Saints coach is hooked on Juicy Fruit gum

NFL_payton1.jpgThough tales of alleged Vicodin abuse have largely faded from view, thanks to a mandatory arbitration clause that forced a lawsuit from former Saints director of security Geoffrey Santini out of the court system, Saints coach Sean Payton has a somewhat different vice.

He habitually chews Juicy Fruit gum during games.

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune delves into Payton’s penchant for tearing through sticks of the stuff on game day. 

As Duncan explains it, Payton pops a fresh stick into his mouth at the start of each offensive drive, and he lines up before each game two stacks of five sticks — one for each half.

During the 2009 NFC title game against the Vikings, Payton’s supply became exhausted in the second half and he yelled for a new piece.  So assistant strength and conditioning coach Adam Bailey retrieved one.

Per Duncan, the team’s overall gum supply has gotten jumbled before the game.  And so Bailey gave Payton something other than Juicy Fruit.

“Can you get me Juicy Fruit — not f–king Spearmint, ” Payton said to Bailey.  “Get me a piece of
Juicy Fruit gum!  Tell [assistant equipment manager John Baumgartner] I want f–king Juicy Fruit!”  (In somewhat related news, Qantas never crashed.) 

The scene has made its way into the latest America’s Game feature from NFL Films, and it has been used in commercials to promote the September 8 debut of the show.

Because word of Payton’s passion for Juicy Fruit has leaked out of the organization, Payton regularly receives a box of it from a fan or a friend.  And if he ever spills one, we’ve got a feeling that he can instantly count the number of sticks that landed on the ground.

32 responses to “Saints coach is hooked on Juicy Fruit gum

  1. Seriously?
    This is very old news. I believe they did something about this during the SB week or right after they won.

  2. If you’re gonna make a Rain Man reference, shouldn’t it be about toothpicks on the floor, not gum?

  3. Here, want a piece of gum?
    Haha! It’s joke gum! Now you’re addicted to heroin.
    /Family guy
    So THAT’S how it happened.

  4. Wow, what a horribly uninteresting story.
    Seems like a horribly uninteresting guy too. But a seemingly good guy, a great coach, and a perfect fit for the Saints and the city of New Orleans and I wish him continued success.

  5. you can’t honestly print stories like this and wonder why your “journalistic” integrity is constantly questioned……………….
    ……………………………can you?

  6. Saw the referenced comments on NFL Yearbook or Gruden’s Champ Camp last week & found it pretty funny.
    I agree with tv – Juicy Fruit would have a helluva commercial if they ran that unedited.

  7. How about this…take your ass to the 7-11 on the way to work and put some juicy fruit in your pocket (you could purchase it for less than a buck or have Joe Vitt steal some for you) . Let the equipment managers worry about equipment instead of your superficial needs.

  8. You know, reading this story there are so many crude jokes you can spin off of it, but really, what’s the point? The guy likes gum. I’d rather hang with him than a fat, greasy owner with a cigar constantly smoldering in his mouth. Leave the man alone!!!

  9. It coulda been worst. He couldve been hanging with the doublemint twins like Haslett……

  10. At least Juciy Mellons aint a juicy fruit but Pervy Harvin has got fruit written all over him. Next thursday nite will will be the juicyest of all and my Saints will have to wipe Brett Farvra from the bottom of their shoes. It wont be gum.

  11. You mock the horned helm of the Vikings? It was a sight to be feared for centuries. As opposed to the “hat” we all associate with the Saints…. The only ones who fear that are clumsy supermarket bag-boys. Oh, the papercuts!!!

  12. Feared for centuries? So were the English. FYI nobody has wore any bags since the early 80s. Come up with new material. So what about the pigtails? Haha! No worries come next Thursday folks. Yoo and I know y’all ain’t ready. Just count on starting the season 0-1

  13. You know very well the Norsemen wore their hair long…. Although I would like to see beards included with those helms so it doesn’t look like something out of “Heidi”…..
    And you know that no matter what happens for the next 20 years, every football fan born before 1980 will remember the bags. Just get used to hearing it.
    I desperately want to be a good homer here and say the Vikes will spank them Aints up and down the field (I actually say in a 2010 draft preview where the S was left off…. I wondered if it was intentional or not.), but the reality is, I would bet on the Saints. At the moment!!! Come playoff time it may be a different story!!!
    BTW, it’s too bad they pulled your previous comment. Makes my look like it came out of left field….

  14. I know. Maybe if I would have left out the gay reference it woulda stayed. Oh well good luck to you and your team this season. Hopefully we meet again in the playoffs. Fingers crossed!!

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