Redskins cut Byron Westbrook, unless they haven't

Adam Schefter of ESPN has been busy this morning.  In addition to his report that the Bills have talked to the Cardinals about a trade for quarterback Matt Leinart (which the Bills have denied), Schefter has reported that the Redskins have cut cornerback Byron Westbrook, the brother of 49ers running back Brian Westbrook.

But Rick Maese of the Washington Post (which we’ll continue to cite as a reliable source despite the best efforts of one of its columnists to undermine the brand) reports that Byron Westbrook has not yet been cut, and that he will be traveling with the team to Arizona for the preseason finale.

If Schefter’s wrong, it’s a prime example of what can happen when we have a bad source, or two.  It happens, to all of us.  Sources aren’t right 100 percent of the time.  But that’s still in a universe separate and apart from making something up, regardless of the motivation for making something up.

34 responses to “Redskins cut Byron Westbrook, unless they haven't

  1. its not a “bad source” problem Florio
    its that almost of you hacks just make crap up and cite an “unamed source” to cover your ass
    we’re not as dumb as you think

  2. For Christs sake Florio get over it. You holier than thou sack of garbage. Whatever happened to “unbiased journalism”? Idiot.

  3. “But Rick Maese of the Washington Post (which we’ll continue to cite as a reliable source despite the best efforts of one of its columnists to undermine the brand)…”
    Try not to look too much like a smug idiot, people here still remember how you told us Terry Bradshaw was dead, yet some still believe everything you write.
    Oh, and Steve Smith is still looking for a face to face meeting, in case you ever get the gonads to try.

  4. Really. Get over the Washington Post gag on you. Have a sense of humor, it is not a big deal. None of you are newsmen, you are entertainers.

  5. What I don’t “get” about sports reporters is why they feel the need to report things that “might happen” no matter how likely.
    Things that MAY happen but have NOT aren’t news.
    A site like this is one thing. But legitimate journalists (sorry Florio) don’t need to prognosticate. Just report the news.

  6. You have a nice site with interesting info, but your repeated and unnecessary bashing of Wise is crossing over into territory of dangerous obsessions. He’s been suspended. Isn’t that enough for you? Do you treat your kids this way?

  7. Headline of this should read.
    “Mike Florio wipes Shefter’s brick off his lips”.
    Not so quick to bash people like mort and schefter when they are wrong yet you will hit up the little guys and go after them hardcore. I think you are afraid of the worldwide leader.

  8. the problem is that the media want to be first to “break” a story, so they throw all sorts of “might happens” at the wall in the hopes that they can say they got it first…why there is a need to break a byron westbrook story i’ll never know…
    also, wtf is with westbrook’s parents..who names brothers brian and byron..

  9. Seems more like we’re witnessing a battle between the blogs & print media.
    Interesting to see how this is going to play out.

  10. “It happens to all of us”
    LOL! It never happens to you because you just get to push the blame off on someone else!

  11. Florio please.
    I’m a patient man, but constantly referencing an already tired story is becoming irritating. Instead of your lawyer hat, put on your NBC/PFT marketing hat. Is it really useful to keep irritating your customers?

  12. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers… and ex-lawyers!”
    (With apologies to the character Dick the Butcher, the play Henry VI and especially it’s author, William Shakespeare [although, seeing as he has been dead for almost 4 centuries, he probably doesn’t really care!].)

  13. Who is “Byron Westbrook”? Is that Brian’s evil twin?
    I’d assume it is a typo but it is in there twice.

  14. Are you still on this Wise stuff?
    Get over it!
    You look dumb because you trusted a twitter account that said “…I’m told.” as the only source of the information.
    I would say that’s your fault for reporting something that wasn’t verified at all without looking any further into the matter.
    Give it up.

  15. This story had NOTHING to do with the subject posted.
    This has more to do with Florio trying to cover his arse for believing sources that continuously make him look like an arse.
    PFT = Blog
    Florio = Perez Hilton of Football

  16. So Schefter tweets some nuggets about the Bills and the Redskins, doesn’t reveal his sources, and then one piece is denied vehemently by the team and one is proven wrong by an actual team beat reporter. So for all you know, he may have done exactly what Mike Wise did….?

  17. Mrsteve says:
    September 1, 2010 1:42 PM
    Terry Bradshaw is rolling over in his grave your source says
    That post can be translated as:
    STFU Florio…you just got OWNED!!!

  18. Schefter is just another talking head who was a friggin nerd when he was in school. All of these guys would sell out there mother if they got to report it first on their homo twitter page. This is getting ridiculous. These guys should be held accountable for things that they write. I mean if he reports Westbrook is cut and HAS NOT BEEN… Good Grief!

  19. How about we go back to real journalism before the lefties in this country destroyed it. How about we make people verify their information from 2 or 3 sources before spreading rumors around the internet where a bunch of dorks like us can get all excited about it.

  20. ok florio, we realize you got your feelings hurt but quit beating a dead horse! Suck it up, dry up those tears, and move on buddy!

  21. man, florio you are such a tool. get over it. mike wise pulled one over on you and your still mad…we get it. Are you going to bring this up every time you get “new imformation” aka someone else’s hard work?

  22. This was just a leak test by leadership. They talk about cuts, different cuts to different groups of people in their organization, and see which makes the news.
    Westbrook cut? Oh, guess so-and-so can’t be trusted.

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