T.J. Houshmandzadeh is on the block

If trying to trade Michael Clayton was Mission Impossible, consider a possible trade of T.J. Houshmandzadeh its bloated sequel.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that Seattle is trying to move Houshmandzadeh.  He also points out that a trade is very unlikely because of Housh’s contract, which contains $7 million guaranteed this season.

Yes, the Vikings were interested in Houshmandzadeh a year ago.  But they drafted Percy Harvin to play the slot and recent acquisition Greg Camarillo is a similar-style player to Housh at a fraction of the price and drama.  (Some would argue Camarillo’s skill-level is similar now too.)

We highly doubt the Seahawks could find any takers for Houshmandzadeh.   The question, then: Could the Seahawks simply eat his salary? 

The Seahawks seem oddly determined to keep Deion Branch, but he and
Housh are only taking snaps away from young talents Golden Tate, Deon
Butler, and Mike Williams.

We asked whether Housh could be cut on Twitter a few weeks back and ESPN’s Mike Sando thought there was at least a chance.

That chance, which seemed rather small, appears to be growing.

UPDATE: Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes it’s believed the Seahawks want to clear salary space to go after Vincent Jackson.  Good luck.

65 responses to “T.J. Houshmandzadeh is on the block

  1. Screw Houshmazilli. Housyourmomma had his chance to come to Minnesota last year, and opted out of it to play with Hasslehoff. Houshamadzoo can go to the UFL for all we care.

  2. do not bring him back to the Bengals….he didn’t want to stay , was THE locker room cancer NOT CHAD, and he thinks he’s a #1….we don’t need him

  3. Cutting him seems to be more and more likely. $7M guaranteed for a situational player with diminishing skills is an awful lot.

  4. I’d take him in Cleveland. We could use a mentor for the decent, young talent we have, and we don’t mind overpaying veterans in their twilight years.
    Colt McCoy you better show up tonight……quit Brady Quinn-ing your throws and give your WR’s a chance to make plays down the field.
    PFT – you guys are superb.

  5. If they can’t trade him, and they are already paying him 7 mill, then why the hell would they cut him? He’s probably still their best receiver, which goes to show just how bad their receiving core is.

  6. Whoseyourmomma is a complainer. He wants more touches, and isn’t shy about it. Bengal players were glad to see Housh leave. I think the Hawks should involve Housh in a trade for Greg Olsen in Chicago. Olsen doesn’t fit into Martz’s scheme, and Cutler needs another WR. Former Seattle GM Tim Ruskell now works in Chicago.

  7. It just goes to show that being uber rich does not equate to being a judge of talent or chracter. It doesn’t make them financial geniuses either – right, Mr Snyder?

  8. First round bust or not (for another team of course) he obviously hasn’t seen Mike Williams this pre-season.
    Seriously though, you ‘Skins fans have no room to talk. Your WR corps is by far the WORST in the league. Yes, worse than Buffalo and Oakland.

  9. @rjgreen3 …
    That’s just what I was thinking. He couldn’t wait to get out of Cincy. They win the division and what’s he doing? $7 million guaranteed?? I’d cut him outright before paying that.

  10. Douchemanzadeh had one good year in Cincy and figured that gave him the right to run his mouth and act like a superstar. He’s a number two at best. A turd.

  11. Mike Williams is a young talent? I thought he was an old bust. There is a young and talented Mike Williams WR but he’s on the Bucs.

  12. Seems like teams are learning that its more cost effective to keep young, talented receivers who are still affordable, as opposed to older high salaried drama queens who may have lost a step.

  13. The Vikings don’t want him, they are already overpaying Berrian who also is of diminishing skills, not to mention the highway robbery King Favre did on them just to come back and ruin another season.

  14. Boy, the Seahawks seem to constantly screw up on FA receivers – first Broken Branch and now T.J Who’s Your Momma.

  15. I am a loving Bengals fan, and I do love Tj for what he did for the Bengals, but truthfully, he would be on the buble right now for the Bengals. Ocho, TO, Shipley and Caldwell are alle better recievers as of right now. So it would be up to him, cosby, briscoe and simpson to get the last two spots. Even there he might not make it. I’m glad he’s gone and the Bengals are a better team now, than we ever were with him.

  16. Muh – ha – ha – ha – ha ! The CURSE of the Terrible Towel strikes …… wait …. he has $7 million fully guaranteed for this year? ….. and he made $8 million last year? ….. FML.

  17. There is nobody I root against more than this guy.
    If he’s not running his mouth, he’s pouting like a little bitch on the sideline when things don’t go his way.

  18. “We highly doubt the Seahawks could find any takers for Houshmandzadeh.”
    Again with the “we” BULLSH-T!!
    Man up and claim your opinions!!
    If you weren’t being such a wimp, it would read like this……”I highly doubt the Seahawks could find any takers for Houshmandzadeh.”
    But then, if he gets traded tomorrow YOU might have to admit you were wrong. The “WE” is some kind of pansy attempt to say what you want, right or wrong, without direct accountability. No?

  19. Housh, come on home. You can carry Chad and TO’s shoulder pads. League minimum of course. You know, Mike Brown style.

  20. Mike Williams is still just 26 without a lot of miles and if you haven’t seen him play this year yet, he’s playing like the receiver the Lions thought they were getting when they drafted him. If you want a late round steal in your FF leagues, pick him up. Especially if the Seahawks dump Housh, which wouldn’t exactly break any Seahawk fans’ hearts.
    Housh is a cancer though. A good #2 or slot receiver as long as you have a good #1, but nowhere near as good as he thinks he is and not good enough to justify his salary or his childish tantrums. The only way the Seahawks are going to get rid of him is if they eat his salary.

  21. He would look good in San Diego with a throwing offense led by Rivers. He would also look good in Washington who does not have a solid WR core. Maybe a team like Carolina, Jacksonville will add him on too. Also, do not ever leave Oakland out of the question. If there’s a player avail., oakland is a landing spot.

  22. At this point I don’t see the Vikings going after Housh or Jackson. Harvin looks to be fine now. Berrian is healthy. Rice is out probably until the final playoff push.
    But they have addressed Rice with Camarillo and (assuming he has anything left) Javon Walker. Plus the Vikes also have a healthy Berrian, which didn’t happen last season until about the time Rice is coming back this season.
    Vikings are probably in better shape at WR than a lot of people think. Rice is boss as hell but Favre has more experience with the other guys and Camarillo looks like a nice 3rd down WR and Walker is a good jump ball WR like Rice, but not nearly as versatile in the other ways Rice was.

  23. Please please dump Branch! He’s playing hard and playing well right now but that’s only because he knows he’s on the hot seat. As soon as he’s secured a roster spot he’ll go on the IR for 3 wks because of a hang nail.

  24. I bet Doushe, I mean Housh, wishes he’d picked S.F… Lol what a loser. Wow AND boy won’t the SeaGals be great this year lol. #1 overall pick here u come

  25. Maybe the Cardinals could sign him and give Derek Anderson another target! Maybe the Bungles could trade T.O. for him (a swap of cancers) Bwu-ha-ha-ha I can’t believe I’m writing this stuff. 🙂
    Or, maybe he can join Antonio Bryant on some UFL team.

  26. Funny these 4whiner fans talking like their team’s actually done something lately. Do something in the playoffs this century, then talk.

  27. WTF just got the news that my boy Fogs77 got banned What could he have possibly done to get Banned from this site.

  28. Skins shouldn’t want him. Why pay 7 million for a very regular receiver when we’ve got 6 for 400 grand??

  29. Laxer37 says:
    September 2, 2010 6:54 PM
    There is nobody I root against more than this guy.
    If he’s not running his mouth, he’s pouting like a little bitch on the sideline when things don’t go his way.
    Wow….sounds just like Hines Ward to me! Don’t let you Steeler homerism shine to bright. Sounds like you’re still upset over that terrible towel thing huh! I’m sure he’s wiped worse things than his cleats with those. But then again we all have…man those towels are soft!!!

  30. For those who pay attention to football outside their own teams, you know Mike Williams has been playing rather well lately. He’ll be starting week one most likely.

  31. How would Houshmandzadeh take snaps away from a wide receiver on the Bucs?
    (even the mike williams link in the article takes you to the buc’s williams)

  32. Seattle is a hot mess, just like the Cards. Niners will dominate those lames and take the WEST back. TJ is heir best Wr why would they even want to trade him? hey fought so hard to get him and a year later they wanna say Bye? LMAO idiots!

  33. I would take him in Cleveland & move Cribbs out from WR to Safety. If anyone in the league can play S who hasn’t played it, it is Josh Cribbs.
    Housh is solid & would add a nice dimension to the Browns passing attack as well as a nice new weapon for Delhomme.

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