Mike Singletary is not in love with his backup quarterbacks

It takes a lot to earn Mike Singletary’s trust, especially at the quarterback position.

After laying into third-stringer Nate Davis last week for his work ethic, Singletary admitted that he feels good about starter Alex Smith, but is not too comfortable with backup David Carr yet.

“When it comes to David Carr, I think David Carr is a guy that I could
grow to feel comfortable with,” Singletary said.  “I think he’s a guy that has a good
command of the offense. I think he understands, I just think that he’s
still thinking a lot and he’s still having to get the rhythm and all the
other things, but I think David Carr, I could grow to feel comfortable
with him.”

So basically Singletary is just praying Alex Smith doesn’t get hurt.  There has been some question whether the 49ers will even keep Davis, but we can’t imagine they’d cut him when the team isn’t that comfortable with Carr yet.

42 responses to “Mike Singletary is not in love with his backup quarterbacks

  1. Hell, his starting QB is nothing but a glorified backup! Watch for Carr (oh God) to be starting games for the niners by week 4 at the latest!

  2. Oooh, but maybe Singletary is not giving his HONEST opinion! Maybe what he’s saying is strategic! Maybe Shefter and Florio can track down the reality behind what comes from the lips of a coach. Maybe the words are laced with SPIN and LIES for the purpose of motivation or something else, who knows. But thanks to Shefter and Florio, we may hope to learn the truth about what goes on in the mind of Singletary! Go get ’em, you teenage girls, you.

  3. Have you seen Alex Smith this pre season? Obviously not! Singletary has NO QB’s! This is his 6th season and he hasnt done squat! All they do is make excuses for him. He would be a back up on ANY other team in the NFL. Hell he was even the 49ers backup as early as last year! What a joke!

  4. David Carr is horrible.
    Nate Davis is potentially the future of this team. NO WAY he gets cut without knowing what Smith will look like this year and yes, Carr’s shaky play ensures that.
    If Alex is hurt or struggles, Carr won’t last long either. That would be Nate Davis’ only chance to play this year.
    Hopefully he comes out of the gate and lights it up next year. He is a solid, solid prospect.

  5. if anyone knows the look a QB gets in his eyes it would be Mike. He has seen them all and scared them all..

  6. PS – Carr was a gaffe move by McCloughan just before he was fired for being an alcoholic.
    I don’t blame Singletary on that move, but I count on him to akeep Carr on a very short leash if he’s called upon.

  7. “Mike Singletary is not in love with his backup quarterbacks”
    I’m sure his wife will be relieved to hear that! How humiliating would it be for her if she had driven her husband into the arms of not one, but two, men!
    She would go down in history as the female double-Lou Diamond Phillips!

  8. Why use the term “in love with”? It’s a very awkward and inaccurate use of the phrase, unless you are trying to imply that Mike Singletary and the 49ers QBs are all homosexuals about to enjoy California’s recent change to gay marriage laws.

  9. He needs to get his head checked for being comfortable with his first string QB. The 49’ers suffer from Jets syndrome… they’re a QB away from being a contender.

  10. It’s still early in their relationship, I’m sure it can grow into a beautiful romance over time and Carr will win his heart.

  11. What coach is comfortable with their back up QB? There is a reason they aren’t a starter in the NFL. Dumb Story

  12. Hey Mike, I’d suggest you contact the Houston Texans and ask for 5 years of game films.
    You’ll see enough of David Carr to make up your mind.

  13. And to think the 49’ers passed on Aaron Rodgers…
    Its a good thing they play in the weakest division in football or they would be a hopeless case of a team.

  14. from a fantasy football view i wish more coaches would come out and tell us who they like and who they don’t like. sure as well would help, especially in running back by committee backfields.

  15. @raiderrob21
    You mean when Smith scored 10 on your first team defense?
    You are easily the biggest windbag posting here, which is saying something.

  16. @Beam me up Scotty
    Go get Sage from the Vikings. He make you feel real comfortable..
    Would rather develop Nate Davis than acquire Rosenfels.

  17. Carr isnt the answer but it isnt like the texans had an OL back then.
    interesting to have seen teams be interested in chester pitts, since his bad play played an integral role in carr getting flattened more than any other qb for those 5 years.
    but only carr gets blamed.

  18. @ Jack Acid – Watch the game again it was not 10 points on 1st string defense. They had already pulled some of the defense out. We had our #3 and 4 corners int the game already at that point. But tell yourself Smith looked great in that game. It was the kick off return and your running game that won that game not Smith.

  19. Superb Owl,
    You dont watch football obviously. If you watched Carr with the Texans he caused half the sacks himself by holding onto the ball forever. Youre blaming David Carr being a horrible QB on Chester Pitts, wow.
    So whats your excuse why Carr looked horrible for the Panthers and Giants whenever he got an oppurtunity?
    You’re weird and have some man crush on David Carr.
    Alex Smith stinks, but anyone who thinks David Carr is taking over that offense is a complete moron and should not be allowed to reproduce.

  20. Davis already has a better arm than Smith. He completed a 60 yard bomb all in the air in their 2nd preseason game. Lighten up Mike..

  21. What a ridiculous headline. What coach TRULY loves his backup. Teams merely want a competent guy in there just in case. You can only get lucky with a backup cause don’t tell me the Rams & Pats knew exactly what they had in Warner & Brady.

  22. Raiders fans are the LAST people on this earth who should be calling out QB play, seriously.
    If you extract Smith’s #s from last year, and average them across a full season he put up respectable, though not spectacular, numbers. It’s reasonable to think his play will improve at least incrementally this year, and he doesn’t need to be Drew Brees for the 9ers to be succesful.

  23. @jack Acid – Hey, we dont pay attention to what raiderrob21 has to say.. he’s the biggest scumbag in this website. All he does is go to the niner threads and talk sh!t that doesn’t even make sense.. he’s the biggest Raider bias fool.. if alex smith was in the raiders he would think he’s awesome.. shoot, he thinks Kyle Boller is better than smith .. that says it all. lol

  24. To all RAIDER FANS!
    ok, so Smith sucks right? here are his number on 11 games:
    games 11 rating 81.5 comp 225 att 372 pct:60.5 yards: 2350 y/g: 213.6 TD: 18 Int:12
    Now lets see Campbells:
    games16 rating:86.4 comp:327 att:507 pct:64.5 yards:3618 y/g:226.1 TD:20 INT:15
    NOW!! since the numbers are so closed, PLEASE tell me, if smith sucks, i think your QB is right there with him right?

  25. Davis is going to be on the team. Singletary critisizes and rides N. Davis the same way he rode V. Davis; he does this to players who he feels have great potential, but are not maximizing that potential.

  26. They should try to get Tyler Thigpen from the Fins. They might give him up for a 4th or 3rd.. Which isnt bad for a starting QB.

  27. hess yer a jackass and obviously dont read or watch football.
    i said up front, carr isnt the answer.
    when a rookie gets sacked that much, didya ever think there wasnt anyone to really throw to and he had no time anyway…
    no man crush whatsoever. i wouldnt have drafted him #1 either. but feel free to pull yer head out of yer arse anytime.
    he was still shellshocked in carolina and wasnt that god-awful in very limited time in ny. the giants were phoning in it in last year anyway. not sure that should be the litmus test.
    i have been watching football longer than you, dirtbag.

  28. I love how choakland faider fans come on here talking trash about alex smith when they have had jamarcus russel at qb with the same oc and he hasn’t even come close to what alex smith has done with a new oc every year over the last 6 years. so choakland fans shut the f@%# up u guys have the worst team in the nfl!!!

  29. Just because he hasn’t pulled his pants down in front of them does NOT mean he doesn’t love them. That’s an old prom night trick which Mr. Singletary is above using.

  30. Jackassid : don’t you mean when the raiders put up 20 or 21 points on your overrated defense?
    You to are “mas puto”….. Come gets some joto!

  31. 4amGAYbridgemusic: are you butthurt your weak qb is being called out. The whiners have a decent team but the qb you queers have will never win the big one. He might bite the big one like you but will never win the big one. Come gets some puto! I’m right behind you ready to pounce.

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