Reebok addresses Brandon Spikes situation

On Wednesday, reports emerged that Reebok had yanked Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes’ endorsement deal in the wake of the emergence of a sex tape.

The report first emerged on, and it was confirmed by the Boston Herald.

But now Reebok has spoken.  In a statement distributed this morning, the company says that it never had a deal with Spikes.

“The media reports that Reebok has terminated an endorsement contract with Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes are completely false,” said Reebok spokesperon Dan Sarro.  “Reebok never had a deal with Brandon.  The story was reported without confirmation from Reebok, and as a result inaccurate information is now being reported as fact.  We had discussions with Brandon earlier this summer, as we do with many NFL players, but no agreement has been reached and he is not currently under contract with Reebok.”

Though the story wasn’t clear in this regard, the Herald indicated that a deal had been yanked before it was consummated.  Thus, the Herald didn’t report that a deal ever was in place.

At a minimum, there appears to be a discrepancy regarding whether a deal was on the table for Spikes before his amateur cinematography hobby came to light.  One thing that seems to be clear is that, if there had been any remaining chance for Spikes to get a shoe deal with Reebok, it’s gone now.

11 responses to “Reebok addresses Brandon Spikes situation

  1. I think a deal with Trojan could be right around the corner.
    “As some of you may know, I recently had a compromising video released of myself with a young woman. This was a very stupid thing to do. Next time, I’ll do the smart thing and protect myself with a Trojan brand condom.”

  2. It had already been clearly documented that he was good at “poking” before this came to light.
    I just can’t wait to see him poke Katmanduu’s team this year. Multiple times. Aim for the eyes, Brandon.

  3. Then you will be waiting for that “poke” for quite a while, what with that crappy defense that your team is fielding this year. To lose to a ROOKIE QB in his first start with a team that was the WORST in the NFL last year should be more than enough to keep you loudmouthed Patsie fans quiet…but then of course you fools are too ignorant to know better. You might want to save the “poking” for your honeymoon with your new husband though.
    You might just be legally retarded. It’s the freakin preseason. I don’t know if you got the memo in whatever hellhole you undoubtedly live in, but these games don’t count. It doesn’t matter who wins or who loses.

  4. Apparently someone who looks “very much like B.S.” was receiving oral sex from a coed at UF. Not quite in the “BigBen” league as apparently the lips were willingly supplied.

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