The cost of Vincent Jackson

First we heard the Chargers just wanted a second-round pick for Chargers wideout Vincent Jackson.

Then we heard from the San Diego Union-Tribune that the second-round pricetag was actually floated by the Seattle Seahawks as a test balloon.

Now we’ve got an answer in the middle that sounds just right.  Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith has asked for a second-round pick in 2011 and a third-round pick in 2012 in exchange for Jackson.

Combine those draft picks and Jackson’s disputed asking price on a new contract, and you can understand why there hasn’t been a trade.

Silver thinks the Vikings should take the plunge by offering a conditional third-round pick and signing Jackson to a one-year deal.  We agree with the logic, but it sounds like Minnesota already balked at Jackson’s contract demands before acquiring Greg Camarillo. 

Jackson has two days left until his trade value goes down and he’s likely forced to miss six games this season instead of three.  We’ll wait and see if the soft September 4 deadline inspires any action, because it’s been surprisingly quiet on the Jackson front this week.

56 responses to “The cost of Vincent Jackson

  1. Contract: signed
    Failure to play: breach
    Demands: illegal, self-serving, and proving he cares nothing about his teammates, only $$$.
    Watching an egotistical turd not get his way and possibly have to sit out the season:

  2. I’d like to see the Raiders pull the trigger on that one. I doubt the Chargers would deal him to Oakland, so a 3rd team would need to be involved. Also Chargers may try and Cock Block Oakland by wording somewhere in the trade details that he cant be dealt to Oakland.

  3. The Vikes can’t afford to invest anymore in the WR position. Harvin, Berrian & Rice are all under contract. They have an early season bye (wk 4) so if Rice comes back midseason he’ll likely miss 7 games. Anquan Boldin missed 4-6 games every year and the Cards didn’t have one of the best RB’s in the league to offset the loss.
    Take the chance with Headache Harvin, Berrian and Camarillo. If Brett Favre (Dollar Footlong) is really the key ingredient to their Super Bowl chances and they have All Day ADP, they should be able to overcome a few weeks without Rice.

  4. I’ve got a tip for NFL GM’s: Vincent Jackson isn’t that good. Don’t overspend. He’s worth a 6th rounder and $1.5 mil a year. Any more than that and you are a fool.

  5. Everyone is trying to shove V-Jax down Minnesota’s throat. He’s never played in a West Coast offense and they have good talent at the position.
    How about Buffalo ? Cleveland ? Jacksonville ? Washington ? Carolina ? Tampa ? St. Louis ?
    Offer AJ a 3rd in 2011 & a conditional 3rd, with the potential for a 2nd in 2012 (or even flip/flop that), sign him to a long-term contract with conditions & incentives so we can all get back on the Brett Favre Ankle Watch …
    Must I resolve EVERYTHING ??

  6. Jackson hasn’t done enough to warrant a 2nd and a 3rd, let alone the ridiculous contract he’s rumored to expect. Will be very surprising if there’s a team out there foolish enough to give that up for this guy and his baggage.
    Have fun watching the NFL from your couch this year. Try not to think about the financial damage this inflicts upon your future value… It’ll drive you to alcoholism.

  7. People do realize that V-Jax is NOT under contract right? Neither he or McNeil ever signed their tenders.

  8. heyguru says:
    September 2, 2010 12:37 PM
    Contract: signed
    Failure to play: breach
    Demands: illegal, self-serving, and proving he cares nothing about his teammates, only $$$.
    Watching an egotistical turd not get his way and possibly have to sit out the season:
    Were you talking about Jackson or Revis ??? lol

  9. poor chargers….nobody ever want sto play there….have you ever heard an NFL player say, “when I was a kid, I dreamed of playing for the chargers”(besides Eli that is)

  10. Seriously, NFL GM’s need to look at history once in a while. There is a deluge of teams each offseason who spend 1st and 2nd round picks trying to get a big time WR. Yet when it comes to trades, they balk at sending one 2nd and one 3rd for a proven big time WR? I simply just dont get it. One of these days a GM is going to come in and trade away a bunch of picks over a few years and essentially buy a superbowl. It is far better to do it that way, then never win one, but have lots a new draft picks to take risk with each spring.

  11. hate to agree with a vikings fan, but 23 is pretty much spot on. I just don’t see the value in VJ rising anywhere close to current demands. Factor in the DUI’s and the guy’s just not worth it.

  12. I know, after chambers left everyone was like Wow VJAx is a great sleeper. Then he had two decent years and he wants the world. Please. Career superstars like Moss and Ochocinco dont even act like this.

  13. I hope he plays for a team with an above average quarterback. I drafted him with my last pick in fantasy and it’ll be a steal if it all works out.

  14. Contract: signed
    Failure to play: breach
    Demands: illegal, self-serving, and proving he cares nothing about his teammates, only $$$.
    I believe Jackson fulfilled his contract and became a restricted free agent.
    So there is no breach. He demans are not illegal.
    People who don’t know what they are talking about.- priceless.

  15. vincent jackson = to devery henderson, can be a beast one week and a ghost the next, i cant believe these players always wanting more money, jeez i bet anyone would take league minimum to play the greatest game for a living, so many players would kill to b on a roster and your gonna hold out for more money?! (geared towards VJ and revis) thats retarded, they couldnt pay u less if u played like crap but we suppose to pay more cause u had one good year, i think all contracts should have a base salary and skill positions be lined with a lot of incentives (except for olinemen they should be paid the most, most pivotal unit) that way if they out perform there contract they still get bonus money and fans dont have too suffer a holdout, but im sure its more complicated than that lol just a thought tho

  16. Contract: signed
    Failure to play: breach
    Demands: illegal, self-serving, and proving he cares nothing about his teammates, only $$$.
    Watching an egotistical turd not get his way and possibly have to sit out the season:
    Jackson fulfilled his contract and is a restricted free agent.
    So there is no breach and not illegal.
    Reading turds who don’t know what they are talking about.

  17. Contract: signed
    Failure to play: breach
    Demands: illegal, self-serving, and proving he cares nothing about his teammates, only $$$.
    Watching an egotistical turd not get his way and possibly have to sit out the season:
    Good Stuff…. You have to connect the dots though…
    Guy is going to get Blackballed by the NFL MARK IT DOWN!!!!!’
    No one wants to “deal” with this Clown.. if you call what he tries to pull “deal”

  18. @ heyguru
    I am curious what contract did Jackson sign? He’s not under contract with anyone right now. Thats the whole point.

  19. The Chargers spent a 2nd round pick in 2005 to draft Jackson. They were patient with him early on when he battled injuries and struggled to learn the pro game. In 2007 the Chargers spent a 2nd round pick to acquire Chris Chambers (for a few seasons it turned out), to take the pressure off of VJ, who wasn’t quite ready to be a No. 1 receiver.
    The Chargers investments and patience paid off when he blossomed in 2008 & 2009 into one of the most dangerous deep threats in the league. VJ has outperformed most 1st-round WRs drafted in 2005 and later. So, as a Chargers fan, I’m going to be a little upset if VJ is traded for anything less than a 2011 2nd and a player or another draft pick 3rd round and above.
    VJ’s DUI problem is a hinderance to the Chargers getting that in trade. Not only is VJ suspended for three games, he is one more DUI away from a likely yearlong suspension. I can’t blame teams from balking at paying VJ a huge contract plus giving up the picks the Chargers want.
    VJ should have signed his tender, come to camp, played the season for $2-3 mil and he would have gotten the long-term contract he was seeking. It wouldn’t be $50 mil, but I’ll be the Chargers woulda been willing to pay him what he will eventually have to settle for if he is traded.

  20. Brandon Marshall went for a 2nd, Santonio Holmes a 5th. Hows this moron AJ asking for more than both of those guys? Marshall might be the best receiver in football and Holmes is a superbowl mvp.
    AJ Smith = Total jagoff

  21. 1NationRaiderNation says:September 2, 2010 1:02 PMpoor chargers….nobody ever want sto play there….have you ever heard an NFL player say, “when I was a kid, I dreamed of playing for the chargers”(besides Eli that is)
    Hey 1nationraidernation, I know you’re illiterate so I’ll take it easy on you, but yes, I can name an NFL player who is currently making millions a year, who entered the league hoping to play for the chargers, and his name is Ryan Matthews. You’ll remember that name because he’s the guy who’s going to score 6 td’s a year against your lowlife raiders.
    The raiders will give it upto him like a virgin on prom night every year, like they did to LT for 9 years, sending his statistics into the stratosphere and his bust into Canton.
    We charger fans sure love to play football against the sucky raiderettes. 2 easy wins every year. Oh and good luck with your Redskins throw away crappy QB this year. Fool, you must be on the purple drank too.

  22. With the first pick of the 2011 NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select Usain Bolt…… Yall got some burners at wideout…. It would be nice if they had hands….13 and counting shhhhhhhh

  23. 1NationRaiderNation??
    Play in SD?? It IS a favorite player destination in the league. Get your makeup and whatever crap it is that you wear to games off so you can think some-what clearly!
    Who would want to play for Oakland–even when you overpay for those that have lost it or make real great (wink-wink) draft choices?
    Your team, owner and fans are the joke of the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now go back to your cave-idiot!!!!!

  24. These guys only see the good plays they make as being relevant. His agent(s) is/are greedy morons. Teams should use the footage of him dropping passes, taking a play or two off, news clips of his two DUIs and his driving without a license and needing a ride to the game, etc. After his reality check they can make him a reasonable offer. He is good, not great. His upside is mitigated by his his suspension and off-field history. He has shown no semblance of regret (only that he got caught)…there is nothing that shows any team that he is worth the risk. Add to his ridiculous demands the compensation the Chargers would need and he is not going anywhere. His only hope is a short-term modest deal.

  25. 1nationsorryraidernation
    Sorry but nobody wants to play for your sorry ass team the raiders are the biggest joke in the league, Al Davis haha how is he still running that team he’s 180 years old he looks a mess

  26. Was amazed to see a Raider fan bust a Charger fan’s chops. Raider fans should be like that weird guy at the movies. Sit in the back, be quiet and just slither away when the movie ends.

  27. VJax is good, but if he wants Brandon Marshall money, he needs a better year than last year.
    59 catches, 1098 yds, 7 td’s in ’08
    68 catches 1167 yds, 9 td’s in ’09
    BMarshall ?
    averaging 102 catches per year over the same period.
    I’m no Vikes fan.

  28. this situation would be over if there was no suspension. it’s his own fault, learn a little humility and take your “hair cut” for whatever it’s worth. learn your lesson and try again next year. when your value is cut by 1/4 of the season(ok it’s actually 3 games) you shouldn’t expect much traffic

  29. RIP__21 says:
    September 2, 2010 1:42 PM
    Brandon Marshall went for a 2nd, Santonio Holmes a 5th. Hows this moron AJ asking for more than both of those guys? Marshall might be the best receiver in football and Holmes is a superbowl mvp.
    AJ Smith = Total jagoff
    Wait, didn’t Marshall go for 2 2nds? 1 this year and 1 next year?

  30. Without an O-line and a Rb who’ll pick up a blitzer, why would the vikes want another Wr? What difference would it make?
    Of course, we are talking about the vikings here…

  31. My Coke Can says: September 2, 2010 2:14 PM
    In a sea of stupidity, one man stands alone: My Coke Can.
    (I drafted him too)

  32. Why in the hell do you put a Florida political ad/poll on this sports site??? Can’t we get away from that crap somewhere??

  33. @raiderrob21,
    No u dont, That would make The Raiders 1st pick in 2011 a 3rd rounder (they gave up the 1st for seymour) they need every draft pick they have to make up for their poor drafting in recent years, Think if they gave up their second rd pick this year there would be no L. Houston who is the future of the Oakland D-line. Next year they hopefully will get a top tackle in the 1st rd and a wideout with that second rd pick, a wideout that will be better and younger than V-Jax, remember he drops a lot of passes too, he’s basiclly a lighter skinned Chaz Shilens minus the constant injuries.

  34. I’d much rather play for an organization that actually wins superbowls and competes in 1 almost every decade then play for an organization with no history and chokes every time they are the “favorite” in the keep running your mouths charger fans the way I see it we still lead 3-0 in the most important category……SUPERBOWLS!…but then again you guys think the championship ends with an afc west title so I guess u wouldn’t know that…

  35. Jackson and his agents are kidding themselves if they think anyone is gonna pay that much money to an avg. at best WR..keep dreamin’..maybe him and Revis can play against each other.

  36. Most “FANS” don’t really understand the business side of the NFL. When a player lobbies for more money, FANS loooks at it as them being greedy. Well I don’t. If a player out peforms there contract and wants more money, give it to them.
    Listen, When an NFL team feel’s like you are not worth it anymore, they’ll cut you lose even if you have 1 or 2 more years left in your contract, to avoid paying you the big money the will have to owe you if they keep you around. So why can’t the players do the same?? Why is it, that a team can black ball a player but a player can’t black ball a team?? It swings both ways. The players see this happening every day in football, they are just protecting there future, it’s not greed it’s business.
    Another thing- I hate how everything falls on the player, what about the agents?? VJax’s agent is literally paying Vjax to sit out the season. I might be wrong, but isn’t Vjax agents the same agents for D. Revis?? If so, are they paying him to also sit out?? This hurts the NFL, I think the NFL needs to step in and say that agents are not allowed to fund player to have them hold out.
    Look at everything thats been going on with College players at North Carolina- they are all facing possible suspensions because of them talking or taking money from agents. So the players catches the heat but the agents go free?? If the agents weren’t luring these kids in, they wouldn’t be getting in trouble. I think the Agents needs to be more accountable for there actions in these matters, someone needs to give them a kick in the ass so they not to screw over these players. I fully blame the AGENTS.

  37. I’m not a fan of the Chargers or Raiders, but I would like to say I agree sraidersteve…the Raiders have three Superbowls to the Chargers 0. I think a lot of players would want to play there based on tradition, even if Al is a little crazier each year. I truly think they have a solid shot in that division this year and see the Chargers going backwards…even though what I’ve seen of Ryan Matthews so far, looks great. He will be a great player and piece for them to move forward next season. Just don’t see the Chargers having everything in place this season.
    The entire AFC West really is a guessing game though. Denver looks decent, though preseason still. I’m just ready for next Thursday. I am ready for some real football, even though I realize my team will be in for another long season. Hey, Bucs fans are used to it. Hopefully the rebuilding won’t take too long, as I think they got a few good pieces in place. Sorry, not to get off topic.

  38. If those kids don’t show up tonight for the Redskins against Cardinals pre-season game Redskins will get another team involved and aquire Jackson via 3 team trade. Or maybe they will see enough from what they got. I don’t see Antonio Bryant having nearly the impact that a Vincent Jackson brings to a game (even if he is an ass).

  39. If the Jets got Holmes for what, a 6th rounder? then Vjax is worth about that as well. I would take holmes over him anyways. Holmes can do it all and as long as he stays away from the weed he is good to go. V jax seems to have bigger issues, including an overinflated ego and view of himself as a player. He is not that good. A product of defenses focusing on LT gates and leaving him in single coverage. He is no where near the tier of Marshall, wayne, AJ, etc… What an absolute fool. He is throwing away his nfl career with this. Revis? I can understand his situation in a way. Vjax? No chance. Shut up and play. You had a deal for 3.5 million or so as an option. You’ll be lucky to see that now.

  40. @beast: I agree with what you said, except for one thing. The players have to share the blame. They are the ones who the agents work for. (although with the college kids there is a different circumstance than an established…paid…pro) If VJ or Revis wanted to play, they could. They don’t have to do it for free but the offers they have had seem reasonable to most sane people. Player ego/greed combined with agent ego/greed are the primary causes for most of the league’s issues. Set up strict guidelines and then blackball the agents who don’t abide by the rules. If the players want to negotiate then they need to find a new agent in order to do so.

  41. During his interview on NFL network, it really sounded like he wants to stay with the Chargers and catch passes from Philip Rivers. He sounded humble, intelligent and articulate. He made some dumb mistakes, but I believe him when he says he’ll never get another DUI. I really wish the Chargers and VJ could come to an agreement, but I can understand that AJ doesn’t want to encourage other players to hold out. If other players got any sense that holding out could give them leverage in negotiations, I think most of the team would hold out.

  42. Raidersteve since your living in the past bust out your hs year book and old high school films…. we have beat you seven straight seasons…like a rag doll…. your super bowl story is old….yawns…. good luck winning anytime soon….

  43. Nutz N Boltz: hmm who has been to a superbowl this decade?..oh yea that’s right the raiders not the chargers…lets see we’ve been to 3 afc championships this decade and the chargers have been to 1 so if you want recent history as in this decade the raiders have somehow managed to still have more success then the chargers considering some pathetic teams they have had..the chargers window is closing about as fast as it opened and the division isn’t gonna be handed to you.

  44. sraidersteve says:
    September 2, 2010 7:21 PM
    Nutz N Boltz: hmm who has been to a superbowl this decade?..oh yea that’s right the raiders
    And your QB threw 5 touchdown passes!!! Wait, 3 of them went the wrong way. Here, let me help you out with your reply….. Super Chokers, all that talent and no rings, no Lombardis, Chargers suck, Rivers is an idiot, Raiders got 3 rings….BLAH,BLAH,BLAH, and yet you continue to get pimpslapped by the Bolts for the last 13…13 games!! Wow, if we suck that bad, what does that say about you?? Keep telling yourself the future is getting brighter, one day the rest of the NFL will really stop laughing at you.

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