Farewell to the '68 VW bus

IMG00155-20100903-1116.jpgAfter several years of traveling around the countryside in a ’68 VW bus, we’ve upgraded to another van of German origin.

This year, we’ll be making the weekly treks from West-By-God-Virginia to New York in a specially equipped Mercedes van. 

(Fortune 500 companies note . . . there is ample room on the side for the placement of logos and/or messages.  But nothing containing the words “rocking” or “knocking”.)

So now while on the road I’ll be able to keep working.  Which really isn’t working.

Today, we’re heading toward whatever portion of Hurricane Earl will be spraying the Northeast for halftime of tomorrow’s Purdue-Notre Dame game.

45 responses to “Farewell to the '68 VW bus

  1. Nice ride.
    I remember when I had to get rid of my old beater, a ’75 Dodge. That was a sad day (but then again I shouldn’t have wrecked it).
    That sucker had alot of miles on it… and I don’t mean on the tires. Amy, if you’re reading this, yes I mean you.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I will send this to all the parents in the neighborhood so that they can warn the children of the creepy old men in shiny van with no windows……

  3. For the money NBC spent on that little van, you probably could have gotten a pimped out RV and did it Madden style.

  4. Didnt know West Virgina lawyers that start websites in their basement could afford that.

  5. And another piece of the original PFT fades into the past. NBC sure is treating you right, Mike.
    What are you asking for the Vee Dub? lol

  6. You kept a ’68 Volkswagen van until 2010???
    How cheap are you, Florio???
    Don’t stoned hippies wearing tie dye t-shirts drive Volkswagen vans from the 1960’s????
    Well, your Mercedes looks nice and I hope you also overcome the fear of flying too.

  7. Looks good, but be on the lookout for a dwarf with a bulbous shaved head and a goatee, with a spray paint can. He has bad intentions.

  8. Man, I love the old VW busses. Sad to see you abandon her. You should sell her to someone who appreciates her 🙂

  9. what about a logo containing, ‘if this van’s shakin’, I’m just ‘batin’!’
    I guess art DOES imitate life.

  10. 1968 VW type 2? does it have a 1600 dual port or single port? Or did you upgrade to a 1776?

  11. mike you need to get over your fear of flying my friend. yeah, yeah, i know: it’s not fear of flying it’s fear of dying.
    you can do it.
    any pics of the 68 vw?

  12. I think the only Rockin and Knockin in that van will be from the website widow and her latest boyfriend.

  13. “(Fortune 500 companies note . . . there is ample room on the side for the placement of logos and/or messages”
    I’m sure you can find Europeans who have buddies at Mercedes Benz who will climb on board. Don’t know why American companies would.

  14. That’s gay. Not in the anti-California Prop 8 everybody deserves to be equally miserable kind of gay but gay as in Mercedes is to American Football what deodorant is to the French, i.e., non-applicable.
    get a Mack truck big balla’ then you can hide your German taxi-cab in the trailer and pretend to be Knight Rider….NBC can even get you a poster of the Hasselhoff to hang in your bedroom

  15. Thingamajig says:
    September 3, 2010 1:39 PM
    Hey Mike, Got a problem with buying American?
    Yeah…they’re decades behind German engineering.
    Funny thing is…a lot of those cars are manufactured here…so “buying American” is just taking money out of other “American” pockets (Alabama actually), and for no just reason, because you’re getting a piece of craaap.
    Arrogant, under-educated, self-entitled honkeys.

  16. all that money for a benz, and that’s the cooler you guys splurged on?
    gimmie the VW and a 4 foot cooler

  17. @raider pride…yeah yeah yeah you probably drive a japanese car…but that’s okay.wow,the stuff that shows up here is incredible.

  18. @ Rogue, tom coughlin’s coat holder, ftcsubs, Thingamajig, Old School
    The Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank that controls our economy, just received over six trillion dollars from our treasury during the bank bailout. We can’t get an audit of this bank; our president is fighting against an audit of this bank. We don’t know the identities or the nationalities of the owners of this bank.
    Why does made in the USA matter if the money just goes back to the parasites that printed it in the first place? How does that help us as citizens take back control of our lives from the legal money engine that our government has become?

  19. Nice ride, Mr. Florio.
    About time that you upgraded.
    Pretty amazing what you’ve done here with PFT.
    Site’s one of a kind one of a kind for sure. Thanks for that.
    So quit reading, and get to writing.

  20. Boy, you think this site’s numerous daily hallway monitors/content critics were jealous before!
    Way to go, Mike.

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