Silence finally is broken in Revis-Jets impasse, sort of

With both the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis honoring (for the most part) the agreement not to discuss the status of the player’s negotiations, there really hasn’t been much to talk about regarding the Revis holdout, but for the wrong-but-probably-not-fabricated reports of an imminent deal and/or actual progress between the two sides.

So dispatched long-time Jets beat writer Rich Cimini to Aliquippa, Pennsylvania to try to find Revis, who has been invisible and silent since launching his holdout.

Cimini chronicles for his trip to one of the corners of the cradle of pro football, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.  For the most part, the people of Aliquippa, a place that Cimini at times seems to subtly deride, protected Revis, providing little or no information about his whereabouts.

Eventually, Cimini tracked down Revis’ grandmother, who spoke about her grandson’s situation.  In no uncertain terms.

‘Darrelle does what he does because he loves it,” she said.  “For this to be happening to him, it’s almost
like a slap in the face
, because he’s not appreciated. . . .  I know he wants to play, but Darrelle
understands contract negotiations. . . .  Some players don’t get it,
but Darrelle can read a contract. I think he’s comfortable with his
decision [to hold out] because he knows what he was told by the Jets and
he knows what he’s worth.

“People are trying to portray
him as greedy, but he has outperformed his contract,” she said.  “For them to put him in this position is just unreal.”

We realize that Mrs. Gilbert is an adult, and that she has the right to talk or not talk to anyone she wants.  But Cimini probably was anxious to return home from his Aliquippa trip with something other than “no comment” and/or “Darrelle’s not here, man,” and we hope that he was fair and complete in explaining to Mrs. Gilbert:  (1) who he is; (2) who he works for; (3) why he was there; and (4) what he plans to do with what she says.  And we only point any of that out because Cimini threw in a gratuitous “[s]o much for the gag order” in the middle of her comments, as if her mission was to serve as Darrelle’s surrogate mouthpiece.

Maybe we’re just being overly sensitive to the possibility that Mrs. Gilbert is a trusting soul who invited a reporter into her home without realizing that her words would become the centerpiece of a story, due to the reporter’s inability to find anyone else who would talk.  There’s just something about this that bugs us a little bit, and we probably wouldn’t have mentioned it but for the fact that the “[s]o much for the gag order” line bugged us a lot. 

77 responses to “Silence finally is broken in Revis-Jets impasse, sort of

  1. Issue here is simple:
    He could play out his current contract, and get HUGE money at the end of it
    He could get a new contract NOW, with a major raise, but for less money than he is worth
    He can’t get HUGE MONEY NOW
    It’s called contract leverage and if the Jets give it up, they’re silly.

  2. Cimini should be arrested for stalking. I mean really. REALLY? Interviewing somebody’s Granny? Absolutely pathetic. I wish she opened the door and a big dog ran outside and took a big bite out of his @ss.
    What’s next?
    An inside exclusive with his 3rd grade teacher?

  3. I have to agree with you. Instead of being grateful that she spoke to him, he tries to say in so many words “Nice grandmother” airing her grandsons laundry. Just a bit tool-baggish if you ask me.

  4. Colishaw reported this last week…….but it’s you’re scoop Mikey…….Way to go, you are truly the Grantland Rice of everything bloggable………I will sleep well tonight, knowing this…….

  5. Just so we’re clear:
    ESPN = Bad, for asking Revis’s grandma what she thinks about the situation, and then printing her response.
    PFT = Good, for re-printing ESPN’s story.
    That sound about right?

  6. If I were Tannenbaum, I would just stop calling Revis. I would pretend he never existed. What is he going to do, hold out for 3 years? If you’re offered $122 million for 10 years, you sign the damn contract. He’ll come running, and if he doesn’t thing of it this way: the Jets will still have 45 players and Revis will have nothing.

  7. Im actually with you …. I think he was sneaky in the way he did it …. and even if he was going to be sneaky to get a story to throw it back in her face like that just shows the lack of class he has and his editor

  8. “There’s just something about this that bugs us a little bit,”
    Yeah, it bugs you b/c this isn’t news: a grandmother saying her grandson is a good boy, and he deserves better.
    Even Florio’s grandma probably feels that way…I said probably.

  9. Except for asking someone what magazines they read this is the worst abuse of an interviewee by a ‘self styled journalist’ ever.

  10. Doesn’t really matter when it comes down to it because at the end of the season, with or without Revis, I really doubt the Jets even make the playoffs.

  11. No point in reporting this other than to bash an espn writer, because it did not let us know anything we already didn’t know.

  12. Well if he really feels that he has outplayed his contract and wants a new one, then agree to a contract that pays a ton of money but if he underperforms he’ll have to pay money back. Should be a two way street. And am I incorrect in remembering that he fought for the contract he is currently not honoring? I’m just sayin….

  13. Wait, a member of the NY media “subtly derided” the people and lifestyle of an area that resides in the huge space between NYC and LA? I can’t imagine….

  14. Who would have thought a perennial 6-10 team would control the media this much this off season. It doesn’t matter who plays on defense if Sanchez throws 20+ int’s and the new backfield doesn’t do what Thomas Jones did last year.

  15. Here’s a novel idea: how about a REAL story based on REAL news, not another story ABOUT a story ABOUT an OLD story?
    NEWS, not regurgitation of nonnews.

  16. hell……..he’s worth 450 million a year if he can improve on Sanchez’s 12 TD 20 pics, 63 passer rating legacy……..This team with or without Revis is going NOWHERE with a clipboard holder as the starting QB………get a freakin grip

  17. i agree… the entire article struck me as odd and pointless.
    i’d be pissed if i was Revis, reporters stoop to new lows weekly.

  18. Mikey:
    So now you are the conscience of journalistic integrity?
    When did you think you crossed over?

  19. Mrs Gilbert is probably amissin’ that new house on a lake that Revis promised as soon as he got his new contract. And her new pimpmobile.

  20. Revis IS being greedy, if he continues to “outplay” his contract than there is no problem, its guarnteed money they are arguining about, he wants more guaranteed money than Nmamdi got so he can say I am the highest paid corner, it’s all Al Davis’ fault, I love it.

  21. Cimini’s story is much safer ethically than much of the nonsense you have woven from a safe distance on your laptop over the years. Cimini makes a readable piece out of what currently is a non-story.

  22. Cimini is a child. It’d be one thing if that quote came from Revis or his agent, but his grandmother??? Are you kidding me. She might not even be aware there’s a self-imposed (and uninforcable) gag order. Grow up!!! NY media at its finest.

  23. I hope Revis beats Cimini’s ass. When reporters start going after dude’s grandmothers, they’ve gone too far.

  24. Apparently his grandmother doesn’t understand that he is still under contract to play for the Jets or else she wouldn’t have made the statement about him being able to read it. Dumb ass.

  25. Warren Sapp explained this situation perfectly. Revis wants Namdi type money. Difference is Namdi played out his entire contract, was franchised the year after, THEN got his big money deal after being franchised and playing out his rookie contract.
    Revis still has three years left on his contract. You need to play out your contract to earn that big deal.
    Besides the jets offered him 12/m a year and Revis refused it. Greedy bastard!

  26. Funny though Mevis’s grandma said, some players don’t get it, but Darrelle can read a contract.
    Really, because if he can read a contract it says he has 3 years left on it.
    Looks like the mouth of Hurricane Rex may sink Mevis Island.

  27. Issue here is simple:
    He could play out his current contract, and get HUGE money at the end of it
    He could get a new contract NOW, with a major raise, but for less money than he is worth
    The real silly thing is… This is the 2nd time Revis held out already in what 3 years?????
    Why not sign a decent deal now and just hold out again whenever the hell you want….
    Seems to me like even if Revis gets a block buster deal – Once some other CB comes along and ups it Revis will be crying again looking for MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE….
    That’s his Way and that’s his Clown Agent’s Way…..
    There are no guarantees in a 10 yeay 150 million dollar deal – so get whatever you can NOW and cry again later like the whiny money hungry baby you are…..
    It’ snot the Jets fault the system is like this….
    How come Shwart’z clients all hold out and whine about the team lying???? WEIRD!@!

  28. Come on Florio. Enough of the Revis stories until something IMPORTANT happens. Now i’ve been a Jets fan going on 16 yrs and even i’ve heard enough of this.

  29. Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
    Famous residents
    Jesse Steinfeld, former Surgeon General of the United States
    Mike Ditka, National Football League Hall-of-Fame player
    Ty Law, NFL player
    Sean Gilbert, NFL player
    Darrelle Revis, NFL player
    Henry Mancini, composer of “Moon River” and “The Pink Panther Theme”
    Press Maravich, basketball coach
    Pete Maravich, National Basketball League Hall-of-Famer
    Doc Medich, Major League Baseball player
    Pete Suder, Major League Baseball player
    Gust Avrakotos, Central Intelligence Agency operative(See “Charlie Wilson’s War)
    Paul Posluszny, NFL Player
    Tony Dorsett, NFL Player,Pro Football Hall of Fame
    Joe Letteri Visual imaging Artist winner of 3 Academy Award prize, visual effect supervisor of movie Avatar

  30. Wow…can’t talk to Revis, so this reporter harasses Revis’ Grandmother? Keepin’ it classy ESPN…keepin’ it classy.

  31. It’s his Grandmother for Christ sake!! She probably stands to make a bunch when he signs a new contract.

  32. Good reporting. He found somebody close to Mevis who has his side of the story. I don’t think there is a smart GM or owner out there who thinks Revis is worth the money he is asking for.

  33. i love how florio is calling out a fellow “reporter” for his factless articles and somewhat seedy reporting methods. now where have i seen that before? (if there was a way to link to just florio’s articles, i would.)
    at least the guy went on the road and made the effort to find some facts rather than interviewing himself in the mirror and calling his reflection “an unnamed source” – like certain “reporters” on this site do.

  34. cunninglinguist says:
    September 2, 2010 2:51 PM
    And yet another Jet article.
    Don’t you mean another jests comedy time?

  35. People do not understand this situation. Revis is NOT under contract for three years. He has three years remaining on his rookie contract, but he has a unilateral opt-out clause after the 2010 season. In reality, he is under contract for the remainder of this season. Furthermore, none of his money is guaranteed after this year should there be an injury. If this guy goes out this year, with his underpaid salary, and suffers a career ending injury or career altering injury, you’re going to tell me that the Jets are going to honor the final 2 years and not cut him loose? Please. The guy has 1 year left and he’s looking to be paid like he deserves. It’s a capless year and if the Jets really wanted him, their penny pinching owner should open up his man-purse and cut a check for a HUGE up-front signing bonus with a CB average guarantee over 4-5 years. It’s not the worth of the entire contract that is at issue, it is the guaranteed money that is at issue. If someone offered me a contract but told me they would only definitely pay me 1/4 of what they offered, I’d tell them to go F-off as well.

  36. Cimini is usually a good reporter, and classy. I have a feeling he got really pushed to come up with something on this. Sad to see, but I guess people are getting desperate for something.
    Darrelle should know that being a high profile player means more than just getting paid a lot. It means the media will have an insatiable thirst for you.

  37. @Beastie Bills
    @Nate is Gay for Brady
    Both good comments.
    Is ESPN really going this low for information on Revis? What a shame.

  38. Right Florio, cause you’re so concerned with journalistic integrity and ensuring this lady’s well being was taken care of. You’d slitehr under her door if you had the chance so do play the role of moral gaurdian.

  39. Jets QB Mark Sanchez was in the crowd to see teen heartthrob Justin Bieber’s show at Madison Square Garden last night, according to WFAN. Morning host Craig Carton “reported” that Sanchez was in the crowd at the packed arena to see the 14-year-old sing.
    and you think “this” will lead you…ROFL!

  40. The real story here is how the cheap ass Jets had the chance to build something special…that is if Sanchez EVER develops – a legitimate question…but threw it away because they won’t pay their guys to play. T. Jones, L. Washington & A. Faneca all sent packing. Revis at home. They finagled DBrick & Mangold into bad contracts. If those two had decent agents, they’d be gone as well.
    Now whatya got? A fat ass loud mouth coach who has succeeded in shining a bright hot light on a middle of the road team. A CB with a bad hip & a nursery full of babies. One good MLB and another with the mouth of his coach who got paid off of playing next to Ray Lewis (same old, same old)… A beauty queen QB who has yet to show that he can play in this league, but has had the weight of the world hoisted upon him by aforementioned fat ass loud mouth coach. A GAPING hole at LG, just about the most important OL position for your now critically important running game.
    The Patriots just aren’t close to what they used to be, or the Jets would be firmly planted in 3rd place. As it is, you have 3 teams in the AFC East with lots of talent & lots of holes, i.e., 3 average to above average teams, that get over-hyped ala the Dan Snyder Washington Redskin offseason hype machine.
    You want POWERHOUSE…try RAVENS, BENGALS, STEELERS…AFC East can’t hold their collective jocks!!!

  41. Let me get this straight –
    If one outperforms his existing contract then he is entitled to a larger contract before the current contract expires? Following that logic, does not reverse applies? If so, then Vernon Gholston owes the Jets a lot of money!
    Man up and keep to your words (or signature) that you agreed on in YOUR contract!

  42. In reality “Kappy” he is not under contract for just one more year. According to the rules, once Revis has held out of training camp past x number of days he looses a year of free agent eligibility. Numerous beat writers have noted the passing of that particular deadline this summer. He is not a free agent at the end of this football year.
    He will likely sign in the next few weeks with the Jets giving him to much of their salary cap space but I know I would make him sit if he he did not take a contract with 35 guaranteed against injury and averaging out as 10 million a year over twelve years.
    The salary cap is going to shrink not expand as non-corporate fans struggle to pay NFL seat prices and TV revenue declines with the shift to lower grossing internet advertising. This will be one of the last years of the mega contracts with a lock out quite possible for at least part of the season next year.
    To Darelle . . .it’s fun playing Chicken, you will likely win but be careful you do not overplay your hand. The United States is in the calm eye of a huge financial hurricane. Part 2 is coming over the next twenty four months. There will be no money left in the piggy bank to pay you rock star money two years from now.

  43. If i were the Jets, I would find the most deserving guy -that showed up for work- and give him a restructured long-term deal (a guy that did not even ask for one). Move on and ignore Revis until he realizes how bad he is screwing himself.

  44. MSWRavens is a complete tool. AFC East can’t hold the the jocks of the Ravens Bengals and Steelers? Really? I guess we won’t get in to Tom Brady but didn’t the Jets smoke the Bengals twice last year? @ the Bengals in the playoffs!

  45. Was granny on the front porch rocking on her chair when the roported found her? I bet she was drinking a 6 pack of Iron City!

  46. Cimini is the biggest d-bag in the NY media. He put out a “BREAKING” tweet about an hr after PFT and others had reported the Mangold contract.

  47. FinFan68
    That player would be David Harris.
    Yeah the Jets are sooo lousy, they beat the Bengals in Cincy in the playoffs when it counted the most, and the Ravens got swept. I would argue that Pats, Jets and Fish are equal in talent to Raven, Steelers and Bengals right now. Break it down all you want.

  48. it still does not change the fact the the jets are being cheapskates, and not paying this kid the money he deserves…..if you want the best you have to pay the best.

  49. The real story, in my opinion, is that Revis is playing the jets and the media like a violin.
    He knows, as well as the Jets and the rest of the free, NFL interested, world that the Jets don’t make the playoffs without Revis; as such, he owns the Jets in this situation!

  50. Hey jets fans, bang on AL Davis all you want, but its nice to have an owner who doesn’t mind PAYING his best players. Raiders best players NEVER hold out, LOLLLLLLLL!!!

  51. Terry says:
    “The real story, in my opinion, is that Revis is playing the jets and the media like a violin.”
    That’s assuming Revis put his grandmother up to this. Possible, but doubtful. I think the only side to blame on this is Cimini, not Revis or the Jets.

  52. I agree with Florio that interviewing someones grandma to get explosive headlines is going to far.
    But isn’t it quite hypocritical of Florio of all people to write about journalistic ethics. Florio is a rumor monger yellow journalist that writes stories solely for page hits with little concern of ethics. It just seems a little wrong for someone who has made a living off of being unprofessional to question another journalists professionalism.
    But then again Florio has always seemed to be a bit insecure about his position as an internet hack and has always attacked the “real journalists.” Not because of their behavior but because of Florio’s perception that they are better than him. The sad part is in many ways traditional football journalists are much worse than Florio because they afraid to jeopardize their position by critisiing football teams so they siffer greatly form the homer effect. Cimini is a rarity hear working with the Daily News he would often question the Jets FO where other writers would not although he still seems to often hold back from criticism. Florio is the opposite he looks for ways to be critical as it means page hits and more money for him. In this respect I mostly prefer Florio even if he is lacking in almost all standards of journalistic ethics.

  53. “We realize that Mrs. Gilbert is an adult, and that she has the right to talk or not talk to anyone she wants.”
    Who’s helping you punch the keys, Florio? Got a mouse in your pocket?
    Your “WE” crap is a pansy, wimpy attempt to say what you want without any direct accountability. WE, the readers, see right through it.

  54. If Revis can read a contract. He should of read that he has 3 years remaining on it. He is costing himself money each day. Is he going to sit out 3 years because he wants more money? Actually, he can’t sit out or it don’t count as a year. So Revis has no leverage and the Jets spent a 1st round draft pick on Kyle Wilson who looks damn good. To Revis: your a moron. Play because you love the game, not the money.

  55. @Florio,
    Name the person on your staff that fact-checked this story before you did another “copy and paste” posting?

  56. Dear Granny —
    Your grandson is turning down a huge raise because he is greedy. Please get your facts straights and spare us the “victim” BS.
    NFL fans

  57. # YawnFlorio says: September 2, 2010 6:40 PM
    TryTheVeal says:
    September 2, 2010 3:08 PM
    hell……..he’s worth 450 million a year if he can improve on Sanchez’s 12 TD 20 pics, 63 passer rating legacy……..This team with or without Revis is going NOWHERE with a clipboard holder as the starting QB………get a freakin grip
    What were Tom Brady’s stats as as ROOKIE? Oh wait, he RODE THE BENCH.
    YOU get a freakin grip.
    Tends to happen when you have a QB who is capable of leading a team to a Super Bowl already under center. Leave it to a Jets fan to brag about the fact that their team had to throw a rookie QB in because of a lack of other options.

  58. A more compelling story would have been if they interviewed his grandfather
    Get it?
    Because black men don’t stick around

  59. With all of Sean Gilbert’s money and Revis’s money they can’t get her out of Alliquippa? You don’t have to move to Beverly Hills, not even Sewickley, but why the hell would you stay in Aliquippa if you didn’t have to.

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