The return of "wake and bake"

Earlier this year, former Steelers (now Jets) receiver Santonio Holmes surely did nothing to help
his cause when it comes to the substance abuse policy by using the term “wake n bake
on his Twitter page.  We quickly learned that it has nothing to do with
cinnamon rolls, although the activity possibly could induce a craving
for a trip to the local Cinnabon.

But not everyone learns from
someone else’s error.  Bills cornerback Drayton Florence has used the
same term on his Twitter page today:  “Wake and bake great day to be great.”

the use of a term commonly associated with smoking marijuana doesn’t
mean that Florence does, has, or will be smoking it, he could have used a
better choice of words, given that not only a positive drug test but
also behavior can land a guy in the substance-abuse program.

So, guys, we suggest that you use something other than “wake and bake” as a top-o-the-mornin’ call to arms.

You know, something like, “Wakey, wakey.  Hands off snakey,” or a variation thereof.