Raiders call out Schefter, too

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is having an interesting day.

It started with a report that the Redskins have cut Byron Westbrook, which the Washington Post, a publication which one of its columnist recently confused with The Onion, thereafter refuted.  (As of this posting, Westbrook is still on the roster.)

Then, Schefter reported that the Bills, Giants, and Raiders have discussed trading for Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart.  The Bills responded by calling the report erroneous.

The Raiders, who once called Schefter a “false rumor monger” for reporting that coach Art Shell would be fired not long before, well, coach Art Shell was fired, have also joined in the anti-Schefterfest.

In a front-page item on the team’s website titled, “Schefter makes untrue statements regarding Raiders,” the team says: 
“ESPN’s Adam Schefter is
once again making untrue statements about The Oakland Raiders, this time
regarding Matt Leinart.  The Raiders have never discussed trading for
.  The Raiders are very happy about their quarterback situation.”

The Giants have yet to publicly respond to Schefter’s report.

52 responses to “Raiders call out Schefter, too

  1. Dude – lay off the Post. Seriously, let it go. Wise messed up and the Post quickly took care of it. Quit taking shots at everyone else who works there. Enough already.

  2. My question is: why is anybody even talking about Leinart? He sucks!
    Nobody will want him, not even as a backup. He makes Brady Quinn look decent.

  3. Told You Morons! Instead of posting everything you read on BSPN or TMZ. Try thinking first. If that doesnt work, try doing your job and making some phonecalls before you sling sh!t at the wall. Like I said before, the 49ers are the perfect spot for him. He instantly becomes the best QB on the roster.

  4. I imagine Florio is a bit jealous no one takes him seriously enough to call him out on his bulls***.
    Don’t worry Florio, you’re the best rumor monger out there imo.

  5. In a front-page item on the team’s website titled, “Schefter makes untrue statements regarding Raiders,” the team says: “ESPN’s Adam Schefter is once again making untrue statements about The Oakland Raiders, this time regarding Matt Leinart. The Raiders have never discussed trading for Leinart. The Raiders are very happy about their quarterback situation.”
    Was this also presented in a projector screen presentation done by a dead guy in a sweatsuit?

  6. BTW – I’m waiting for your Cowlishaw-like rant on Schefter’s reporting today. I’m guessing that you’ll give him a pass.

  7. Adam could say that the Raiders play football and the raiders would dispute it or anything else he said.
    To be fair though a lot of us would dispute the fact that the raiders play football 🙂
    As for the teams denying the reports, of course they are going to do that. They don’t want to seem like they don’t “trust” their QB’s on the roster or the QB’s feelings might get hurt.

  8. Raiders call out Schefter, too
    Posted by Mike Florio on September 1, 2010 2:44 PM ET
    “The Raiders have never discussed trading for Leinart.”
    That’s because they didn’t call about trading….they called to ask when he’s going to be outright released….

  9. ESPN is annoying (not as much as the Raiders are), but Schefter is likely right. “False rumor mongerer” when he was right all along about Shell — awesome.

  10. Schefter has and always will suck. He reported the schism in Brett’s first year with the Vikings. Which was wrong, if he reported it now, he could be right, but he hasn’t.

  11. did “Pro Football Talk” really just compare The Washington Post to THE ONION? it guess it pays to have your own website where you don’t need to display any modicum of accountability in your own erroneous and spiteful reporting. Keep up the good job guys! you should feel proud that you have such a heavily navigated website made up of people visiting to see what incredulous comments you’ll make next. Kudos! you’ve become the Perez Hilton of the sports world.

  12. I am sure Oakland is currently happy. But prior to Campbell, they could have had conversations. They were obviously not happy with JaMar

  13. Where is Florio insisting that Adam Schefter be fired for FABRICATING this Leinart story which two of the three teams have denied?

  14. Schefter said Shell would be fired in like week 4. He got fired after the season, after a horrible season that had yet unfolded. Becuase it eventualy hapened does not mean it was already happening, as Schefter said in week 4.
    Get over your Raider hate, Schefter was wrong at the time, but it eventually happened, so he is right? Kinda like saying it will snow tomorrow, but it happens 5 months later.

  15. Schefter has short man syndrome.. Oakland usually does deny everything. However Schefter did report at the end of the season that it wasn’t a matter of “IF” but “WHEN” Cable would be fired… hmmm. Guess the rumor monger was WRONG on that one!!…. Wish I had a job with no consequences for bs stories.
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  16. When he was on NFL Network people would see him on reports. Since the move to ESPN he has been a non factor, with many people not even knowing he is still involved in the NFL. When you feel you are fading away I guess he feels like if he throws enough at the wall something will stick. With regard to the Art Shell call?, a blind Pig could have made that call.
    You Florio have become much more important in the world of the NFL then this guy, where does ESPN keep him in a closet.

  17. Enough already!
    You’re coming across as a puss.
    I bet you were beat on the playground as a kid.
    Whine, whine, whine…..

  18. Work for ESPN= Not credible. Look at Herbstreit, Mortensen, etc. Name 1 and they aren’t believeable.

  19. This coming from the Raiders? The team who drafted J. Russell first overall when they were warned the kid was lazy? Raiders credibility = zero, consider the source.

  20. I think Florio taking pot shots at the WaPo is pretty hilarious. PFT, which has no journalistic integrity of any sort, calling out a highly respected newspaper is just comical. Especially since PFT probably has 10x higher readership since no one reads newspapers anymore.
    Seriously, MF, you have to admit that PFT prints shit every day that you guys can’t possibly believe to be true.
    I don’t even see what your real beef is with the WaPo, except maybe resenting the competition!

  21. Wait, so Schefter once posted a report saying the Raiders were considering firing somebody. Then the Raiders called him a liar and followed this up by firing that person. Now the Raiders are saying he is lying again, even though he was correct the first time? The only way Schefter was lying the first time was if the Raiders decided to fire that guy because Schefter said that they thought that he should fire that guy.

  22. “The Raiders are very happy about their quarterback situation.”
    Which can only mean that they’ve kidnapped Peyton Manning.
    WTF do they have to be “happy” about?

  23. Aside from Shell getting whacked way back in 04, when was the last time Adam Scheftforbrains been correct on any “story” in regards to the Raiders?…

  24. As I said earlier today, Schefter just has a hardon for all things silver and black since his days as Shannahan’s lapdog. Why truthfully would the Raiders be looking at anyone, especially, a former #1 pick that has busted out? They just got rid of one of those. They have Campbell, whom Al himself says he thinks is the 2nd coming of Plunkett. They have Gradkowski, who when healthy has shown he is more than capable of leading this team, and they have Kyle Boller, who also has looked pretty composed in the preseason. They also picked up Colt Brennan as a project. Seriously, why does every dipsh*t reporter think whenever there is a disgruntled player being shopped or released by another team, the Raiders are immediately in the mix? When, seriously, was the last time the Raiders actually went out of their way to sign a headcase? Randy Moss maybe? Al took a flyer on Javon Walker, and made a mistake when Javon wanted to retire by not letting him, but Walker was never really disgruntled outside of wanting more money. Meangelo was exposed as a good system DB, not a great overall DB, because when he had to actually try to cover one on one, he showed he was incredibly lacking. Ask the Fins fan how picking up Gibril Wilson has helped them. Seriously, for everyone that hates the Raiders, I’m asking.. step outside the media for a minute.. and try to think when the Raiders last actively pursued any of the head cases they are always associated with…..

  25. It looks like the days of throwing the Raider’s name in the ring with any and every rumor is starting to draw to an end. It used to be the Raiders just wouldn’t comment, but with facebook, twitter, and various forms of communication, it is now just as easy to call the media out on their b.s.

  26. Schefter was AWESOME at NFL network. I guess that ESPNness has finally won him over. False stories, headline grabbers, no content… 🙁

  27. “The Raiders are very happy about their quarterback situation.”
    “George is getting angry!”

  28. EverybodyGotAIDS says:
    September 1, 2010 2:57 PM
    Really? Brian Westbrooks’ brother? You’d think I would have heard of him.
    Not that I am a Westbrook family expert or anything, but I seem to recall another brother or cousin, playing in a NCAA tournament game this past spring, maybe for Minnesota– I think it was Lawrence Westbrook.

  29. To Richm2257:
    WTF do they have to be “happy” about?
    For starters. I’m glad you’re deaf, blind, dumb and stupid all at the same time. We’ve got plenty to be happy about. Our offense has finally come around. Our defense is still good. We might have the most sacks so far this pre season. You just keep your Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller senses intact.

  30. Schefter????????? You gotta be kidding me…right? Wow, what a visionary if he predicted Art Shell would be fired. (roll eyes).
    That guy hasn’t been right about the Raiders in a century.
    BTW doesn’t he read tea leaves in Central Park on Sundays for the tourists?

  31. Ok… I do not think its cool for anyone on this site to ever slam Emmit Smith’s broadcasting capabilities. Not until they improve their editorial skills…. who the hell is Byron Westbrook?

  32. Schefter needs a new career. Maybe a lawyer? Or President of the United States? Reason being, there has been way too many lies springing off the tip of his tonuge. He has taken the word credibility to a whole new level. President Adam “erroneous” Schefter, sounds pretty good to me.

  33. bwisnasky-
    Nail on the HEAD. Been preaching it for years brother, thanks for saying what each of us who actually pay attention to something other than mediot hyperbole and stereotyping knows…..We have not signed a turd in a loooong time. We have been after character guys for years now, but the hardy har har idiot media just keeps on pumping up the same tired slogans and tired image of the Raiders.
    For instance, We didn’t draft Crabteee because he has an attitude, and low and behold he is starting shit in SF, again, today. Vick, Pacman, Tank, T.O., Big Ben, Weren’t they and every other turd in the NFL supposed to be Raiders by now? I mean we ALWAYS sign EVERYBODY of questionable character, I mean I read it here and on every pos article on OAK, so it must be true. Riiiight?

  34. This is a twist. Usually when there is a story similar to this Florio twists it to demonstrate how teams often lie by denying reports which then prove to be true. I believe he even had a whole post completely dedicated to talking about how organizations in the NFL routinely lie about reports from journalists.
    Why the sudden change of heart to criticize Schefter? Does Schefter have more followers on Twitter than Florio or something?
    I would enjoy this site so much more if Florio would just report what’s happening in the NFL and stop worrying so much about other journalists that he is jealous of. I don’t care about your opinion, give me NFL news and shut the hell up.

  35. HAHA once again PFT and espn Gets owned by the raiders. Idoits…
    Thats their one claim to fame art shell.
    What about when you people were spreading lies like seymour is not going to oaklnad and He will not show up ect…
    Your little “sources” always get it wrong.
    You guys never do this to the steelrs or patriots though.
    I’am the only one that actually knows what goes on. You guys dont wana pay me then you will continue to be wrong. I broke the story about campbell,seymour aso moneys.. Yet you guys seem to think I dont know what I’am talking about then when it happens you print it like you were the first! Thats why I stoped breaking news here

  36. Schefter is no. 1 guy when it comes to football gossip… his success rate would be above 50% i believe which would respectable in his line of profession and much better than florio…

  37. This kind of reckless reporting screws up careers and therefore, shouldn’t be tolerated.
    If he actually knew for certain, then fine, but he’s being reckless and there’s no excuse for that.

  38. Actually, always_b_aware, Jay Glazer is probably #1 right now with regard to rumors, contacts, informed sources, etc.

  39. Florio said:
    The Raiders, who once called Schefter a “false rumor monger” for reporting that coach Art Shell would be fired not long before, well, coach Art Shell was fired, have also joined in the anti-Schefterfest.
    Well, everyone knew Shell was getting fired, not just Schefter. Schefter just said it out loud and waited for it. Big deal. My local weather reporter has the same job.

  40. tango the fat, retarded, stupid, idiotic pig is the only joke around here. Who’d you get to help you with the big words, loser?

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