Colts defensive tackle Fili Moala arrested for DWI

We’ll take a break from players getting released to tell you about a player trying his best to get released.

Colts defensive tackle Fili Moala was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Friday morning, according to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.  He admitted to having “five or six drinks” and his eyes were described as “glassy and bloodshot” in the police report.  Despite that, he blew a .10 — just more than the legal limit of .08.

A second round pick in 2009, Moala has started to come on strong this offseason after a very quiet rookie year.  Moala should remain on the roster because NFL teams using a sliding scale when it comes to character or morals. 

If Moala was a star, a release wouldn’t be considered.  If he was a scrub, he’d get dumped.  Since Moala is in-between, he’ll get a stern lecture.

19 responses to “Colts defensive tackle Fili Moala arrested for DWI

  1. It just seems that players get dumber by the day, with the money they make why not hire a designated driver

  2. .10 was legal not too long ago. I don’t think he would get released even if he was a scrub, at least he shouldn’t have been with out any priors.
    Unless this guy has had problems in the past this isn’t a story.

  3. .1 isn’t anything big … just illegal today … it used to be much “higher” in some states … however, for a 300 pound guy to have that BAC, my guess is he lost count of his drinks ….

  4. Fili to Vincent Jackson: Hey man, what’s up? Can a guy beat this rap?
    VJ: Yeah, nothin to it. If you’re good enough, the team will overlook almost anything. Even more than once. I think.
    Fili: You sure bout that?
    VJ: My agent, who is a genius, is betting his reputation on it.

  5. “S.F.B’s Polian will complain that it was Belichick’s fault.”
    Who’s Belichick?
    Did he used to be relevant?

  6. Polian will tell Goodell that DWI’s are good for the game and the Colts should get supplemental draft choices. Goodell is a loyal lap dog and will propose the new rule change but only for the Colts.

  7. He admitted to having “five or six drinks” and his eyes were described as “glassy and bloodshot” in the police report. Despite that, he blew a .10 — just more than the legal limit of .08.
    What does that mean? That you think he should’ve registered more or less?
    98% of all DUI arrests say “glassy & bloodshot.” Add in the requisite: “strong” odor of alcohol and you have pretty much named all DUI purchase orders….I mean, arrests.

  8. So applying the Big Ben Rule — drink alcohol, do something stupid, face the Commish — Moala should get a six game suspension, which may be reduced to four.
    Of course, Big Ben was falsely accused of a crime, while Moala actually committed one.

  9. Now I hate the Colts….but really? A .10? That’s like 2 drinks (apparently 5 or 6 for a guy his size). If he had killed someone, throw the book at him…..but he didn’t. He didn’t do anything. Ridiculous.

  10. Just ask the the guy on main street blowing .10 means to there life. Never understand these guys putting themselves in this position, get a taxi!!!!
    So now what will the comish do this time to the NFL’s poster team? NOTHING!!!!

  11. They can afford a driver IMO. Why put yourself “out there”? These guys have families so respect them and yourself.

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