Terry Bradshaw "prays" the NFL doesn't reduce Ben Roethlisberger's suspension

Former Steelers great Terry Bradshaw doesn’t think that a few months of good behavior should help Ben Roethlisberger get off the hook of a six-game suspension.

“Going to bars — treating women like that; oh my God,” Bradshaw said in comments to the Shreveport Times. “I
pray they don’t cut [his suspension] to four games. I hope they
leave it at six. There is no excuse for that. The egos get out of hand.”

We can assume Bradshaw doesn’t approve of Roethlisberger’s proposed reduction to three games, either.  Big Ben wasn’t the only entitled athlete Bradshaw took aim at.

On Kendall Langford’s missing earring: “I hope they never find it — $50,000? Go tell that to
somebody that can’t pay for his kid’s education or can’t get them into a
hospital room and get them treated properly.”

On Rex Ryan: “He doesn’t play; easy for him to shoot his mouth. . . . Unfortunately, I don’t think his players are quite as
strong-minded as he is. He’s putting a lot of pressure on his young

On big-time QBs: “Once they start becoming stars — Favre, Manning — it’s hard to get to
them. Before that you can get to them, but then they
are protected and you lose your contacts.”

Bradshaw said that top players don’t want to answer tough questions, so FOX has steered away from player interviews lately.   We’re guessing these comments won’t get Peyton Manning and company to sit down with Bradshaw any faster.

137 responses to “Terry Bradshaw "prays" the NFL doesn't reduce Ben Roethlisberger's suspension

  1. Say what you want about the dearly departed (Ooops!) Bradshaw, but he has and always will tell the unvarnished, common sense truth.
    Bradhsaw has been saying for more than a year that Big Ben wasn’t a good dude. He’s been honest about that and a great deal else.
    While he may come off as a laughing fool on the most annoying pregame show, underneath that veneer, he’s a smart, shrewd guy.
    I just wish he was on a better pregame show so I could watch him more often.

  2. shut up already Bradshaw. You made your point the first time you spoke out on it. Now you just sound like a jackass.

  3. The man exposed himself in a bar in an effort to engage in sexual activity.
    Again, the man exposed himself in a bar in an effort to engage in sexual activity.
    Roger Goodell, are you listening? Is this the kind of product you are selling? I’m not trying to be dramatic, nor am I concerned at all about what team he plays for, and whether I like them or not etc. Bradshaw is right. The ego’s are out of control and there is a sense within these guys that they playing in a rare space where they have earned the right to be above the law. Allow me to express my opinion/vote by canceling my DirecTV subscription if his suspension is reduced, AT ALL. He should have been banned for a year.

  4. Bradshaw is an old, senile, depressed, and overrated old man… I bet he’s got skeletons in his closet from his playing days…

  5. I love it. Even a legendary, HoF Steeler hero thinks Rapistberger is a scumbag.
    Nice. Now Steeler fans have to pay homage to the guy that helped them get half of the Lombardi trophies they cling to1- while simultaneously despising him for his view that the current fatass behind center would be sexually assualting young girls every day if only he could get away with it.

  6. Bradshaw was also quoted as saying he hates “blacks” and “jews” but is currently undecided on “chinks”.

  7. Terry and Howie make that show watchable. The others, except for once in a while, are glittering expensive toys. And any 9-year-old knows exactly what I mean.

  8. wait a minute. You mean to tell me Terry Bradshaw is alive? Thought he died in a car wreck.
    Dammit, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  9. Bradshaw makes sense. Unfortunately, the only way to correct these excesses is a lock-out, followed by six months of player-zillionaires complaining that they don’t have the cash for their unknown number of kids or twelve Masseratis.
    Shut it down. We’ll all watch college ball in 2011. Pretend its LA.

  10. I wonder if Bradshaw is a little worried about his title of “best Steelers QB of all time?”
    That doesn’t mean that Ben is a good dude, I am just saying he may have a small bias.
    Either way, I would expect all players to be on the same page that a player who isn’t charged with a crime can’t be suspended by the league. This isn’t about Ben or if you think he is innocent or guilty. It doesn’t matter, the NFL shouldn’t get to punish someone based on their projected morals.
    If Chad Ochosinco, or Ray Lewis, or Vernon Davis, or Tony Romo, or Peyton Manning had a similar situation, I would feel the exact same way, I would think any unbiased person would too.

  11. What has Ben done to change Just listen to his handlers I hope he breaks a leg so I can root for the steelers this year.

  12. I hope Goddell extends Ben’s suspension. It makes the most sense, really. Since he’s been suspended, how many times has Ben been accused of sexual assault? That’s right, none.
    For the good of the NFL, Goddell needs to keep that clown under wraps.

  13. The Steeler fan comments to this will determine who’s a real fan, and who nothing but a white trash bandwagon douchebag.
    Bradshaw wears 4 rings, and helped give the Steelers the legacy that they have way more than the Rapist.
    Think before you post, Steeler “fans”.

  14. He is right….
    Ben acted like a child.
    Roger Goodell treated him like a child and issued a punishment.
    You do the crime you have to the time. The fact that Ben is trying to get it reduced even from 4 games tells me he and his representation have not learned a damn thing….
    I think the for the simple fact he has the balls to ask for less than four the commissioner should leave it at 6.

  15. I agree with Terry Bradshaw it will be a slap in the face to NFL and other players if the commish lower the punishment. Keep it at 6 games Ben Roethlisberger needs to grow up learn respect for others.

  16. Hooray for someone to step up and tell it like it is!! You have to respect a high profile analyst that doesn’t tiptoe around the issues.

  17. You failed to mention that Bradshaw considers Drew Brees a high character guy. I guess you only tear down players on this site.

  18. I agree, to bad Goodell can’t change his mind the other way and give him 8 games for walking around with his dick out.
    Reducing it even 2 games sends the wrong message. Now all the Stooler fans will rush to his defense but nothing changes the fact that he is a douche bag of the biggest kind.

  19. Bradshaw’s opinon of Roethlisberger’s character is no more valuable than Tarkenton’s comments about Favre. They QB’d the same team decades apart; they’re not friends. I’ll defer to Cowher, Tomlin, and Hines Ward–all of whom have said Ben got too big for his britches and now has done a complete turnaround.
    As for how Ben treats women … ROFL Roethlisberger didn’t rape anyone. So what is the multi-married Bradshaw referencing? That he didn’t give McNulty a call-back after a one-niter? That, as she complained to the cops, he dumped Ms. “Down to F**K” without a backward glance?
    Gee … guess Terry sent morning-after roses to all his bar hook-ups. Uh-huh.

  20. TB has become like Jim Brown, has been told how good he was for so long, that now he belives what he says hold all the inner truths.

  21. I saw the part of the video on the local news last night where he talks about Rex Ryan and Kendall Langford. It was GREAT. You have to love a guy who isn’t scared to speak some honest truth. I’ve gotta catch the part of the Bradshaw interview tonight when he trashes Roethlisberger!!!

  22. At least Terry Bradshaw has good judgement. Something sorely lacking in the Rapist, and Steeler fans.
    The best Steeler QB ever, and one of the NFL’s best ever tells it like it is, and that is what people need to hear.
    Are you listening Roger Goodell? Do all females (except Deb, she doesn’t qualify) justice.
    Actually the Rapist should be made to register as a sex offender before he is allowed to play again.

  23. Hey Gregg isn’t Terry dead!
    He’s not…well okay then Terry needs to STFU and take a look at his own life…just like all the haters on here.
    If people spent as much time dissecting their own existence as they do worrying about some else’s life the world would be a much better place!
    Why does the splinter in your neighbor’s eye offend you so when you cannot see the log that is in your own eye?
    Free Big Ben!

  24. I agree with TB . Commish stick to your punishment if you lower the penalty it is a slap to other players and fans of the NFL.

  25. Should the fact that he was never charged or convicted of a crime play a part in reducing his suspension.
    Maybe GODell should suspend some of the convicted felons a few games, just to even things out a little.

  26. First time I’ve ever agreed with TB. But, I want to puke as much for agreeing with TB as I want to when I look at Fat Ben.

  27. Praying works! Bradshaw is back from the dead!!!
    What a loser – it’s already been determined that it’s a FIVE game suspension.
    Maybe he should come to PFT – that’s where I get my info…

  28. You know Bradshaw needs to keep his mouth shut does he not realize what a hypocrite he is. I have heard just as bad stories about his behavior and treatment of people. I mean does he not realize when he says these things how foolish he looks. I used to have nothing but respect for Bradshaw but the more he opens his mouth the more I dislike him. And I have been a Steeler fan for years but he needs to quit. Where was all his wisdom when there were players actually getting charged with crimes and telling Goodell what he needs to do. Huh that is what I would like to know.
    I would like to know when people are going to start talking about those girls actions that night. I mean they acted just as bad IMO. It was not only Ben. I mean even the DA pointed out that they were anything but Ladies that night.

  29. It’s not often that I agree with Bradshaw; but this time he is right. Anyone can do what they are supposed to do when being watched but what do they do when they aren’t being watched. Ben practiced the same behavior even though he already had a case pending. Once a rapist always a rapist. He doesn’t have to be convicted in a court of law. He knows what he did more than anyone!

  30. Bradshaw is entitled to his opinion. He was a great QB for the Steelers, and is one of my favorite players of all time.
    That being said, he is way off base on the 6 games. It is ridiculous based on the facts and in comparison to other punishments handed out by the NFL. Bradshaw is not always right in his opinion. It sounds like he went a lot of things and quite possibly to stir some pots and get attention with controversy.
    As well, he is talking about a QB that some day may just replace him as the best QB in Steelers history. Nothing like kicking a little dirt on your opponent, isn’t there?
    Anyway, Ben probably gets a 4 game suspension like most of us have said time and again. If GODell offered that reduction and Ben has done nothing to stop it from being reduced, then it should be reduced, even if still too many IMO.

  31. i’m old enough to remember Terry and his hound dog days in the 70’s….big super christian on the outside, but banging everything that walked behind close doors and backseats of cars on the inside….never alleged to assaulted or to have rape any of them, but it was the 70s before internet, cable, and PFT/TMZ … Ol Terry just best let sleeping dogs lie…

  32. # BigMikeSkinsFan says: September 2, 2010 5:09 PM
    shut up already Bradshaw. You made your point the first time you spoke out on it. Now you just sound like a jackass.
    Hmm, much like the posters on here that go on and on about the same topic.

  33. Hey trickbunny…everyone knows that tricks are for kids and NOT bunnies!
    I have a new name for you if u want to hear it…LOL!
    Go Steelers!

  34. Ben’s attorney you are as bad as Ben why your lying yourself covering up for him and you approve what he did to those women . By your statement Ben was not a man enough to walk away think about it

  35. Bradshaw is a friggen hypocrite. Two years ago on Monday night football he sung the praises of Ben through out the half time interview and into the 3rd quarter. They were best buds.
    Now when asked he said he doesn’t know the guy.
    Bradshaw is unstable at best. This is the lying ego maniac who hurts his elbow in the off season and doesn’t tell anyone. Steelers draft a DE and pass on Dan Marino.
    Steeler fans have also never forgiven him for skipping Art Rooney’s funeral. He gave a lame excuse that he did not want to be a distraction. Really? There’s a reason when talking about the greatest QB’s of all time, he’s not in the mix.

  36. I agree with Bradshaw completely. I’m really proud of Ben though – he hasn’t raped anyone in months!!!

  37. Goodell, don’t suspend the Rapist for 6 games. I have a much better punishment.
    Let him play immediatley, BUT, make him spend every waking free moment attached to DEB. After spending six weeks with his stalker he will end up in a mental health facility and never play again

  38. Terry’s been divorced 19 times so he knows all about mistreating women.
    Seriously… He is completely jealous of today’s player because of the money they make.
    I WAS a HUGE Bradshaw mark… I could barely get out my words when I talked to him when he was on Rome once.
    Not anymore… He wasn’t there. he has NO IDEA how things went down.

  39. Is it just me……..but is Bradshaw, who we all know is dumber than a bag of hammers making sense?…..Seriously as a dude on the prowl for some pussy, you are the QB for a two time super bowl champion team, you have the biggest resume of any of the men in the bar, or anyone who enters the bar, but still ya gotta walk around with you’re reason for living hanging out…….I think Goddell suspended him for being a jackass….

  40. >>Once a rapist always a rapist.
    Let me know the first time he is even arrested for a crime.
    They didn’t have sex. ALL of the physical evidence supports that. PERIOD.

  41. So let me get this straight… now players can be suspended without being arrested.
    Shaun Rodgers takes a gun into an airport and get a 1 game fine after pleading guilty.
    How does this work.
    No matter how bad Rothlisraper ERRR beger looks in this deal, he still broke no law or was even charged.
    We need defined conduct policy BEFORE you can implement penalties on the fly.

  42. If they suspended players in the 70’s like they do now, half of Bradshaw’s teammates would have been suspended.
    Just go watch North Dallas Forty. Probably the best account of the 70’s NFL.

  43. To the dumb ‘yards that say he exposed himself or that he whipped his dick out blah, blah, blah…go watch the freakin video of the girls account…it’s on the Internet!
    The girl claims Ben whipped it out but when the investigator started drilling her with questions she started to stammer and couldn’t give any details when asked if he had underwear, what color were they, what kind of pants he was wearing..she tried to say Ben had pulled his schlong out over his waistband and did not unzip his pants…meanwhile Ben was wearing a pair of tight waisted jeans before he lost the 30lbs and investigators say there’s no way that it could be possible…unless Ben was hung like a tapeworm!
    Get you facts straight…maybe that’s why no charges were ever brought…the girl has no clue what she’s talking about!!

  44. Four game suspension for being a turd, plus two for that damned mullet that his “handlers” made him shave off of his head.
    Terry Bradshaw is the MAN…but he hasn’t been quite right since Turkey Jones tried to turn him into a fencepost…a YouTube classic.

  45. Even though the 5 game story was bull, I thought it was pretty fair. 3 games is low and a huge slap in the face.

  46. It is pretty ridiculous to think that 3 months of not sexually assaulting girls is enough to cut Big Ben’s punishment for sexual assaulting TWO girls in half.

  47. Ben and his peeps are only asking for 3 games so it gives Goodell a chance to reduce it to 4 and still look like he’s being tough on ben….i call B.S.
    if they reduce it it will prove the league is more concerned with $$$ than character and credibility

  48. Sure Terry becasue you have lived such a stellar life yourself. Has been bald guy pissed off at the world because they don’t remember him in Pittsburgh anymore as the man, just some old guy who is always pissed off!!

  49. Bradshaw has always hated, I remember when I was a kid he ripped John Elway all the time.
    The Big Ben case speaks to the cowardice of the players and the NFLPA specifically, as well as the hypocrisy of Roger Goodell.
    If you’re Black like Mike Vick, Cedric Benson, Vince Young – don’t worry. Roger won’t touch you even if you’re caught assaulting someone on video.
    If I were Ben R. I would retain counsel and sue the hell out of the NFL if the NFLPA won’t do anything.
    Biggest league in North America yet no guaranteed contracts – what a joke!
    Prediction: Look for Ben to get one more ring to make things right, then later on – a season or three from now – the Steelers will mysteriously “lose” some games – that’s how this league works, folks.

  50. @BaltimoreSports
    He’s the first player EVER to be suspended w/o committing a crime, and you think he deserves more than Vick and/or Rogers?
    How about Rey Mugamuga and his drunk 17 year old girl? Why no suspension for him?

  51. Wow…somebody actually said Bradshaw was smart. That is quite funny. He is as dumb as a box of rocks and is the stereotypical country bumpkin…but he is right on this account

  52. @YourJustJealous …
    Actually, REAL women are more concerned w/REAL rape victims and REAL sexual predators than little boys’ football hatreds. Sorry that bothers you. BTW, you realize your name is grammatically incorrect, right? Every time you post, you’re saying, “I can’t spell my own name.”
    @JimmySmith …
    No matter how desperately you slop that mud on Ben, it is what it is. Ben was playing pattycake w/DTF adults. Your boy was swimming through the legs of kiddies on prom night.
    @LanMan …
    Many witnesses have disputed the story about about Ben freeing willy in the bar, and since the sorority sisters lied about so many other details, there’s no reason to take that one at face value. But if you feel you must go … bye.
    @Ben haters/Bradshaw’s new fanbase …
    Sorry, but it’s not a competition between Bradshaw and Roethlisberger. LOVE what both have done on the field. Off the field, both have been jackasses.
    Equitable treatment is the only relevant issue. Evidence shows Roethlisberger is not guilty of sexual assault. Goodell knows this–it’s why he never mentioned the subject in his suspension letter. Ben needed an intervention for acting like an obnoxious frat boy–but that should have been 4-2, not 6-4.
    Ray Lewis was CHARGED w/murder and pled to misdemeanor obstruction. A man died, but he was not suspended. Goodell went overboard w/Roethlisberger because of public pressure and needs to dial it back a little.
    Bradshaw is entitled to his opinion … but it’s self-serving.

  53. Bradshaw is ignorant of the facts. That is disgusting. He should keep his mouth shut. No charges were brought against Ben. Period. None. Nada.
    Let’s hope Bradshaw never actually has to serve on a jury because he is unable to understand the concept of innocent before proven guilty.

  54. In a segment that was left on the cutting room floor, Terry also went off on President Abe Lincoln and his policies. He thinks Lincoln should be impeached. But the producers were wary of venturing into political discussion.

  55. I agree with the spirit of Bradshaw’s remarks, but he certainly comes off as biased. It’s one of those deals where he MAY be right, but it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things so he would be better off just not going public with his thoughts.
    As for the people complaining about Ben’s suspension being so long when he was never charged with the crime, I believe Goodell put the hammer down because several of the black players in the league were making remarks that the white players would be treated differently under similar circumstances. Right or wrong, he didn’t have much choice other than to make an example out of Ben.
    We all can rag Goodell all day long, but even though he’s well-paid, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes and have to make decisions that every average joe in America will scrutinize no matter which way you rule. It takes a pretty big sack to do his job.

  56. “If he is suspended for 6 games, he won’t break my Steeler records. Damn kid is going to retire as the best quarterback of all time at this pace.” – Terry Bradshaw

  57. # connie says: September 2, 2010 5:20 PM
    What has Ben done to change Just listen to his handlers I hope he breaks a leg so I can root for the steelers this year.
    I hope Connie breaks both her legs!
    So there.

  58. # Hap says: September 2, 2010 5:04 PM
    “I gotta agree with TB.”
    Who could argue with tuberculosis?

  59. # frostymugobeer says: September 2, 2010 6:26 PM
    Ben and his peeps are only asking for 3 games so it gives Goodell a chance to reduce it to 4 and still look like he’s being tough on ben….i call B.S.
    if they reduce it it will prove the league is more concerned with $$$ than character and credibility
    If that was the case, Ben wouldn’t have been suspended at all after the DA admitted he didn’t even have probable cause.

  60. What would Terry say if Goodell was around when he played and he beat the shit out of JoJo his wife day in and day out . The drunken wife beater ect should STF up

  61. # Meldog says: September 2, 2010 6:44 PM
    “She said no! She said no!”
    I’ll be chanting it in Buffalo.
    How do you feel about Bruce Smith?

  62. Bradshaw’s just jealous that Ben has a chance to eclipse his records. But he’s right on about keeping the suspension at six games.
    You Benablers can defend him all you want, but indecent exposure, combined with two accusations of sexual assault (right or wrong) should warrant the six games. Anything less is simply preferential treatment for a star QB. Comparing this to Ray Lewis doesn’t mesh, as Goodell was not Commissioner at the time.

  63. Back in the 70’s news didn’t really travel fast today it is right there when it happens….I am sure that TB had plenty to be thankful for that he did not QB in the “information age” Judgmental ass (Holier than thou) and I was a huge steeler fan back then.

  64. @Meldog … That’s so cute. But in Buffalo, who will hear you?
    @BigMFBen … Just bought the book from a used bookstore. Can’t wait to read what they couldn’t film back then. People need to brush up on their NFL history.
    @Chuck1951 … Bens Attorney does her homework–more than I can say for you. The Nevada accuser texted friends the day after their one-niter how much she looked forward to seeing Ben again. He didn’t call and a year later she sued for $3 million. The Georgia accuser was out of sight only 10 minutes and her medical exam showed she didn’t have intercourse during the time she was at the nightclub. She changed her story repeatedly and was refuted by multiple witnesses. The DA said he hoped she and her friends learned their lesson. No one was raped, you idiot. That’s why no charges were filed.
    @ArtModellsPimp … That was funny. If we didn’t need him, I’d give him two games for the mullet, too.

  65. Big Ben is obviously an immature and creepy d-bag. But he didn’t commit any crimes. He just had a bit of a skank fetish and got his fix in a disturbingly organized fashion.
    As much as I might sound screwy saying this, I think folks are coming down too hard on Ben. There is a large segment of our society, including those scags he was sleeping with, that doesn’t view casual sex as evil.
    For christ sake the chick he dogged was wearing a T-shirt that actually was asking for it. I mean it literally said that she wanted to have sex with people.

  66. @Deb,
    “Ray Lewis was CHARGED w/murder and pled to misdemeanor obstruction. A man died, but he was not suspended.”
    Tell us Deb, what evidence was introduced in court that Ray Lewis stabbed, shot, hung, electocuted, or tazed anyone? Do the research Deb and let us know.

  67. There r far more scum bags in the league than just Ben, look at the Ratbirds….. Ray Ray the murderer, Stallworth another winner ran over a guy in a crosswalk stoned and drunk both convicted with midemeanor charges and people died….. Ben hasn’t even been convicted, and if he did do what everybody says he did well that’s between him and god…. Obviously a judge didn’t want any part of it

  68. NFLMMAfan says: September 2, 2010 7:46
    what evidence was introduced in court that Ray Lewis stabbed, shot, hung, electocuted, or tazed anyone
    Evidence specifically agaisnt him was hard to produce. But his limo spirited the killer from the site….and he knows who it was….and he won’t talk. He’s a killer in my book…at least an accessory.

  69. @Deb
    Actually, back in his early playing days, Bradshaw was the subject of many rumor-mongering newspaper articles supposedly describing his hard partying bar life, many of which have since been shown to be false. How did he deal with that bad press? He pretty much put himself into a self-imposed night life exile, avoiding almost anything that could be associated with the part scene. Why? Because he realized that as the starting QB, he was the face of the Steelers franchise, and that meant something to him. He went without a lot of the perks of being a superstar athlete because he felt it would hurt the team, and he wasn’t about to do that.
    As for being worried about Roesthlisberger supplanting him as a Steeler legend, the man won 4 SB rings while leading what is likely the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Well, at least in the SB era. The Browns dominated for a while before the SB era, and the Packers dynasty began before the SB era and carried over into the earliest years of it. So, I think Bradshaw’s legacy is pretty safe.

  70. @NFLMMAfan …
    Whoa! He was charged with murder. He did plead guilty to misdemeanor obstruction. And a man did die. But I’ve posted many times that it’s unfair to label Ray a murderer, and I’m sorry if I implied that. Like Ben, he made foolish decisions and was in the wrong place for someone of his stature.
    My point was that in Ray’s case an arrest was made, murder charges were filed, and he pled to a lesser charge–thus admitting involvement in a situation that resulted in a man being killed. Yet he was fined, not suspended.
    In Ben’s case, the evidence shows no crime was committed. No arrest was made. No charges were filed. He didn’t plead to anything. ALL evidence points to a false accusation. But he was suspended for a minimum of 4 games.
    Why? Because the national media–not just the sports media–was all over it. And soothing the ruffled feathers of the public isn’t a sufficient reason for punishing one man beyond what you’ve done in more serious circumstances.

  71. Find myself agreeing with T.B. bot on Big Ben’s suspension ( for actions which would have gotten anybody else fired in a heartbeat from their job) and Langford’s missing earring. Heavens! I have three kids and I could do much better for them with that amount of money than forking over 50 grand for an earring.

  72. So dude’s can fight and kill dogs, then be involved in gun play only a year after getting back in the league..
    Can own illegal firearms (automatic weapons) and have pit bulls that bite children..
    Can be involved in multiple altercations at strip clubs involving violence and gun play which paralyzes a bouncer..
    Can sell hundreds of pounds of marijuana..
    Murder people..
    Kill people with your car because your drunk..
    Do cocaine on the side of the highway..
    Crash a car at high speed at 4 in the morning and walk away from it..
    But some drunk chick, espn, and Terry Bradshaw’s collective opinion suspends Big Ben for 6 games…
    Nonsense, there’s no charges, I would get a high powered attorney sit out the year and sue the league for defamation..

  73. I love you, Terry Bradshaw.
    One of the best on TV and even if I disagree with some of his opinions, he has the onions to say them regardless, and I respect that. He has been talking on TV like this for years and he still has a job. It is because he is one of the best and most entertaining in the business. Thank Tebow he isn’t dead yet.

  74. Amazing how “finding Jesus” makes you forget your own past and transgressions. As I recall, TB had a problem keeping his zipper up too.

  75. I wear my Steelers pride on my sleeve but I even hate Bradshaw. The guy was a cancer in the dressing room and a nut job off of the field.
    He was kept in check because his teams were that good and Noll kept him in line.
    Obviously he is cutting the pills in half again because he is feeling better.
    Easily the worst panelist on TV outside of Shannon Sharpe who sounds like Mr. Ed the talking horse. He should have the fifty extra teeth that he has removed so we can understand some of his meandering commentary.

  76. Ben get yourself a really nice dark tan and Tony Dungy will throw his support behind what a change you have made in your life.

  77. The people ‘defending’ Ben have been getting away with too much in this thread, so it’s time to set the record straight on a couple things.
    First, whether or not the accuser was wearing a pin, or what that pin said is IRRELEVANT. She could be wearing 2 giant neon arrows pointing at her vagina and bullseye panties and it doesn’t excuse or diminish any of Ben’s actions. All that matters is whether or not Ben continued or engaged with sexual activity with the girl after she told him to stop or said it wasn’t OK.
    Well he wasn’t charged so he shouldn’t be suspended, right? Wrong. The fact that BR wasn’t charged doesn’t mean he didn’t sexually assault the girl, it just means the DA didn’t have enough evidence to get a conviction. Which, in this case, could simply mean she was too drunk when the assault took place to be an effective witness at the trial. Hmmm I wonder who it was buying her shots before it happened……
    Steeler fans keep getting this wrong. The DA’s decision not to prosecute does not mean there is no evidence BR is guilty, nor does it mean a crime wasn’t committed.
    Also, please stop whining about player so-and-so who was arrested/charged/convicted /tested positive and got *less* of a punishment than Ben. The NFL is a business. It’s not punishing be people for breaking the law, it is disciplining its its employees for hurting the nfl brand and/or business.
    If you can’t see how a *star* qb commiting/putting himself in a position to be accused of rape (not to mention the predatory circumstances or pattern of behavior) is worse for the NFL than someone entering the drug program or even some moron DT getting hit with a weapons charge, then you’re hopeless.
    And one more thing – I call BS on all of you. If this was Brady, Manning, Flacco, or Brees in this situation, you people would be calling for his head. But apparently, as long as you play for the Steelers, it’s ok.

  78. Bradshaw is just a tad miffed!
    (4Mar10, 0100 hrs, The Capital City Club VIP room mopcloset, Milledgeville, Georgia.)
    (Terry Bradshaw) “C’mon, Ben! Just a ‘lil sloppy seconds? C’mon, buddy! I’ll put in a good word for ‘ya again on the pre-game show this Sunday!”
    (Ben Roethlisberger) Sorry, old man! The Fire Marshal sign on the wall in here reads that this mopcloset only holds a hulking drunken pervert and a coed!”
    (Victim) “Mmmph! MMMPH!”

  79. @kaisersoze …
    According to MULTIPLE uninvolved witnesses:
    * Georgia was drinking heavily in several venues before joining Roethlisberger. He bought shots for the room the waitress deposited on the table. She took shots. He didn’t give them to her.
    * She initiated sexual contact, following him from club to club, pinching his buttocks and trying to get his attention through other men in his party. Her wardrobe is irrelevant, but she told him in front of others that she was “Down to F**K.” The DA said they were engaged in MUTUAL sexual banter.
    * The medical examination showed she did not have intercourse with ANYONE during the time frame of the alleged rape. Consent is NOT an issue when NO SEX OCCURRED.
    * The DA said they did not even have probable cause–a reasonable suspicion that a crime occurred and that Ben committed it. He said Ben needs to grow up and that he hoped Georgia and her sorority sisters learned their lesson. That’s not something a seasoned prosecutor says about a rape victim when he simply doesn’t have enough evidence to move forward.
    The Nevada accuser was an older woman with whom Ben had a one-night stand in a private hotel room; she said nothing about him being drunk. She texted friends the following day and said she looked forward to seeing him again. A year later, she sued him for $3 million alleging rape. Her texts already have been submitted to the court.
    And I have defended Ray Lewis (Ravens), Michael Irvin (Cowboys), Sean Payton (Saints), and other players being unfairly tried in the court of public opinion.
    BS would be the term for idiots who call out people without bothering to check the facts.

  80. @David56 … Since when does getting drunk on their own time get most people fired? If that were true, every man on PFT would be unemployed.
    @Cincyboy … Thanks 😉
    @Outlaw Josey Whales … Long time, no jokes. Was starting to think you’d gone to Boot Hill.

  81. @Steve W. …
    Appreciate the history lesson, though considering all the comments on this page, I don’t know why you directed it to me because I’ve said nothing about Terry’s legacy being in jeopardy. I’m well aware of his history. I have his books and the only Steelers jersey I’ve ever owned from the offensive side of the ball is a retro #12. As I said, I LOVE him as the Steelers Dynasty QB. No one will ever replace him in my eyes–and I certainly never said otherwise. But off field, he has frequently been a bombastic jerk.
    And while Terry’s advice to Ben regarding use of a motorcycle helmet and being careful of his franchise image was sound, his comment about Ben’s treatment of women was ignorant given that Ben has not raped anyone. The women Ben has dated haven’t said anything negative about him; I’m not sure that is true of Terry’s ex-wives.
    Beyond that, I don’t feel it’s appropriate for ANYONE connected to the Steelers organization to make ANY comment regarding Art II’s pursuit of a shorter suspension for Roethlisberger. Whatever Terry’s motive in doing so the day before the meeting, it sounds self-serving … and I find it disappointing.

  82. @deb
    you can’t be this stupid
    * Georgia could have drank a 5th of Jack Daniels before any alleged assault, and it doesn’t matter. The point is she was too drunk to be an effective witness, which was the point I was making.
    * She may have done everything you intimated but the fact is, it’s IRRELEVANT. All that matters is whether or not Ben initated or continued sexual contact after she indicated she wanted him to stop. All this BS about banter, initiation, and what she did/didn’t say is simply a slimy attempt to “blame the victim”
    * Your comment about the medical examination is a flat out mischaracterization of the truth. According to the PPG, male semen was found on the *victim* and she showed lacerations, bruises and bleeding in the genital area. According to the DA himself, this was neither proved nor disproved sexual assault occurred.
    * Actually, what the DA said was they didn’t have enough evidence to prove Rothlisberger’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt:
    Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney Fredric D. Bright said he would not pursue charges against Mr. Roethlisberger because the allegation, made by a 20-year-old woman after a night of drinking with the quarterback, “cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”
    And I don’t have enough evidence to convince 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Roethlisberger would be guilty of a crime of rape.”
    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10103/1049925-66.stm#ixzz0yQpwb5pl
    Yes, the DA did say he didn’t think there was enough evidence to sustain probable cause, but that doesn’t necessarily exonerate Roethlisberger – for all you or I know, it could simply be due to the combination of the *victim’s* intoxication and lack of DNA evidence.
    By the way, just out of curiousity, what facts did I get wrong in my initial post?

  83. That’s the ticket Terry! Tell it like it is! He has COUNT THEM 4 SB rings. He can say whatever he wants to. Love ya TERRY!

  84. All you Steeler fans, especially DEB, needs to bow to the man!! #7 IDIOT will NEVER get 5 rings.. he’ll be lucky to get 3.
    I am a Steeler fan and have total respect for Terry. You people have a SHORT memory or just are plain ass stupid.
    If a woman is intoxicated, is that an automatic yes? MORONS! Too bad someone didn’t puke on him.

  85. @deb
    sorry for that stupid remark; it was out of line. meant to erase it before hitting the submit button, but forgot. my apologies, its all good for people to argue and all, but that stuff is just dumb

  86. The whole NFL is a big whiny farce. Letting those 2 jerks in Cincinnati play & under “their” conditions–really, 80? how bout assosphincto? It’s a thug mentality and Brad is just telling it like it is–good for him. He may not be the brightest bulb but he’s got 4 rings, now doesn’t he?

  87. nice kaisersoze not enough people take the time to apologize. But Kaisersoze would actually murder you for being sensitive.

  88. Terry’s fan club grew a bunch today! Good for him, he seems nice. Of course he partied hard in the seventies. If I was old enough to party then I would’ve too!
    Unfortunately, The Bomber’s opinion on The Ben is about as relevant as The Chin’s.

  89. On Kendall Langford’s missing earring: “I hope they never find it — $50,000? Go tell that to somebody that can’t pay for his kid’s education or can’t get them into a hospital room and get them treated properly.”
    I love that man…

  90. @kaisersoze … No problem–appreciate the apology. Quick background: I’m a writer/editor w/years of experience covering medical/legal issues and dealing w/rape victims. Have read all police reports, etc., researched DNA testing, and watched the DA’s full statement multiple times. A lot of the misunderstanding stems from reporting. Networks cut off the DA’s press conference after 15 minutes, papers quoted him out of context, medical findings weren’t fully reported. Accuser statements got a lot of press play, but not the refuting statements.
    Med exam found some vaginal bruising and a small bleeding scratch. Bruising is consistent w/ assault but also w/consensual intercourse, hand sex, masturbation. Scratch could have come from wiping herself. Semen is thick fluid men ejaculate; DNA is genetic substance found in semen plus hair, saliva, sweat, etc. A man cannot have intercourse w/out leaving semen or pubic hair. Condoms leave some seminal fluid, pubic hair, and lubricant. Exam found NO pubic hair, semen, lubricant, sweat, saliva. Two swabs found minute traces of DNA–not semen. PCR testing can amplify pindrop samples for identity match, but these traces were too infintessimal and degraded for ID testing implying they were left earlier–as if she’d had sex earlier in the day then showered. A reporter asked if she’d had sex with anyone else; DA said he couldn’t violate her privacy by commenting.
    DA told reporters he didn’t even have probable cause–a reasonable suspicion a crime had taken place and Ben committed it. He said this was an alcohol-fueled situation and he hoped the accuser and her sorority sisters had learned their lesson. Asked if Ben was welcome back in Milledgeville, he laughed and said, “Sure, if he behaves” or something to that effect. Those aren’t the words of a seasoned prosecutor who thinks a rapist is getting away.
    Facts you got wrong:
    * We’re not saying the DTF pin was permission to rape. We’re saying a) she was desperately trying to bag this guy and didn’t say no to anything; and b) she didn’t even have intercourse.
    * The DA makes clear no crime was committed. He specifically said he had no case with or without her testimony. And she was buying her own shots most of the night.
    * Yes, the NFL is a business. But if Roethlisberger being accused of rape hurt the brand, why hasn’t it hurt the brand that Eric Foster, Eric Green, and Brandon Underwood have been accused of rape this year? Why hasn’t it hurt the brand that Vince Young assaulted someone? Why didn’t it hurt the brand when Ray Lewis was charged with murder? Why doesn’t it hurt the brand when the NFL does business with slimy agents who bribe college kids? Goodell talks a good game with all this stainless shield stuff, but it’s all talk.
    I have no problem with Roethlisberger getting suspended because of his recklessness and stupidity in putting himself in this position. My problem is with Goodell’s hypocrisy and the egregious length of the suspension. It should have been 4-2, not 6-4.

  91. @RebaT. …
    Thought you were dead.
    Won’t be bowing. I don’t worship football players or anyone else on earth. Not Ben. Not Terry. Wouldn’t curtsy for the Queen, either.

  92. Ben never denied molesting the underage woman.
    he said he had learned alot and planned to change his behavior etc…
    and yet so many hide behind the mask that the D.A.’s office didnt feel they had “ENOUGH” evidence to convict.
    don’t you guys find that odd?

  93. @SeaSteel … 🙂
    @frostymugobeer …
    She was 20. I have several friends that age who are married. If you listened to the DA’s ENTIRE press conference rather than just reading the random quotes pulled out for the papers, the DA said investigators did not even have probable cause for an arrest. Probable cause is defined as a reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed and that Roethlisberger did it.
    The medical examination showed that the accuser COULD NOT HAVE had intercourse with ANYONE in the time frame of the alleged rape. The DA closed his press conference by saying that he hoped the accuser and her friends had learned their lesson. He said Ben needs to grow up but that he was welcome back in Milledgeville. Those are not the words of a seasoned prosecutor who believes a rapist is getting off for lack of “enough” evidence to convict.
    The finding of the medical exam was clear as plate glass. That’s why the DA also said he did not have a case WITH or WITHOUT the accuser’s testimony.

  94. Is it just me, but I found this story sad. Bradshaw is partly the blame for people not taking his football legacy seriously enough.

  95. Look up Bradshaw’s past and see how well he treated women.
    Can you say “JoJo Starbuck”? I knew you could.
    What a hypocrite.

  96. Findlay’s finest should beat off on Bradshaw’s bald head in a recreation of the events that transpired that fateful night. Bradshaw’s makeup team can paint a little girl on his dome, and Rapistburger can shoot rails on it. Then they can bring back Madden to draw the trajectory on the teleprompter. Fox sports exclusive baby!

  97. Deb,
    Too bad someone doesn’t break your fingers off! You will bow to the master…. unfortunately you think you are. You are just some scum from a lowlife town that thinks they have a brain. Stop with the liquor honey, probably look it too. Daddy work a minimum wage job also?

  98. Amongst all the Big Ben talk, the best quote to me was how “it’s easy for Rex Ryan to run his mouth…”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  99. RebaT. …
    As I’ve said many times, if you don’t like my posts, skip them. I’m not the one posting at 2:30 in the morning about breaking people’s fingers and hoping my own team goes 4-12. Everyone is very clear who have the drinking problem. You’re a sad person. I feel sorry for you.

  100. Froggy, you’d do well to stay on those NFC North threads where you belong. We spear frogs in my part of the country. Then we chop off their legs and fry them.

  101. Terry… Mr Bradshaw.
    The Concept of a real Player is lost, and you know this to. There might be some that can and will hang, only can not play as you have done? In the sense of the LOVE for everything that comes with this? I know that there is a great responsability that comes to people that tend to be in the light. Maybe its there own light, as the individules that pay those salaries , and do not know any better than what they see in the light on sunday. You have Roethisberger, Vick and a few others that abuse the power that Jesus has given them. As we go, there will be more , unless others like you stand and make a diffrence as you have started. The NFL will DIE if you would stop, and may you continue. I would not want my Kids to idolize a Pit bull MONGER and a LOOSER That cant even get his own tail. Maybe the NFL is already dead……..

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