Big game on tap for Browns rookies Hardesty and McCoy

Browns running back Montario Hardesty earned major kudos all offseason from the team’s coaching staff, with resulting expectations that Hardesty would soon grow into the feature back role on the team.

But the rookie second round pick twisted his knee before training camp started and didn’t return to practice until this week.  He’s expected to play Thursday night, and a solid showing could help him cement a significant role in Week One.

The Browns appear to have strong depth in their backfield.  Former Broncos fan favorite Peyton Hillis has carved out a role, and Jerome Harrison probably will get the most touches in Week One. 

Thursday also marks a big test for Colt McCoy.  The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports McCoy will make the final roster and play two quarters on Thursday.   It’s McCoy’s last chance to show he’s not in over his head as a pro quarterback.

17 responses to “Big game on tap for Browns rookies Hardesty and McCoy

  1. I’ve never really understood the thought process on the McCoy reports. Does the media or any team expect a rookie 3rd rounder to put up Favre like numbers throwing to UDFA’s that won’t make a roster & having a street FA OL that couldn’t block a 3 man front consisting of Gary Coleman, Webster, & Bridgett the Midget.
    Now, if they were to play McCoy with the ones & he looked god awful, then I would definitely have him erroneously fall down in agonizing pain so that he could be moved to the IR & not have to be cut. But I wouldn’t just drop a guy who was a 3rd round pick & highly touted QB in the draft. Texas QB’s have had a tendency to take a little more time to catch up to speed with the NFL game & need a little TLC to learn how to succeed at the next level.
    Excited to see what Hardesty has to offer. With Harrison having some issues holding onto the ball, he could easily slip in & take over. Worst case I want a nice 1/2/3 punch from Triple H *Hadesty/Harrison/Hillis* behind a promising RG in Lauvao & new RT T. Pashos.

  2. Trytheveal
    You need a dictionary.
    Gregg, cmon man. You think a QB can be accurately judged by his performance in his rookie preseason?
    If he completes 2/17 (like the new Cardinals starter,) for -2 yds, 0 tds, and 7 ints, it will still mean nothing.
    Conversel, if he goes 24/25 for 500 yds with 5tds and 0 picks, it will mean nothing.
    There is no correlation between a project QB’s potential , and his performance in his first preseason.
    Fixed for you trytheveal.

  3. “It’s McCoy’s last chance to show he’s not in over his head as a pro quarterback.”
    Last chance? Really?
    Imagine that. A third round pick not looking like an All-Pro by the end of his first preseason.
    The commentary provided on this website is a joke, and to me, shows how very little anyone at PFT knows about the game. It’s taken years for many quarterbacks to look as if they belong in the league. Check the stats of Elway, Fouts, Bradshaw, Aikman, Young, and many, many more. I truly wish this site was just links, because the commentary is, always has been, and will be pathetic.

  4. Yeh, cause most rookie QB’s aren’t in over their head in their very first live action. And I don’t mean the exceptions like Bradford. I mean on average. Give the guy a chance…geez. All he did was win in college and it’s not like he was a first round pick.

  5. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t feel good about Hardesty. You don’t trade up to draft a running back who has had three knee surgeries. He then missed camp due to a knee injury, albeit to a different knee. I think Harrison, Hillis and Davis (or Jennings) would have been an effective combination.

  6. I think DB26 & Sharkattack have a much better handle on the situation than the “journalists” employed by PFT.
    McCoy was Holmgren’s one choice, and I think Big Mike knows a lot more than any of us. Yes, he is a project and that is why he dropped to the 3rd round.
    The current Browns brain trust is building the foundation of the organization. Something that should’ve been done 10 yrs ago. They’ve had 1, as in ONE draft so far. This organization was so messed up that it will take years to fix. Time to develope Colt for the future.
    I’m sure there will be additional QB’s drafted in the future, too. The “franchise” may still be playing college ball. And true, Colt McCoy may not work out. However, I would feel more confidant with Mike Holmgren making that decision, rather than Rosenthal.

  7. Its NOT his last chance to show anything.
    He is a rook with significant support from the Team Prez who is also considered a QB guru. Expectations are for Colt to progress quietly without pressure for at least two offseasons.
    Clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about. This is a great website for the low-down info MOST of the time, but other than Florio, these “journalists can become very amateur.

  8. @Tim Tebow’s Prayers:
    What’t the sense in getting all excited about watching NFL football if there wasn’t any chance of you or me being surprised? What exactly is your point? Why else would you care?
    My hope is that you are so suprised by the Browns this year that you fall off of your chair and hurt yourself, without doing any permanent damage to yourself, the chair, or the floor.
    Don’t worry too much…you’re wrong. Hardesty is a beast…and he recovers quickly. They have been practicing him for a couple of weeks now in full pads, but holding him back for the regular season.

  9. Tim Tebow’s Prayers says:
    September 2, 2010 4:05 PM
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Browns found a way to go 0-7 in their division this year.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if every post you make is as stupid as the one above.

  10. McCoy’s “last chance” to show he’s not in over his head? Are you high?
    No rookie QB is going to be smooth and mistake free in the preseason, or look like he’s not overwhelmed at times. It took almost 3 years for Eli Manning to be a pretty good QB, and even Peyton had his issues as a rookie. Give McCoy some time for pete’s sake. He put up better numbers than Bradford in college; he deserves as much time to adjust as Sammy boy gets.

  11. Peyton Hillis is going to be a key contributor all season long. Denver will be saddened when they see what a terrible move they made. Hardesty is a beast and will be a solid addition with Harrison. This run game will be great as long as Jake Delhomme keeps doin what he has done all preseason long.
    Browns 8-8 at least. Surprise team of 2010!
    Delhomme is not DEAD!!!

  12. All the kid needs to do is show confidence in himself and his receivers and THROW THE BALL DOWNFIELD. He looked way too much like Brady Quinn in the final two minutes @ Detroit. Come on, Colt. Shut everyone up, be that kid who walked on campus in Austin and decided he’d be great. Give Carlton a chance tonight, he’s athletic enough to leap over any DB in Chicago, maybe in the league. Whether he can come down with the ball remains to be seen….
    If this game is more meaningful for one or the other, its Hardesty. We’ve heard how great he did in spring, but now the injury concerns are greater than ever. Hopefully he’s worth the three draft picks we traded away to get him.
    I love you, PFT.

  13. I took Hardesty with my l5th pick in my fantasy draft. Cleveland fans, please tell me what I can expect. I mean I know he is a beast but what are they saying locally about playing time.

  14. Guess what the beast is hurt, who would have thunk it. This guy wont get on the field consistently all season. I think the football czar will wish he had went to Seattle or stayed in retirement after a year of this mess called the cleveland Browns.

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