Welcome to PFT Planet, New York Jets

155224813.jpgI won’t see this week’s edition of Hard Knocks until the FedEx truck arrives tomorrow morning.  But MDS is watching the show as it airs, and he has shared with me an interesting observation.

The Jets read PFT.

There we were, on a computer screen with logo and headline in plain sight.  Apparently, the discussion centered on last week’s reporting from Tim Cowlishaw of ESPN and the Dallas Morning News regarding the supposedly impending agreement between the Jets and cornerback Darelle Revis.

We don’t expect this to make those of you who already hate us decide that you suddenly like us; though we don’t share Rex Ryan’s desire to be hated, we realize that being hated goes with the territory of expressing strong opinions about teams and players that you happen to love.  But at least you now know that you’re reading something that at least one NFL team reads.

Actually, the other 31 do, too. 

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  1. Well I’m on the fence about the Jets this year. Like the attitude but doubt the leadership. One thing I now know after watching Hard Knocks is Mike Tannenbaum is very unprofessional and/or a coke head. Watch his antics, the very least he has the more socially acceptable Adult ADHD.

  2. Makes sense. You do all the legwork(really tough I know) tracking down rumors and bundle them into a neat little package.

  3. You are the biggest Moron in sports ‘journalism’ Florio…..if you want to call it journalism.
    Don’t get all excited about PFT’s plug on Hard Knocks….in fact…I’d be doing just the opposite. There was a very good reason they were looking at PFT: It’s because you were the only Moron’s writing 52 posts on the stupid, fabricated, unfounded story. ESPN might have reported Cowlishaw’s claim with one tag line…..but you Moron’s were writing story after unconfirmed story about it.
    Me and my bud were laughing and I actually had to sign on here tonight after watching Hard Knocks to see which of you three bafoons would be the first to jump up and down like a gitty school girl over the plug….only to not truly understand what a fool it was making of you as Tannenbaum, Ryan and others all said “what the hell is this crap that is being reported”
    They didn’t go to PFT because it is a decent source for a scoop – They went there because somebody called them and told them about the rumor and after a quick google search…..you retards were the only ones writing about it.
    Stop stealing checks from NBC and resign.

  4. Idiots they were probley reading how wrong you guys are constantly.
    Dont you understand we think your a joke? Its like a rag magazine we love to read your fith and lies.
    You have no sources ecspecially for the raiders thats been proven time and time again when I showed you guys up.
    You didnt want to pay me but I’am in negotiations with a Huge Huge NFL news medium.
    I was right about campbell, Aso, Seymoure
    You were wrong about all 3, but then read my comment and posted it without giving me credit.
    I’am the only one in THE USA that actually has sources when it comes to the raiders

  5. I noticed it too while watching. That’s sweet. Keep up the good work. You’ve come a long way from WV

  6. @Fogs77 says: September 1, 2010 11:33 PM
    “You are the biggest Moron in sports ‘journalism’ Florio…..if you want to call it journalism.”
    “Me and my bud were laughing and I actually had to sign on here tonight after watching Hard Knocks to see which of you three bafoons would be the first to jump up and down like a gitty school girl over the plug.”
    If you don’t like this place, why would you come here? Also, if you’re going to call someone a baffoon, or use a word like giddy, you might want to consult a dictionary lest you look like you’re the giddy baffoon.

  7. Fogs77 – you do realize that the PFT guys weren’t the one who came up with the rumor, Tim Cowlishaw was, right? And you also realize that the majority of the posts regarding Revis were trying to confirm or deny the rumor with actual research, right? I mean, after all, the tab you click on to read all of this says “Latest News and Rumors” so maybe you’re kind of a baffoon for expecting something else.

  8. #1 – I’m not to concerned about my spelling or grammar on blog post comments
    #2 – I keep coming to the site because they pretty much cut and paste every NFL headline out there from the other sites, so I can at least come to one spot and get a general idea of what is going on – then go research it somewhere else if I have to. I don’t doubt that Florio works hard. So does the dude that picks up my trash. Sometimes less is more though, and 100 posts on the same lame topic means some decent ones have probably scrolled off the board before the last time I have been able to check it out.
    #3 – I know it was Cowlishaw that came up with the rumor. I could care less about that. What was as annoying as …… were the 92 posts afterwards on PFT then listening to the self promoting Florio brag about how the Jets went to PFT for it…..when the Jets really had no choice because PFT were the only ones still beating the dead horse on the story
    I know what this site is about dude. I love hearing the lastest news and I don’t mind hearing about rumors. What I hate is the ridiculous speculation that comes out of Florio’s mouth in a way that start to make it sound like news or anything other than his opinion. I think it can be a whole lot better, and have a lot of frustration about that, but there are obviously a lot of casual, uninformed football fans out there that would just assume have a TMZ like site out there with a bunch of trashy drama and rumors. So I guess there is a place for everyone…..even the Moron Florio

  9. Sounds like fogs77 has a case of the Mondays!
    PFT owns. I don’t know how anyone who is obsessed with football can hate this site. It provides information that other sites do not, most of this information is considered worthless by your average fan, but not to me or the other thousands of people who refresh this site like 45 times a day.

  10. Put it back in your pants Florio. It just makes things weird when you show it to other people and brag that you think it’s big for a guy your size.

  11. I noticed right away they were on your site. The first thing I thought of was “cool, I read that”.
    The second thing I thought was “Man, Florio is going to cream in his pants when he sees this”.

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