Ochocinco will be "lobbying heavy" for Houshmandzadeh

After successfully getting the Bengals to bring Batman to town, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco has his sights set on a reunion with T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who is expected to be cut by the Seahawks if he’s not traded.

Said Ochocinco on his Twitter page:  Disturbing news, i cant even fathom the thought of
a reciever the caliber of Housh being traded let alone released, i will
be lobbying heavy

Ochocinco attributes his success to playing across from Houshmandzadeh.  “I’d be happy to have him back,” Ochocinco said.

Chad also opted to wax a little philosophically on the situation:  “Situations like this is what scares me about the
business side of the NFL
which is why i play this game the way i
do,having FUN, unbelievably.”

Indeed, one of those receivers for whom Chad lobbies eventually could be the receiver that takes his roster spot.

51 responses to “Ochocinco will be "lobbying heavy" for Houshmandzadeh

  1. “Indeed, one of those receivers for whom Chad lobbies eventually could be the receiver that takes his roster spot.”
    Florio, you might as well bother checking that Chad is younger to Housh….

  2. That last sentence proves the writer is mentally challegend.
    No room on Bengals for TJ. Not going to happen.

  3. lmao poor Bungles. TJ, Chad and TO on the same field at the same time? Housh is a cry baby. Ocho is a crybaby and TO is a crybaby. It will 100% guaranteed never work. But whatever, move the franchise. Cincy can’t even sell-out.

  4. Chad the Bridger…
    Chad the healer…
    Chad the humanitarian…
    Bring me your tired, sick and poor.
    Bring them to Cincy!

  5. “Situations like this is what scares me about the business side of the NFL”?
    You mean when a receiver can successfully lobby the GM for a player against the best wishes of the Coach?
    Yeah, those situations scare me too.

  6. “Indeed, one of those receivers for whom Chad lobbies eventually could be the receiver that takes his roster spot.” I’m not one to do the usual bang on florio routine, but seriously? Your implying, Housh, that cant even stay in Seattle would replace 85?
    ummmmm no

  7. Great piece up until that last line. You screwed up again Florio. I just don’t get why you media idiots can’t stand a guy that loves to have fun on the field, gives endlessly to charity and is a genuinely great guy. Seems like as soon as someone likes attention you guys can’t stop bashing him.
    You should really just learn to shut the hell up every once in a while Mike.

  8. As a Bengals fan I’m going to take what’s likely an unpopular position and say bring Housh back. He burned bridges when he left, but you HAVE to realize how good we would be with Chad, TO, Housh and Shipley as the #4 which he was going to be anyways if Bryant worked out. Carson loved Housh and we’ve been trying to replace him ever since he left. Get him for minimum and let Seahawks pay the difference!

  9. of course he would. it’s funny how underwhelming that passing game has been so far.
    carson’s not the qb he was a few years ago.

  10. Florio have u ever played a sport, I mean really do what’s withe smart ass comments. What reciever will take his spot he works hard at his craft so I don’t see housh or t.o. being top dog in cincy.

  11. Not going to happen.. We’re all ready having trouble cutting WR’s.. We’re loaded with depth there.. Housh had his chance to stick around in Cincinnati and he chose not to.. He took a couple pennies more to got to Seattle..

  12. Wow, Why does Chad get no love from you guys. I don’t think he will have to worry about losing his roster spot to anyone in the near future. Losing his roster spot. Really?

  13. Would it not be hilarious if the Bengals kept TO and acquired Houshmandzadeh, then released Ochocinco?

  14. Hey Florio does his comments constitute tampering since TJ is still a member of the Seahawks-that seems to be one of your favorite topics so I’m curious what your opinion is on that?

  15. Chad “lobbying” for Housh to come back probably won’t set well with the other receivers on the team.

  16. NO! Being a Bengals fan, I always thought that Chad was the negative attention grabber, but it really was Housh all along.
    I’ll take TO any day over Housh.

  17. Why? You can only have so many roosters in a hen house … so to speak. No matter how high-flying the offense, only so many receivers can be on the field at one time, only so many balls thrown per game. Too many roosters fighting over a few hens is bound to cause a squabble sooner or later.

  18. Why would he do this? Houshmadanajapendea made perfectly clear that he no longer wanted to be #2 to 85. Now that Owens is in the picture, he’d be #3.
    Unless Chad is just saying this to be friendly.
    Look, Ocho, 2005 was 5 years ago. Look forward, not to the past.

  19. what the hell are you talking about that one of them is going to take his spot… he is CLEARLY the best WR on the team no matter how much he wants to say he is robin and TO is batman, plus housh Sucks, the only reason he was good was cause Chad was insane and required double teams on every play.. clearly evident when housh’s numbers took a hit in seattle

  20. As a life-long Bengals fan and one-time Housh fan…… You should have never left and I hope they don’t bring you and ego back. No roomfor you on the 53…

  21. LukePounda says:
    September 3, 2010 8:41 PM
    Florio’s articles….
    First 45%- Intro
    Middle 10%- News
    Last 45 %- His useless opinion.

  22. One shot at a Super Bowl. Pull the trigger Mike Brown! As a Steeler fan, I’ve always rooted for the division rivals when they made it to the big game, including twice for the Bengals in the’80’s. The only thing I would like to see more than T.O., Chad and Housh wearing sombreroes while they grab the Lombardi from Goodell would be my Steelers having to use a crowbar and a hammer to squeeze #7 into that dusty old trophy case.
    Do it, Mike Brown. Don’t be stupid. Cut Quan Cosby and give Housh his spot. Go all-in dude — put all those chips in the middle of the table.

  23. @andyprough – why are they stuffing Roethlisberger in a trophy case – to protect the public? 🙂 (sorry gb, couldn’t resist that one – glad you’d cheer for us if the Bengals make the bowl – wish I can say I’d return the favor but…)
    Anyhow, as a Bengals fan, I’ll take a shot at looking what adding Housh for a minimum contract (which Housh will gladly sign for as it will stick the Seahawks with more of the bill – his $7m is guaranteed and the Squawks will have to pay the balance of it) will do for the Who-Deys.
    Housh would take Shipley’s spot as the possession underneath guy – this actually would be a good fit as it’s the role he had originally in Cincinnati.
    Shipley becomes the 4th receiver – I don’t really like this as he’s shown a lot of potential already and this would hurt his growth.
    Caldwell becomes the 5th receiver – the impact here is a bit less as even as #4 I’m not sure really how many looks he would get.
    Cosby becomes #6 and will be deactivated most game days unless they need him for kick/punt returns.
    Simpson is gone, which isn’t a huge deal, but still stinks as he finally was making some progress this year in camp.
    Gresham presumably will be hurt as notwithstanding Shipley’s ability a lot of the looks Housh will take really are ones that would go to Gresham. On the plus side, Carson would have another great option in 3rd and 7 type situations.
    I can see Mikey Boy doing the deal, especially because he’ll be able to get Housh back for the minimum $ this year and won’t be on the hook beyond it. If Brown has one quality (other than thrift) it’s certainly a forgiving nature and if Housh were properly apologetic and humble (not necessarily a good bet but you never know – and it just would have to be enough to convince Mikey) I think that might be all that’s necessary. This year has all the makings of taking one big swing at the prize (at least Bengals-style).
    The question is – would Housh be willing to come back as the 3rd Amigo? I think it’s clear that Bryant never relished this – his body language showed it. The prior relationship with Chad might be enough though to get Housh on board with it. The other factor, though, is that coming back to Cincinnati will probably give Housh lower numbers than he would get signing elsewhere. If he’s looking at trying to nail another big contract, Cincy probably isn’t the way to go in that regard (though he could possibly redeem himself with proper locker room attitude – and I fully realize that’s not a safe bet).
    Don’t rule it out. Done right, this Bengals fan won’t mind it. (Perhaps an example of proper humility would be Housh letting Gresham keep the number and taking another).

  24. @Buckeye Bengal
    He left ONE year ago. It’s not like you guys have been struggling for years trying to replace an amazing talent. Plus I would take Caldwell or Shipley in the slot anyday over Douchemandzadeh. He’s slow now, and a slot receiver needs to be a lot quicker than he is. Right now he’s just a surehanded #2 receiver, and with T.O. and Chad, that’s covered. Too many selfish receivers is not a good thing, and TJ think he’s better than he really is

  25. Trade them Orien Harris and Quan (I would hate to lose Quan) and go get TJ back. He fits and he is productive in this offense, with this coaching staff. I was a huge fan, and then I discovered what a douche TJ is, but Carson trusts the dude and he makes tough catches (anti-Coles). Shipley and the kids can play a smaller role for a year. WHO DEY!?

  26. @ frostymugobeer Cincy did not trade Housh. You’re 100% wrong. His contract was up and he became a free agent. Bengals made him an offer to re-sign and he chose Seattle over Cincy thinking he had a better chance of being a #1 there.

  27. @SBH Orien Harris probably isn’t making the team. It makes no sense to trade for him as then they are on the hook for big $ and an ugly contract. They’ll only look at him if he’s cut (which he probably will be).

  28. QuizGuy66 says: September 3, 2010 9:55 PM
    “@andyprough – why are they stuffing Roethlisberger in a trophy case – to protect the public? 🙂 (sorry gb, couldn’t resist that one – glad you’d cheer for us if the Bengals make the bowl – wish I can say I’d return the favor but…)”
    I root for the Bungals 2 times in 40 years, while you root for them every game – and I’m the gb?? Look in the mirror holmes
    By the way – Stanley Wilson, if you are reading this – I’m still mad as hell at you. You dudes could have taken down the 49ers Deathstar that day – you let it all slip right through your hands….

  29. @Terrell Blowens, I would say we struggled tremendously without him last year and you know how much money we’ve thrown away by signing his “replacements” Coles and Bryant over the course of the last year. Seattle is paying the difference, sign him to veteran minimum. We’re loaded at WR and are going to be much better on offense than last year with or without him. This is a big if, but if he can get over himself and accept a #3 role w/ the chance at a playoff run on a contending team, why not?

  30. gb as in good buddy. Maybe not so good as at least ahead of like 99.9% of other Steeler fans anyhow. It’s late in the week so I guess I’m being charitable.
    I agree about Stanley Wilson. Pretty much any time Boomer Esiason is on a show about where that Super Bowl is referenced (or any Super Bowl is referenced) he brings up that infamous night.

  31. @andyprough …
    ROFL … have to admit the first time I read your post, I thought you were talking about stuffing Roethlisberger in the trophy case, too. Think I was just momentarily stunned by your enthusiasm for the Bengals. I try to be nice and respectful of our rivals, too … but you were getting a little carried away 😉

  32. Makes perfect sense…
    The Bengals took T.O. after the other 31 teams passed on him. They took Pacman after nobody wanted him. Tank Johnson, Cedric Benson landed there after nobody else showed interest.
    Cincy is simply where you go when you’re not wanted elsewhere.
    They hate Housh in Cincy after the way he left but they will be giddy as school girls if he comes back.

  33. The guy hated sharing the spotlight with Ochocinco.
    How do you think he’s gonna act sharing the spotlight with two other attention starved divas?

  34. Maybe Ocho is onto something?
    He kept lobbying for TO when Antonio Bryant was hurting. Maybe, Jordan Shipley is too.
    I think Chad should just leave TJ alone and demand Daniel Snyder to sign him. The Bengals’ management hate TJ more than the Cowboys’ hate TO. Trust me.

  35. I dont want anything to do with Housh. He was obviously the locker room cancer and the true diva in Cincy. The locker room mood has been much better since he has been gone. Don’t take him back Mike. Make his ass play for the Faders.

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