bryant is healthy.

26 responses to “Rumors swirl that Antonio Bryant could be done

  1. I don’t understand. Didn’t the Bengals do a physical or any type of effort to test the condition of his knee?
    I couldn’t see anyone giving him that contract without making him do some sort of tryout.

  2. The BENGALS a.k.a. Mike Brown paid HIM $7Mil to leave the team having never played a down, and we think this is breaking news – that his knee may be shredded!?

  3. He was done a year ago and knew it. He should get an Academy award for the acting he did to pull a fast one on Mike Brown.

  4. Why wouldn’t he be done. Just counting the interest on all his ill-gotten gains is a full-time job. Oops, I was thinking of poor souls actually caring about working.

  5. He should call Javon Walker and get the name of the Guatemalan (or wherever it was) doctor who performed his super-secret knee surgery.
    It got Javon a job in Minnesota.

  6. j-wil says:
    August 31, 2010 9:01 AM
    who is the bengals Dr, Doogie Howser?
    Apparently not. Doogie would have caught it.

  7. Can’t fathom him taking legal action against the bengals he was hurt when he signed his contract and got his bonus… he should worry about his knee

  8. j-wil says:
    August 31, 2010 9:01 AM
    who is the bengals Dr, Doogie Howser?
    Nah man, Doogie would have caught that. NPH wouldn’t do that.

  9. Tampa is still laughing at the Bengals. Now they can say, yeah, we may only win 1 game this year but at least we didn’t sign Antonio Bryant to a big deal.

  10. I wonder if they did an MRI? I would have worked him out hard and then re-examined his knee the next day and work him out again.
    That’s a lot of money for someone not to have done due diligence.
    They should sue Bryant though. There is no way that he was not aware his knee was not 100%.

  11. That’s a hoot, Chief. I don’t believe there is a single player in the NFL that would return the money. Not one.
    Just as there isn’t a single team that would pay a player who was injured between contracts.
    This is professional sports. It’s a business and it’s all about the money. Teams don’t want to guarantee any more money than they have to because of the probability of injury. Players want to get everything they can, while they can because of the probability of injury.
    If there were a single player that would claim they would return the money, I would call them a liar to their face.

  12. Cole will be vindicated because Jason La Canfora of NFL Network talked about how Bryant’s knee could be “bone-to-bone”.
    This is no shock to me!!!

  13. A stand-up player would return the money.
    However, I can’t feel sorry for the Bengals. They had to have had their own team of doctors test him out. And if there were any questions whatsoever regarding his knee (a known issue), then they should have had something built into the contract to protect them from this.
    It’s very possible they just may have, and people are just jumping the gun.

  14. Chief Zee, why would he return the money? He didn’t hold out, or quit, he was cut from the team. Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

  15. Kevin says:
    August 31, 2010 8:21 AM
    I don’t understand. Didn’t the Bengals do a physical or any type of effort to test the condition of his knee?
    I couldn’t see anyone giving him that contract without making him do some sort of tryout.
    Kevin, according to reports, besides working him out, the Bengals did an X-Ray on Bryant’s knee, but no MRI. This is puzzling because Bryant’s previous knee injury didn’t have any history of broken bones, which an X-Ray would show. An MRI would show ligament or tissue damage, which is obviously his problem.
    The Bengals’ medical staff did not evaluate Bryant correctly. Now, as it stands, they’ve spent (including paying Owens) roughly $18-$20 million on trying to find a replacement for T.J. Houshmandzadeh. They never should have even thought of bringing in a receiver with prior knee problems in the first place. If they wanted Owens, they should have paid him the $5 million he wanted in the first place and avoided Bryant altogether. But, such is the beauty of hindsight.
    SOOOO, even though the Bengals front office fouled another move up, AT LEAST us Bengals fans can find solace in the fact that they went out and got another big-name, good receiver instead of watching them sit on their hands, as they’ve always done in situations like these. Crawl before you walk, when it comes to this organization and its owner, I guess.

  16. B.S.! Bryant’s career is over when AL DAVIS says it’s over! There’s a three year contract with $12M guaranteed on the table for him in Oakland.

  17. It would be crazy to not do an MRI. The Bengals are one of few teams that actually have one on premises. Don’t know where all the experts on here come from…

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