Jake Long appears to have avoided major injury

A scary moment for the Dolphins in Thursday’s night preseason game should not create lasting damage to the team.  We think.

Early indications following left tackle Jake Long’s knee injury are that Long avoided a major problem.  Long said he was “not concerned” about it and “confident” he’d play in the season opener.  Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald writes Long “does not appear seriously injured.”

After the Dolphins trainers looked at Long’s knee Thursday, he sat on the bench for the rest of the game.  While he apparently was in some discomfort after the game, he still met with reporters. 

The scare was a somewhat fitting conclusion to an ugly month for the Dolphins offense.  Brandon Marshall isn’t worried.

“It counts now,” Marshall said. “This is what matters. These last four games, I don’t give a damn about.”

12 responses to “Jake Long appears to have avoided major injury

  1. As a Phins fan, I realize that preseason doesn’t count, however, let’s put a drive or two together and punch it in for a touchdown…

  2. im now worried about the dolphins offense. chad henne couldnt punch it in on the cowboys back ups? major concern.

  3. glad we didnt have to waste a roster spot for a bum..if there was a question about LONG. Top teams make it look 2 easy to score a TD..more worried about that pass D fkkk sketchy. AJ. Edds early knee injury(cover linbacker bad loss).

  4. Blame Sparano for playing starters in 4th preseason game into the 2nd quarter no less.
    Henne got blindsided in 2Q and almost seriously injured also.
    The reason for 4th preseason game is to have 30 maniacs fighting for 4 roster spots, it’s too risky to play starters.

  5. The arrogance of Sparano makes me sick. What was he trying to prove? ITS THE PRE SEASON!!!! Our first real game is almost a preseason game against the Bills, so lets work on it then. His play calling and time management has been quesstionable at best, but this move takes the cake for me. He is lucky Jake wasnt hurt for the season, he would be back with is buddy Wade next year looking for a job.

  6. fins fan here too…
    lots of expectations this year. kinda makes me nervous. the O-line hasnt looked good when its supposed to be a strength of ours. Henne has looked Ok, not great. But he plays better under preasure. Hoping for a playoff run but I realistically, I still think we are a year or two for competing for a superbowl.

  7. ITSMEJC, I don’t think he was trying to prove anything. HE realizes we have started like crap the past 2 seasons and lost the first few games in each season. We can’t afford that this season especially becuase 3 of the first 4 are division games and one against the vikings and one against the packers. We start a losing trend and it’s over. The starters have looked like garbage and needed that playing time. Sean Smith may need to be benched though.

  8. @PRICETAG, Im with you but doesn’t it baffle you we have been having these bad starts to the season with this guy? The Dolphins if anything were always great at the start of the season. 90 degree heat and 100% humidity helps with that, but since this guy has taken over we have had horrible starts (as you eluded to). I am not one to pile on the coach but his time management skills (which he controls) has been garbage and this here move to me makes no sense. Like I said our first game is a preseason game, we have PLENTY of time to work on stuff then.

  9. Hmmmm, sounds like Pats will be winning our division again, I don’t think if you put the Jets and Dolphins together and throw in CJ Spiller from the Bills we could punch one in, Pathetic that goes for Jets, Dolphins, and Bills. Somebody needs to step up because these F’in Patsy’s are going to get given to them again.

  10. Yeah, both the Fins and Jets need a lot of improving to do if they want to compete for the division title.

  11. “The arrogance of Sparano makes me sick.”
    You must not like Parcells either then because if he was calling the shots, I’m sure starters would have been playing, too. They need to show some consistency.

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