J.J. Arrington among ten Eagles cuts

We’re going to be bringing you roster cuts fast and furious until Saturday afternoon’s deadline. Some will arrive piecemeal, others will come in big groups like the ten players Philadelphia released on Friday.

Here’s the list of cuts: running back J.J.
Arrington, cornerback Geoff Pope, defensive end Pannell Egboh, defensive tackle Boo
Robinson, cornerback David Pender, wide receiver Dobson Collins, tight
end Nate Lawrie, offensive tackle Jeraill McCuller, safety Anthony Scirrotto and running back Martell Mallett.

Arrington’s departure completes his acquisition from the Broncos.  The Eagles now get a sixth-round pick in 2012 from Denver.  It looks like Joe Mays — traded from Philly — will make the Broncos, so consider the deal a win-win.

The Eagles have also announced that Victor Abiamiri was placed on the reserve/PUP list.

13 responses to “J.J. Arrington among ten Eagles cuts

  1. Joe may turn out to be a great Bronco but the Eagles gave him more than a few shots to make an impression.
    no Hall, Baskett, or Washington yet?

  2. Joe Mays has been ‘going to be a beast’ for like 3 or 4 years straight now, and he never turned into the beast.

  3. Joe Mays is terrible. I guarantee he does nothing for the Broncos in the regular season.

  4. The Eagles get a 2012 6th round pick for cutting J.J. Arrington (From Denver), no surprise there.

  5. Joe Mays can’t play. I mean, how many chances was he given? What did he show? Ever?
    Looks great against street FA’s to be in preseason, totally outmatched in the NFL.
    Much like Hank “He Can Catch Fade Patterns in the Endzone” Baskett and Macho “White Man Hips” Harris.
    Every year they say they’re gonna be a factor, and they do nothing.
    The king of that was, of course, LJ Smith.

  6. @ Matt Average – Agreed on Baskett 100%. I know he and Arrington play different positions but I’d rather have kept Arrington and waved Baskett. Joe Mays is a complete bum. If he couldn’t play LB for the Eagles last year when they had no one, why can he play now?

  7. WarrenMoonGOAT: totally disagree. He looks like a complete wimp from the few times I saw him.
    Matt Average:
    Hall is a bust.
    Baskett: is he having Kendra pulling tricks to stay on the roster?!
    Washington: better than Stinkston and Trash. 😉

  8. Can we also stop it with this Abiamiri nonsense? He can’t play and when he’s on the field, he get’s hurt.

  9. i thought joe mays was going to be a beast for the eagles. but he only plays good in preseason. dude couldn’t cover me.

  10. @cobrala2
    Hall was signed as a free agent for almost nothing after being out of football for years. That’s not what a bust is, chief.
    @Joe Mays fans
    He was supposed to be a beast for years. It’s like how the last 3 consecutive years the Cowboys were favored to win it all (before last season). Joe Mays obviously was not a beast or he would have made some kind of impact when the Eagles had guys off the street like Trotter starting at MLB

  11. Joe Mays was an ok back up, a special teams player at best. Arrington sucks way worse. Hall is a crafty player I would love to see make the team but I’m sure he won’t. I won’t feel bad for him though he should make a nice living with that Air Force education. Baskett is average as they come, but he knows the system. I think the Eagles may keep 6 wrs to start the year off, because to me you have to keep Washington. The guy is a solid 4th-5th wr and a very good special teams player. Baskett is a below average special teams player. Jackson, MaClin, Avant, R.Cooper, Washington and Hall. Thats the 6 I would go with any way, in that order. Maybe try and sign Housh when he gets cut if the price is right, very cheap that is. Its not like we need any wr help right now.

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