Schefter fires back at Bills

Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported via Twitter that the Bills, Giants, and Raiders have “discussed” trading for Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart.  In the version of the report, Schefter said that the Bills have discussed the subject with the Cardinals.

The Bills denied the report via the team’s official website, calling Schefter’s report “erroneous.”

Schefter has responded. 

“The Buffalo Bills had ongoing
discussions with the Cardinals regarding a trade for Matt Leinart,
according to two separate credible and knowledgeable people,” Schefter told PFT via e-mail.  “I was told
this weekend that a trade to Buffalo was unlikely because the Bills were
uncomfortable about bringing aboard Leinart’s contract, which carries a
$2.485 million base salary this season and balloons to $7.36 million
next season. 

“I didn’t report Leinart would be traded to Buffalo.  I
simply reported that Arizona and Buffalo discussed it this summer, which
they had.  There’s nothing erroneous about that.”

So there you have it.  More evidence that what a team says can’t be taken at face value, even when it’s not a hoax.

Still, we understand why the Bills would deny it.  They’re trying to support Trent Edwards or whoever will be taking the snaps.  The last thing they need is to undermine Edwards’ confidence by admitting that they had discussions about possibly replacing him.

54 responses to “Schefter fires back at Bills

  1. how can you honestly write ………..
    “So there you have it. More evidence that what a team says can’t be taken at face value, even when it’s not a hoax.”
    when NO ONE, including Schefter named any ACTUAL sources
    it sounds to me as if Schefter was making a statement, you took it too far (as always) and now Schefter is basically clarifying it for you, because your stupid fat fingers were stirring the pot yet again

  2. Buffalo get a backbone already.
    They consistently deny all reports on player and coaching searches.
    PFT Charter Member

  3. Mr. Florio…Please give Mr. Schefter a lesson on not being offended when one of his stories gets denied by a team.
    As a Raider fan I have to chuckle seeing another team having to deal with this clown.
    If Schefter and Mortenson were standing next to each other filming one of those dumb ESPN promos and a meteor landed on top of them I am sure their “crack” reporting would hardly be missed.

  4. God forbid the Bills want to replace their own Brady Quinn with Arizona’s Brady Quinn while the REAL Brady Quinn is still in Denver… for now.

  5. Jim Kelly, the defacto GM of the Bills has confirmed that Buffalo has no interest in Matt Leinhart because he went to school in CAA..
    Kelly went on to say that California QB’s do not succeed in places like Buffalo because they are all soft like Rob Johnson.
    Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have not be reached for comment.

  6. Schefter did get the Byron Westbrook report wrong though, saying the team released him. Westbrook has not been released and will play in tomorrow nights preseason game against the Cardinals.
    Unless it was just a hoax…

  7. Shouldn’t be a big deal.
    Edwards isn’t a great QB but he’s not a moron. I think he already knows the Bills aren’t exactly brimming with confidence in him.

  8. Talking about him over the summer is not the same thing as talking about him after training camp. Especially when there is a lot of news about Leinart recently…..posting old news at this time is misleading.
    So schefter is trying to make something out of nothing.

  9. Expanding upon an original statement does not constitute evidence. I bet its true, but all Schefter is doing is adding details.

  10. Florio, you’ve got to let this hoax BS go. You’re coming across like a jilted high school girl at the prom.

  11. I’m shocked the Bills management would would reply to this via the internet. I didn’t think Nix or Wilson knew that the internet exists.
    I’m surprised they didn’t reply via telegram.

  12. Leave it to Schefter to get all rilled up over this in an attempt to cover his ass (on the heels of the Washington Post debacle) – Schefter took some report from two months ago and applied it to today. He’s just trying to stir up tweets. He must be lonesome.
    My advice to Schefter: do your homework, dbag, and stop going off your gut.
    I have two very credible sources that have told me that Adam Schefter is a hack. And that, I’m sure, is not a hoax.

  13. “two separate credible and knowledgeable people,”
    Well that certainly clears this up. Here I thought his anonymous – read: potentially pretend – sources were neither credible nor knowledgeable. How dare the Bills question his airtight reporting.

  14. This is news? Seriously? Teams have always done this. They don’t like to tip their cap. They’ll bluff to get a competitor to overpay, either in dollars or draft picks. They work out guys they have no intention of drafting and in some cases don’t work out guys they do draft. Teams almost NEVER tell the truth and it’s naive to even think otherwise. It would be MORE shocking if they told the truth. Both agents (saying teams are interested that aren’t) and teams are full of it.

  15. The Bills have given erroneous information. Looks like you need to write at least 2 articles on it and try to get them suspended for a month.
    Then mention how you were the hero in multiple articles.

  16. I wouldn’t trust anything that Schefter, La Canfora, or Mort reports UNLESS they cite a named source
    even then they all still always seem to include their own opinion on things, which no one gives a damn about

  17. So there you have it, Florio is Schefter’s puppet and any unsupported statement from Schefter will immediately be echoed by Florio. Perhaps Florio should change his name to Charley McCarthy.

  18. The Bills are fools, like anyone in the media would report anything based on “credible” sources!
    Tim Collishaw
    Remember, Favre retired too.
    There are so many false reports now that real ones are hard to find.

  19. Maybe undermining Edwards confidence would be a good thing for him… what else has worked to date? NOTHING

  20. ESPN/Schefter’s headline says “teams talking” while Schefter’s response says “talked”. There’s the discrepancy. The title makes it sound current while the author is now sating it isn’t. Any reason why denying his initial statement (i.e. the title) is wrong?
    The Bills evaluated every player they had so it isn’t surprising they’d evaluate other team’s players as possible acquisitions over the summer. Obviously the Bills decided to stick with the QBs already on the roster. Schefter’s report implies they are hitting the panic button with 10 days to go before the opener & the Bills are denying it.
    My guess is it’s another attempt to make a minor story more noteworthy & it is probably due to the web monkey who wrote the headline more than Schefter himself.
    Much ado about nothing…

  21. “So there you have it. More evidence that what a team says can’t be taken at face value, even when it’s not a hoax.”
    That whinning noise in the background is Mr. Florio’s ever growing ego…

  22. Why would any question Schefter over some PR schmuck? Haven’t we all seen the Raiders time and time again deny his reporting and call him out only to do exactly what he said they would?

  23. Why can’t it be that we can’t take Schefter at face value? Does it always have to be the team lying? Generic statements are bad emough but I refuse to take anything said via twitter seriously.

  24. how come everyone takes Schefter’s word as if its written in stone? the dude can be wrong sometimes too (obviously not as often as Florio, but still….)
    anyways, doesnt anyone remember when Schefter last year was citing his “credible and knowledgeable source” about how a deal moving Cutler to Buffalo? he was wrong then (thank God), maybe his sources are wrong now?
    these guys depend on sources that are typically wrong as much as their correct…. even Florio knows that!

  25. Honestly…why would the Bills want another QB that hasn’t shown he can handle the NFL skill level. They already have 3 guys that have shown they can’t do it, so why even sniff around a 4th with such a high pricetag? Leinart sucks. He is probably Schefter’s source, tossing out BS so another team thinks he might get snatched up so they move quickly on getting a deal done.

  26. Amazing how much a team that “sucks” as bad as the Bills can generate this much chatter. Why does everyone care so much about such a “bad” team? Talk about the other elite teams and leave the Bills alone so they can sneak up on everyone and win the whole damn thing. “Never let them see ya coming” GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mike,
    I love your site. I discovered it last fall, open it up in my browser as soon as I get to work and it doesn’t get closed until I leave…I think your info is great…
    Your slitting your own throat with this recent crusade concerning teams/coaches/players saying things that can’t be held at face value. It’s really getting tough to swallow. These guys/teams/players/owners/agents are playing a game that is 100% about leverage and 0% about disclosing anything to the media. Reporters are always trying to be the first to break the story (as you know), agents are always looking for the best deal for their client because they collect 10% and teams are always trying to play cat and mouse with the agents because they want the best available product for the lowest available price.
    Point being…the more you pound on this, the less and less people are going to be willing to present you with “honest” information because your alienating the collection of people that you rely on for a living. Report what you hear (and hopefully have confirmed), and simply provide a follow up when things change…and they always will.
    -Loyal PFT reader.

  28. GET a Backbone???? The media coverage on the Bills has been so wrong on the Bills the past few yrs, it is a joke. These so called experts don’t know as much as we want them to know. Did the media ever mention Gailey as a head coaching possibility ? we now know Cower wasn’t taking any job since his wife was gravely ill, not because the Bills suck. Billick never even got a call yet it was reported he was in Buff to interview…Give me a break

  29. The Bills need to start Brohm and move on.
    Edwards is a nice guy but he just isn’t what the Bills need. Cut Edwards and let him go elsewhere and start over.

  30. Florio always gets his knickers in a twist when someone lies and Florio think he figures it out. Grow up, Florio. You’re not a teenage girl anymore, even though you and Shefter will probably both go to the prom. Your righteous indignation about the normal business of reasonable, strategic communication is facile, juvenile, boring, and sometimes kinda gross.

  31. Why would the Bills lie about this? They certainly didn’t lie about going after McNabb.
    Arizona is just trying to create a market for a guy who will be in the UFL or CFL in a short while.

  32. Schefter likes to fan the flames. This is the same guy who said Bob Stoops was heading to Notre Dame this past spring.
    Real credible sources this “journalist” has.

  33. Re: “Jim Kelly, the defacto GM of the Bills has confirmed that Buffalo has no interest in Matt Leinhart because he went to school in CAA..
    Kelly went on to say that California QB’s do not succeed in places like Buffalo because they are all soft like Rob Johnson.”
    And don’t forget J.P.Losman and Trent Edwards, both Ca. QB’s.
    Which makes it even more unfathomable why they did not draft Clausen, a cold weather QB who played in a pro style.

  34. Sure Schefty, whatever. I seriously doubt that when you reported that the Bills were talking trade with the Cardinals and that you were expecting Leinart to be dealt within the next few days, that you were referring to sometime over the summer. Why would you just be reporting that now? You were obviously inferring that they were involved in ongoing trade talks, not something from the past.
    Oh, and nice job Florio swallowing Schefty’s BS hook, line and sinker.
    I think I’ll start a website,, and track just how often this clown is right.

  35. Someone needs to start keeping track of Schefter and when he’s right and when he’s wrong on everything he reports. Sounds like more BS from Adam to me.
    Just like Gaither to Buffalo, right Adam?

  36. Schefter is a PFT failure evidenced by his ESPN hiring..When’s your interview Florio??

  37. Schefter even makes Florio look like a genius sometimes with those stupid bogus reports. He fits right in with that crew of a$$holes that come on Sundays that call themselves analyst.

  38. You might want to jump off that sinking ship Florio.
    “So there you have it. More evidence that what a team says can’t be taken at face value, even when it’s not a hoax.”
    -How can you say that? It is what Schefter said that can’t be taken at face value and this isn’t just “another fan” sticking up for his team. What Schefter’s report hinted towards is that teams, the Bills included, recently discussed the possiblility of Leinart.
    -That is what the Bills deny. They wouldn’t have bothered to deny Schefter’s report at all if he had included that the talks had taken place months ago. Buddy Nix has stated publicy that every position was being looked at for improvement. I’m glad Buffalo decided to call B.S. on Schefter and his “erroneous” reports. Quit trying to paint a pretty picture of your “buddy” and tell it like it is. Schefter took information from months ago and try to apply it to the news of today in order to get a story. I’ve lost all interest in believing anything that he now says.
    -So Florio, you might want to watch who you hook up with. Schefter’s losing credibility and it shows with how sensititive he was to the Bills denial.

  39. More FABRICATION posted on this site. If Adam Schefter is unwilling to identify his “two separate credible and knowledgeable people”, then he cannot refute the team’s statement that his report is erroneaous. Unwillingness to name ‘ credible sources” becomes a FABRICATION of anything claimed to have been said. PFT fabricates all the time.

  40. Rob Johnson is excited to get back for the Bills Alumni celebration so he can compare super bowl rings with Kelly and Flutie…oh, I’m sorry, only one of them has one…and it’t the injury prone one from Cali.

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