Vikings put Sidney Rice on reserve/PUP list

As expected, the Minnesota Vikings placed receiver Sidney Rice on the reserve/Physically Unable to Perform list, a week after he underwent arthroscopic hip surgery.

Rice will miss the first six games of the season.  Thereafter, the team will have a three-week window to activate him for the purposes of practicing, and three weeks thereafter to decide whether to put him on the active roster or place him on injured reserve.

The team also waived tackle Bill Noethlich and receiver Marko Mitchell.

33 responses to “Vikings put Sidney Rice on reserve/PUP list

  1. As long as he makes it back by week 10, I think the Vikes will be poised for a deep playoff run, probably as a wildcard.

  2. H-child…you’re dreaming. Vikes go 8-8 this season at the very best. They’ll likely start 0-3.

  3. Hauschild isn’t even a real Vikings fan, he just jumped on when a certain player showed up for their training camp last year.

  4. According to Gravy, since Al Harris is on the PUP the Packers have to hope to hold other teams to under 51ppg so I guess by that logic the Vikings have to hope they can score more than 10ppg without Rice. Morons.

  5. A deep playoff run ? Short on d-backs and recievers, a questionable o-line, a fragile favre, and a dumbass as a head coach, and an overrated d-line. Gonna be a tough year the the queens. Lookin’ forward to the L.A. Vikings though.

  6. @ ShimSham, what do you call a person that trolls other teams articles, to merely look like an ass?

  7. for gods sake, who has a crystal ball, it is a damn game, nobody knows which one team will take it all, only one, so just enjoy, i am sure the vikings coaches will do everything possible to have a good year, but brett favre will not do it alone, he need all players to step it up, and coaches call good plays, on o and d, as for will brett favre make it the entire year, well his record is pretty good on toughness….

  8. This was expected, and with Rice’s youth and inexperience and Favre’s inevitable failures on the horizon, how realistic is it to expect him to ever be able to contribute again, but it’s still very, very alarming for the Vctims.
    besides Berrian, who is ancient, who else is there in the Vctims offense who is any good at all?? With AP a fumbling failure who can’t be trusted, and a newby wide receiver that only hopes Favre stays healthy enough to make him all-pro… plus an overrated pass rush that took an asskicking from New Orleans, and a one-legged Favre….
    and the Williams Sisters, who are so fat and out of shape they double teamed themselves. Most of Mullets sacks came when third teamers were playing, and their best RB left in free agency.
    i hate to say this but the beatdown the saints gave to the Vctims in the title game may turn out to be the benchmark the Vctims hope to avoid this season.
    Hey………….writing this stuff is easy!

  9. I bet Favre is regretting his return already. He’s already coming up with excuses as to why this season is going to fail. He’s already saying his ankle is still bothering him.

  10. ShimShamWow,
    What difference does it make if I am a fan of a particular team when I make a comment?
    Ignore the Vikes at the expense of your own peace of mind.

  11. ShimSham says:
    August 31, 2010 5:54 PM
    Hauschild isn’t even a real Vikings fan, he just jumped on when a certain player showed up for their training camp last year.
    Yup, he’s as big of a fraud as their QB is. Total douche.

  12. It is amazing the sort of season Rice put out when they had consistent QB play last season. Favre will miss that size/speed specimen on the outside. Harvin and Berrian are no scrubs, but Rice has the ability to high point the ball and make potential INT’s into deep completions. I look for Favre to struggle a bit without that ability down field.

  13. PurpleRaid12 says:
    August 31, 2010 6:29 PM
    @ ShimSham, what do you call a person that trolls other teams articles, to merely look like an ass?
    Contra? Gravy Makes Sconnies Fat? Those are the only two that keep me up at night with their off the wall comments. Pervy *Harvin sometimes does but I am getting to understand him a little bit, except when he keep calling Aaron Rodgers gay.
    Google “Aaron Rodgers girlfriend” or just look up these 2;
    Hillary Scott
    Julie Henderson
    Funny, Rodgers isn’t getting married to John Madden

  14. You haters must live lonely, lonely lives. I’ll pray for ya and hope you find your true calling in life… God has a purpose for you too!

  15. Google “Aaron Rodgers girlfriend” or just look up these 2;
    Hillary Scott
    Julie Henderson
    Aaron Rodgers has 2 girlfriends? Sounds like a Tiger Woods type distraction waiting to happen.

  16. Chris Jenkins, AP writer
    Headline: Crippled Packer’s defense still struggling to find form
    Sub-headline: Green Bay has looked awful on defense, and even though it is missing some key regulars because of injuries, concern is mounting.
    So how is Frank Zombo doing with the first team? And Sam Shields? When you have a couple UFAs running with the starters, you really don’t have a right to call doom on anyone else’s season because of injuries. Not that that matters to those of you who are….

  17. Brewdogg, who gives a crap what an AP writer has to say? How many different publications have picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl this season? A bunch. How many have picked the Vikings? None. But that doesn’t mean anything to me. No.
    I remember some of them speaking negatively of the Saints going into last season and some of them speaking positively of them. It’s all opinion. Injury and other things that writers don’t control are what ends up mattering. Who gives a crap about Chris Jenkins?
    So Peter King and PFW think the Packers will win the NFC. Does that scratch out Jenkins opinion? What a stupid post buddy.

  18. Crigs. You are a turd.
    If Jenkins was lauding the packers youd be holding this up as to why the packers will be good.
    God, your and your team are in for a rude wake up call.

  19. Crigs, dude, it had nothing to do with the Packers forecast or anything like that. The only reason I used an AP writer’s article was to make it a media perception and less my own. It was solely about making a point to those who say the Vikings season is done every time an injury is reported, and nothing more. Yes, I’m aware of the preseason predictions of the Packers winning it all, and I take that with as much certainty as I take any other, which is not much. They usually get little more than 2/3 of the playoff teams right.
    I did find it interesting that, when I perused the Athlon season preview, they gave the Vikings players they listed better ratings than the Packers players at almost every position, and overall much higher, and yet predicted the Packers going all the way. Not sure what that says about the perception of the Vikings organization……
    Anyway, I digress. My point is that unless these Packer fans who pollute our threads want us to come over and cry “7-9” and “better luck next year” over the injuries that the Packers have suffered, then they should quit jumping all over Vikings medical concerns.

  20. RC IV says:
    September 1, 2010 10:27 AM
    ….you and your team are in for a rude wake up call.
    That is pure conjecture, you couldn’t possibly know this as fact, and it is only what you hope happens. ….signed RC IV.

  21. All the Vikes players will be injured and they won’t win a game this year, or even finish the season.

  22. all the pcker players will get leprosy and their hands and noses will fall off and they won’t even be allowed to play this season.

  23. RC and Brewdogg, you obviously have no idea what I really think by your last comments.
    To RC,
    I just said Jenkins opinion means nothing to me just as much as Peter Kings opinion means nothing to me. So how would I be praising Jenkins comments if he agreed with Peter King that the Packers were the toast of the NFC? I don’t care what any of them say so you obviously didn’t even read my post, moron. Now if you would like to quote other NFL executives and personnel people who know what they’re talking about, I would lend credence to their thoughts, but I could give a crap what AP, SI, and ESPN writers have to say about my team, good or bad.
    To Brewdogg,
    If you don’t take these writers thoughts with much certainty (as you say you don’t) like the publications who think the Packers will win, why would you post another writer who doesn’t agree? I mean their opinions don’t hold water, correct? So it doesn’t make sense that you would post one negative perception in general and also considering that that certain thought process is in the complete minority anyways.
    Lastly, as much as Packer fans jump on the Vikings injuries so do Vikings fans the other way around. It’s part of fandom so don’t act like your base is holier than thou. And as I’ve mentioned before, I think injuries are a legitimate issue and I sincerely hope that both the Vikings and the Packers teams remain relatively healthy so there are no excuses. There are good teams (like the 2008 Packers) who finished with sub par records because they were crushed by injuries and there are good teams (like the 2009 Vikings) who were very lucky on the injury front and it allowed them to go as far as they could. The only bad thing about the NFL is that your favorite team could be a contender going into the season and after two of your impact players go on IR, your team is now a pretender.

  24. Hail 2 Dan Snyder says: August 31, 2010 6:44 PM
    Both the Vikings and Stains will be .500 teams watching the playoffs at home
    that’s some big talking from a team that’s starting the year with their own degenerate ankle QB and injury plagued rb’s. Here’s a tip, why don’t the foreskins try components that fit into their system instead of going to the store and picking out the most expensive toys just because they want to flaunt. I know Snyder has this little man, small wee wee syndrome but tell him to put that aside and actually try to get to the playoffs for once.

  25. Crigs…
    I can’t do anything about what goes on on the Packers board. I don’t feel justified in interrupting those threads. But I do post on Vikings threads. I want to know what people think about Vikings issues. Not obnoxious rants, but actual fact-based dialouge. I don’t know how long you have been on here, but I have called out Vikings fans for these types of posts, as well.
    And I didn’t say I agreed with the article. I just happened to come across it on the day I posted it, so I figured I would use it to try to make a point.

  26. Keep assuming this comes down to us or the Vikings.
    Chicago wins the division.. You heard it here first. It’s obviously not what I want, of course, but it’s how I see it.
    The question marks and injuries are piling on for both the Pack and Vikings. The Bears are the only team that made real strides this offseason at all.
    Everyone else either thought Javon Walker and Lito Sheppard could still play football, or kept on spewing the constant Ted rhetoric of “improving from within”.
    Neither approach will get you anywhere, but at least one costs less money than the other, right Ted fans? That’s all that matters..

  27. Chicago’s chances are completely dependent on the health of Urlacher and Harris. We have all seen the difference these two players have on the Bears’ defense. And considering their recent track record…. Well, it will all play out however it will. That’s why they play the games, after all, right?

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