Kurt Warner talks about Matt Leinart's predicament

Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart have something in common.  By all appearances, neither guy will ever play another game for the Arizona Cardinals.

Warner joined Bickley and MJ of Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix to discuss Leinart’s failure to secure the starting job in 2010.

“It’s tough for me,” Warner said at the outset of the segment.  “Because I know Coach [Ken Whisenhunt], and I love Coach and believe in him and believe in what he does and decisions he makes and why he makes those decisions.  And I’m also very good friends with Matt.  And we’ve been very close for a long time.  And I’ve been in those shoes before, and it’s never fun.  It’s a difficult situation.”

Warner also has been in the shoes of the guy who bounces the presumed starter to the bench; Warner did it to Leinart two years ago.

And while Leinart has claimed that he outperformed Derek Anderson in the 2010 preseason, Warner explained that the decision surely was based on more than that, and that Whisenhunt is making the decision with the goal of winning as many games as possible in the coming season.

“Coach has thought long and hard and watched every play since way back when they started this offseason, and the evaluation process starts with Coach and goes through I’m sure a number of other people,” Warner said.  “And they’re weighing a lot of different things to come to the final conclusion, whatever that is.  You know, so I think that’s where it’s hard.  Everybody looks at two preseason games and thinks, ‘Well, that’s not enough.’  But you have to understand that this process has been going on for a while.”

Warner is right.  Leinart didn’t lose his job in two weeks; Leinart systematically has been putting himself in this position over the last four years.  He has received every opportunity to succeed.  In 2010, Leinart was backed up with a failed starter from the Browns, hardly a worth adversary.

And Leinart still failed.  Regardless of why or how it happened, everyone seems to agree that it’s time for Leinart to move on and, yes, move out.

28 responses to “Kurt Warner talks about Matt Leinart's predicament

  1. In not a huge Lineart fan either, but give the kid a break, you are starting to unnecessarily pile on this kid based on conjecture.

  2. cant believe DA is going to start in AZ.
    coaches just love when that ball is in the air from him. to bad it goes in the opposite direction, it looks so darn pretty! haha

  3. That’s because he sucks. He sucked at USC and he sucks now. The Cards are in trouble and “Whiz” knows it and knows they need to do everything they can to compete with Frisco so he’s going with the guy the team hates less! Forget it! It’s basically the lesser of two evils. You birds are finished. Just like the other ones, the SeaGals

  4. A Boldin told the Bal media today that he knew this was coming because Leinart and Whisenhunt hate each other.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I can count the number of left handed quarterbacks who are/were worth a shit on one hand.
    And I can count the great ones on two fingers (Young-Stabler)…

  6. it isnt pretty when u are sitting on the job, or in this case, are the presumed starter, and then you dont get the job.
    and it surely isnt like anderson played head, shoulders and everything else above leinart.
    life isnt always “fair”.
    whiz probly got tired of trying to get thru to leinart.
    if leinart is smart, he will use this event to finally drive himself to do much better.
    if not, the circus goes on.

  7. My lord how many posts do you need to make saying the exact same thing?? I’ve noticed that you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with former USC players. Although there are a lot of different people on PFT that post stories, you can always be sure if it is something involving USC in a not so positive light it is Florio making the post. I think you get a boner everytime you can write something negative about USC…

  8. Leinart was successful at USC because teams formed game plans around Reggie Bush. They didn’t care about Leinfart….

  9. UFL has a place for him. Or, arena where Warner started. Perhaps that’s a good place for Leinert to finish up his storied career.

  10. cant believe DA is going to start in AZ.
    coaches just love when that ball is in the air from him. to bad it goes in the opposite direction, it looks so darn pretty! haha
    So he’s throwing it backwards? Let me guess, you’re some idiot Browns fan who’s still pissed off that Anderson somehow blocked Brady Quinn from true greatness.

  11. This is simple…In preseason Matty threw a rainbow to Fitz over the middle that hung in the air too long and got the franchise player hit and injured…ever since Matty is on his s-list along with Coach Wis’s s-list.
    Since Matty has not displayed leadership or great talent to this point, he is done in AZ. That throw was the straw that broke camel’s back.
    Put two and two together.

  12. I cant wait for Anderson to have a Comp% UNDER 50 again this year, everyone talks about Leinart just doing check down or whatever, DA’s Y/A has been UNDER 6 the last 2 years.

  13. Best thing is for them to cut Leinart, if they can’t trade him. The last thing a coach needs is a QB controversy when neither one QB has much on the other. The Peanut Galleries will continually be calling for a “switch” at QB – which never works and teams waste precious time building for the future.
    I think once DA settles in and his supporting cast gains familiarity, he’ll be fine. You don’t throw 29 TD’s in 15 games in the NFL by accident.

  14. look you have never liked the guy so we don’t expect you to unbiased but again show mw where he has had every oppertunity under whisenhunt to ne the guy.the first thing he did is sign warner then rotate them untill leinart got hurt then gave it to warner for good. where did whisenhunt say leinart was not putting the work in he needed?he said just the opposite when you went on your tirade about a party he had in the off season on a weekend off where he missed no time working out.why is so hard for whisenhunt to say he doesn’t fit his system or he doesn’t want him on the team?if he realy feels he is not good enough to be a starter why not just let him go?because he is scared another team will give him a fair shake and he will turn out to be a pretty good qb that’s why.

  15. What I don’t really understand is if they had the foresight to know he wasn’t going to be a starting QB before any games were played why not do something about it in the offseason, why wait till 2 weeks before the season opener to “deal” with it.

  16. Trade Matt to the giants for bomar. Bomar would thrive in that az offense. Matt won’t ever see the field backing up a robot manning brother. He will hold a clipboard like he is meant to, then runnin rhett will get his well deserved shot.

  17. Warner says he’s been in the same shoes. Nice sentiment, Kurt. But these other guys will never fit in your shoes. What Warner has done is so far above and beyond what any of these camp guys can aspire to. Leinart included.

  18. @HereThere,
    Sorry to break it to you, bud 9 and I apologize if you here being sarcastic), but Quinn had plenty of chances to prove his “greatness.” And he still can’t in Denver. He’ just another one who’s failed to live up to the hype…kinda like Leinhart.

  19. Attention cardinal front office and fans- Bad move AZ to dethrone Leinart before week 1. AZ, you sunk too much into this kid to not put him on the field week 1 and give him the opportunity to pass or fail. He may not be your franchise qb but taking him out of the starting job and placing him on the trade block is a clear statement that you panicked and compromises your football IQ and ability to establish a franchise qb.
    The real bad news is Derek Anderson is really your 3rd string qb and he will make you all remember the day you drafted leinart every sunday.

  20. Oh Matt, how far you have fallen. I can still remember the days when you were one of the biggest sports celebrities around. You had the world at your fingertips. I guess it could be worse. At least you don’t have people trying to take your Heisman away, like that dummy Reggie.

  21. Leinart an average QB? Hardly. He’s in the bottom 3 among starting QBs, which also explains why Cleveland’s former backup QB is now starting ahead of him.

  22. Matt didn’t just arrived. What have the coaches been doing with him all this time. From what I see in preseason, neither QB has shown much. There is more to this than what has been put out. I think the rookies played better than Matt or Derek. All in all, I think your going to need to run like hell to get out of the way of the defensive rush. The line is awful. Cards may win 2 to 4 games this year no matter who QBs.

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