Ndamukong Suh fined $7,500 for brutal hit on Jake Delhomme

Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh leveled Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme last week with a brutal 1-2 punch, first grabbing Delhomme by the facemask and then slamming him to the ground.

Now Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Suh has been fined $7,500 for his actions.

The violent nature of the hit has made it one of the most-discussed plays of the preseason. Rosenthal noted at the time that a fine was coming, while also calling it “sort of awesome.” I thought the NFL should have cracked down on Suh to send him a message that dirty play isn’t tolerated. Florio said Suh should be fined heavily, while noting that Delhomme’s backup, Seneca Wallace, was calling for Suh to be suspended.

Considering that Suh got $40 million guaranteed on the contract he signed last month, a $7,500 fine is chump change for him. He got off easy on this one.

61 responses to “Ndamukong Suh fined $7,500 for brutal hit on Jake Delhomme

  1. Wow, way to take a stand. I was expecting a maximum fine on this one. I’ve heard $15K before, which would still be light.

  2. I think that’s the maximum fine for a first offense. The next time he gets $25,000, the third it hits over $100,000 and a possible one game suspension.

  3. I truly believe in faking an injury just to prove a point. If im Delhomme, I stay down and dont move till the stretcher comes out.
    Instead, he pops right up, totally uninjured.

  4. Can’t believe how light that was. Shows you how Jake Delhomme rates in this league. Let me be one of the 100 people who are going state the obvious…If that had been Peyton Manning or Tom Brady…

  5. If he was my rookie DT, I would love to see this type of physicality and aggressiveness on a team that needs some toughness attitude.
    Plus it wasn’t bad to see a Browns QB take the beating.

  6. I think Suh is going to be a great player, but Goodell missed the boat on this one, Suh needed to be fined a minimum of $50,000 as that play was almost criminal in his actions. If the NFL wants to cut down on illegal hits, injuries etc. and focus on safety, they missed a great opportunity to send a very strong message. Any player will do exactly what Suh did if it’s only going to cost him chump change.

  7. WTF? thats bulls**t that it wasn’t closer to $50k AND a game suspension. i thought suh looked like a decent human being in the predraft stuff but i am now seriously doubting that.

  8. He’s lucky that he didn’t do it to Peyton Manning or he’d be suspended for at least the first 8 games of the season….

  9. DMurph, it would depend on whether it was Peyton or Eli.
    And for those of you implying there is some official scale for these sorts of things, this is Roger Goodell’s NFL you’re talking about. He pulls stuff out of his ass all the time. This fine could have been anything and it turned out to be a mere finger-wagging.

  10. If you made $60000/year (which is above average in America I beleive) this would equate to getting fined $11.25…
    Thats ridiculous.

  11. NFL needs some new bad asses, and now that they’ve found one, they’re not about to discourage him too much by fining him heavy or suspending him.

  12. That hit reminded me of Charles Martin’s hit on McMahon in 1986. Brutal. Unnecessary. Unsportsmanlike.

  13. “What would the fine have been if he’d pulled that on Manning?”
    Everyone would’ve applauded and paid the bill if it was Manning. Everyone outside of Indiana is tired of that pompous putz.

  14. Actlikea2yrold
    Good call, if Joe Webb can shake of tackles Suh shouldn’t be suspended for trying to remove Delhomme’s head from his body.
    Does anyone know what the impact of Suh’s $7,500 fine will have on the price of tea in China?

  15. That is a complete joke….although it was also ridiculous that the Browns’ O-line didn’t start beating on Suh after that either. The fact that guys are getting jacked 25k for texting during half-time of a game, while this guy did everything but “go O.J.” on Delhomme tells you how F’d up the league’s thinking is.
    This guy will learn the hard way what a chop block is before too long.
    I think it’s foolish that they took a stance like this….if this had happened to BrINT Lord Favre, the guy would be sitting with Big Ben for 3 or 4.

  16. Not only did Suh look like an on the street punk he acted like a real smart a## about the whole incident He needs to be taken down a few notches. Big, fat and gross with a big ego about covers Suh.

  17. Love Suh. That hit was awesome, and I hope to see more of it. The pussy-ass quarterbacks in this league need to step up and take it like men. Hahahaha. All sports need more competitors like Suh.

  18. Does anyone know what the NFL does with the money they collect from players?
    Pay off rape victims?

  19. Suh needs to be on guard here[no pun intended]most NFL players have friends in the league and they do not have to be teammates.Carma can be a bitch so there may be a chop block or 2 down the road……just sayin.

  20. @jrmbadger: Not even close.
    Suh let go of the face mask pretty quick and I’ll admit, the tackle appears to be totally out of frustration – it’s not like he had a history of something like this.
    Martin, on the other hand, chases McMahon to the sideline, waits for him to stop and watch the play unfold, then picks him up and body-slams him to the turf in true Vince McMahon fashion.
    Seneca Wallace is pissed because if Delhomme gets hurt then he has to go in and face real defenders instead of holding a clipboard and collecting a check QB’ing the scout team every week.

  21. Suh is sick! I think he should have gotten a $7,500 bonus for that play, myself. Jake D. should have just hit the turf and not tried to fight the inevitable. Lions fans gotta love seeing some aggression on the D-line.

  22. I have a dumb question. But this was an exhibition game. It didn’t count. The players didn’t get paid a game check. So why should penalties count? How can they be fined for something they didn’t get paid for?

  23. good price to pay… his tv coverage and brand equity went up quite a lot with that hit… everyone loves watching QBs getting hit… 7500 is cheap!
    Would u lend me 5 for lunch?

  24. Oh boo hoo. That hit was not that bad. He did get the facemask, sure, 15yard penalty. But then what’s he supposed to do – let go? The QB was still standing up. He had to finish the tackle, which he did.
    I’m normally a big proponent of fines and flags for unncessary hits. He got the 15 yards for the facemask. Beyond that, this is still football – if you don’t want your QB tackled, get an offensive line.
    One thing you guys are right about – if that’s Manning or Brady, they’d have executed Suh.

  25. @bluelion
    Wrong! Don’t let your hate cloud reality.
    If everyone outside of Indy hated Peyton, he wouldn’t be doing all those commercials. Companies aren’t making tons of money off the Indy market along.

  26. I guess the league want to protect the QBs who last names are Brady and Manning. Not Delhomme.

  27. what is up with the sudden turn on ndamakung all of the sudden? stop acting like he is a criminal or a gang member…hes a completely good kid off the field, and plays football how it was meant

  28. It was an absolutely beautiful play. It should result in a fine, but it wasn’t to heavy a fine, because frankly it looked worse than what actually happened.
    Rag doll.

  29. How about some cheese with that wine, it really doesn’t matter which Quarterback got thrown to the ground, it’s football people!!!!!!!!

  30. Does anyone know what the NFL does with the money they collect from players?
    Pay off rape victims?
    Very Good!!!

  31. I can’t believe they forgot these guys we’re playing football you would think this happened playing ping pong or something.

  32. This is such garbage. If you’re going to punish someone, punish them. 7500? Kind of like taking a penny from under my car seat. That play should be completely unacceptable and he should either be fined a significant amount or suspended for a game.

    Like someone else pointed out a dude who TWEETS during a game gets 25 K. Taking a guy who was already on his knees and pulling a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY FOR ANY REASON AND AVOIDABLE WWE violent slam on them??? $7,500. PATHETIC FOR MR HYPOCRITE I AM CONCERNED WITH PLAYER SAFETY GOODELL. PATHETIC.

  34. Watch the play again in real time and slow motion.
    Real time: The face mask, head wrap and throw down was nearly instantaneous.
    This is a fast, aggressive athlete, not the lumbering big men you panzie’s peepers are used to seeing. It looked like even the referees didn’t believe how fast that happened.
    The tackle looks exponentially more vicious in slow motion, but in real time it’s obvious this was all quickly acted out. Not some sustained assault like some of the dress wearers here would make it seem.
    Slow Motion: Suh thought the QB still had the ball.
    The shovel pass happened while Suh clearly had his head in a spot where it was impossible to see the pass. Assuming he acted under that good faith mental state, I think the fine is appropriately modest. You clowns really need to get objective here, this is tackle football for crying out loud. You tackle the guy with the ball. He thought, in good faith, that’s what he did.
    Fine him, okay, I agree. Mostly because QBs are treated daintily by the league, that’s understandable. But expecting some sort of mea culpa, or, worse, a freaking suspension? Are you queens kidding? What a joke. He was rightly penalized; it cost his team yardage and a new set of downs. (And this hardly warrants calling the kid a thug or gangmember. Using those terms reveals more about the reactionary buffoon using them than anything else).
    Face it. Suh is a force of nature – a 300 lb tornado. And those fans who are vicariously terrified for their team’s tutu-wearing QB are showing their fear.
    Before his career is over I would not be surprised to have witnessed new rules created protecting QBs from his level of power and athleticism. It almost isn’t fair.

  35. The NFL fines for Suh of $7,500 for an illegal hit on QB, but they fine Chad Ochjocinco $25,000 for his tweets during the pre-season game against the Eagles? Wow. Priorities seem to be a little bass ackward. I’m not one to be crying for a suspension for Suh, the play was too fast, and this is Professional TACKLE Football as ‘mofo’ pointed out, but c’mon, for Christ’s sake, the penalties should be in line with the offense, first occurrence or third.

  36. new rules? highly doubtful. suh’s athleticism will be greatly reduced after he requires a few ACL repairs resulting from a few well-deserved high-low chop blocks.

  37. What an absolute joke! I guess some player is going to have to take the law into his own hands and dive into the side of this idiot’s knee while a lineman holds him up.

  38. With that low of a fine if I’m Suh I would do this 3 or 4 times a game. 7500 bucks? He spends that at Dinner and and the first 5 minutes at the strippy.

  39. Wow…
    Suh grabs the facemask of a veteran QB, twisting his head around, then twists his neck as he lifts up on the QBs body before slamming him to the ground- and then Suh gets a chump change fine.
    Roethlisberger gets a 6 game suspension- and, for basically no reason- it gets reduced to 4.
    Any chance the NFL will employ a commissioner who’s NOT a PUSSY anytime soon?

  40. its funny how the people on this site get more upset than the browns players watching it happen on the field. either all of the offensive starter dont care about the health of there starting qb, or it just wasn’t that bad. i noticed he got right up after too.

  41. I haven’t even read any of these comments yet, but I can bet that half of them are Browns fans crying and pouting like 2 year old’s about him not getting suspended.
    $7,500, that’s SUHper

  42. The saddest part is the lack of a response from Cleveland’s o-line. Someone should have taken a shot at Suh.
    Or, if the offense refused to man up, then the defense should have suplexed that baby-face homo Stafford on the next series.
    BTW – Even Jesse Jackson isn’t safe in Detroit! they stole and stripped his Escalade – probably near Cadillac Square. I love Detroit. Whenever I leave, I pretend I’m in “Escape from NY.” What a f-ing sh1tho1e.

  43. LOL you guys are complete crybabies. That hit isn’t even the worst facemask you’ll see this year… and it isn’t hard to chuck a QB to the ground once they’re already on the way down.
    Now you are speculating about his character, what he’s like, etc… what a joke.

  44. Suh isn’t even a football player, he’s a pro wrestler. He didn’t do anything all game, no sacks, nothing. Three total tackles to that point in preseason. He sucks. Finally he had a qb by the facemack. It doesn’t matter whether the qb had the ball or not, Suh got a better grip of his head, picked him up off his knees, twisted and slammed him backwards. Jake got back up and got a touchdown for the browns (his job) while Suh failed. Failed to stop the opponent from scoring, failed to sack the qb, and failed to use his head. He sucks. It’s one thing to lay a hit on someone like ray lewis, it’s another thing to be an idiot that will end careers of actual football players with talent. It’s one thing to be legendary like jack lambert or LT, it’s another to cost your team a touchdown. Quit whining about the NFL getting watered down, this wasn’t even a hit it was a tantrum. Suh is a joke and so was the fine.

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