Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree exit practice after exchanging words

This time, Mike Singletary went with Vernon Davis into the locker room after the tight end lost control of his emotions.

The 49ers coach reportedly escorted his Pro Bowl tight end and wide receiver Michael Crabtree off the field after the two players had a lengthy heated argument in the middle of practice, according to multiple reports.  The three men stayed inside the team’s locker room for 10 minutes before Davis re-emerged.  Then Crabtree and Singletary came out together a few minutes later.

Crabtree and Davis reportedly watched the rest of practice from the sidelines while standing apart.

“I will not talk about the issue, but they both were wrong,” Singletary said after practice. 

Disagreements on the field happen all the time, but it’s rare when one results in a coach leaving the field with two players for such a long time.  Singletary said it was not about football and it sounds like this issue had been brewing for some time.

Singletary said the team will be better off now that the “elephant in the room has been exposed.”

That quote makes us think the elephant will be hanging around for a while.