The search for Kendall Langford's earring continues

Well, here’s a story you don’t see every day.

Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford spent about an hour combing Miami’s practice field for a 2.5-karat diamond earring that fell out during practice on Tuesday.  If you don’t believe us, you can watch this captivating video.

Langford’s defensive line teammates helped for ten minutes, while super teammate Ryan Baker helped for 45 minutes before giving up, according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

“I remember seeing it before practice, saying, ‘Wow, that’s a nice
diamond,'” Baker said. “Lots of guys come out here with them on. I guess
it builds their swag or whatever.”

Langford was planning to continue the search after he had to go inside for meetings.  We’ll update you if he is, indeed, able to help rebuild his swag before the end of the night.

51 responses to “The search for Kendall Langford's earring continues

  1. that’s what these dumbasses get for wearing these insanely expensive pieces of jewelry while playing football…u look real “gangsta” now searching the field …dumbass…I hope he never finds it…

  2. I have often wondered why football players in general wear earrings during games, dumb, dumb dumb. Are you playing sports or in a fashion show

  3. Dude should invest $100 to find his $5,000 earring. Why guys wear jewelry to hit other guys is beyond me.

  4. I played high school football from 1979 to 1981. Back then earrings were not always the rage but I remember a guy joining the team who had a single earring, a cross, dangling from his left ear. Coach walked up to him and said something like “here is why you don’t wear these f…ing things. Your opponent could pull them off”. He promptly ripped the earring off the guy’s ear. Never saw one of our guys wear an earring again.
    These guys have to decide if they are football players or models hen on the field. You lose an earring? Tough. Play on.

  5. We’ll update you if he is, indeed, able to help rebuild his swag before the end of the night.
    Please don’t.

  6. Awe poor, wealthier than 90% of the world, athlete. I wonder how long the kids combed the diamond mines in Sierra Leone for their missing appendages and/or dead family members before they finally gave up.

  7. Um… Dont they have beaches in Miami. I am sure he could find a metal detector somewhere.. but its probably not lost… I would be willing to bet someone pocketed it.

  8. never will get the ear rings and dreads …. if you put a skirt and lipstick on some of these guys, they’d look like the chicks down at the “corners” …
    sure looks feminine to me, but I grew up in another era …. I never will be cool …

  9. For the record he didn’t mean to wear it to practice, he just forgot to take them out.
    And @spiralepiphany… I am sure those probably-murdered-by-now children would want to help him find it! I mean just think how hard they worked for him to be able to wear that around looking so pretty!

  10. Why don’t they make Pat White look for the earring? It’ll give him something to do and if he finds it, it’ll be the highlight of his season.

  11. Mike Wise tweeted that the earing was found but moments later recanted his tweet. He is a sick f*ck.

  12. # 41 Bottles of Coors Light says: August 31, 2010 9:18 PM
    Why don’t they make Pat White look for the earring? It’ll give him something to do and if he finds it, it’ll be the highlight of his season.
    I almost didn’t read the article, but did. Then I had to read the comments, hoping to get something worthwhile for my time. Got it!

  13. When a no name bum like Kendall Langford has enough cash to buy that sort of diamond, he should say the pledge of allegance every morning and kiss the ground of this fine nation.

  14. Dumb shit. I always felt that players wearing earrings under a helmet are just asking to have it ripped off. Same for the dumb ass basketball players wearing their gold necklaces while playing a “no contact” sport. Yeah, right….you got what you deserve and like the motto says, you can’t fix stupid!

  15. I don’t care how much these guys make. Money definitely doesn’t buy intelligence. Ignorant dumbass

  16. earrings are gay. but another article said that he forgot to take them out before practice. that almost makes it a little better. i bet a million fans show up at practice tomorrow.

  17. I guess I’m old school on this one. Leave the earrings at home with your purse. This is football practice, not a fashion show, “Kendra”.

  18. It was a phony (Zirconia) anyway. Just trying to make a little insurance money before he’s out on the street. Just another stupid Dumb A_ _. Either play football or work in the jewelry store!!

  19. There is no cure for stupid. Bill p.s. I hope he plays better then his ear ring deal. Don’t leave it in the locker room, leave it at home, however then you can’t show the girls that you are just like them.

  20. It is a shame that these guys don’t get a real IQ test and have to pass regular college entrance exams before they get so much money.
    Obviously Hampton University is not the Harvard of the South but it is a real example of southern rural education and they graduate their students for seat time.
    I think this is a good example of how “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” should be changed to “A mind is a difficult thing to find” especially when these idiots are drawn to money, diamonds, and the biggest weapon in the locker room.
    Disgraceful. Every day the NFL is looking more like the National Fools League.

  21. A real man would just forget about it rather than look like an idiot combing the field in futility. If he had that much money to burn to buy that silly rock, just go buy another one.

  22. Seriously, there’s like = how many retired guys walking the beach with meteal detectors down there? Have a freakin’ contest – the winner gets season tickets and a years supply of PoliGrip.

  23. Send some gold digging Miami broad out there.. she’ll sniff that diamond out like a coon hound on a fugitive. And seriously take the things out, not like it’ll close up in 2 hrs.

  24. My daughters have to remove their jewelry before sports competitions and practices. My sons don’t wear jewelry.
    Like sacdaddy says, send in one of thos Kardashians and I am sure they would find it within an hour.

  25. My 17-year old sister in law ruined her phone yesterday. How? She took her phone…to the pool at the recreation center.
    The pool.
    When I asked her why she took her phone to the pool instead of leaving it in her locker she said, “I have old people in my family that something might happen to.”
    “Old people? Seriously?”
    “Yeah, like my grandmother. I missed the last call.”
    “So, you keep your phone with you 24 hours a day because of your grandmother and other old people in your family?
    “Yeah. And my nephew.”
    Why do you wear something (google says it costs anywhere from $30-60 grand…and that’s if he shopped at Nextag)

  26. so much poor information in here, especially the comments.
    for starters, a metal detector isn’t going to locate a diamond. What metal is in diamonds, anyway?
    second, he always takes his earrings out before he plays or practices; the article clearly states he forgot to remove them this time.
    third, why can’t he buy whatever the hell he wants with his money? A Bentley is a bigger expense that is less necessary, yet I don’t see people criticizing players for buying fancy cars. They earn the money, they can spend it on whatever they way. That is capitalism and the free market economy. You guys sound like a bunch of socialists, seriously.

  27. why didnt he take a metal detector out on the field after practice. the ‘rock’ had to be attached to something metal unless he had it superglued on.

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