Patrick Crayton doesn't want to wait for release

Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton wants to jump before he gets pushed off the Dallas roster, seven seasons after he first made the team as a seventh-round pick.

“It seems he doesn’t figure in their plans so it’s not logical to be on
the roster until Saturday,” Crayton’s agent Fred Lyles told the Dallas Morning News. “We don’t see the use in
prolonging it

Lyles position makes sense, the Cowboys’ decision to let go of Crayton does not.

Anyone close to the Cowboys, right up to the team’s starting quarterback, knows Crayton is more valuable to the team than Roy Williams.  And he makes less money.  But the Cowboys can’t admit a past mistake, so they have decided to make another by letting a useful role player go.  (It’s a different story if the Cowboys can get something for him a trade.)

Crayton is one of the few players that will get dropped this week that can help another team right away.  Kansas City, where Todd Haley could use a third receiver, makes a lot of sense.

27 responses to “Patrick Crayton doesn't want to wait for release

  1. The Browns should consider him. With how weak our receivers are, he might be a number 1 or 2.

  2. Can’t believe talks of getting rid of one of the cowboys best receiver is still being discussed, when Roy I cant catch a cold Williams is still safe on the team..

  3. Looks like 2010 will be yet another disappointing year for the cowturds and their bangwagon idiot fans. Hail Suckas!

  4. I can’t stand Crayton but I would much rather have him in the slot with Austin and Bryant on the sides. The Cowboys will never release Roy Williams and it is going to be the death of them.

  5. It amazes me that the Cowboys stubbornly keep hoping Roy Williams will justify their insane trade with the Lions. It’s not gonna happen in this lifetime. Pride is keeping them from cutting their losses, but everyone is already laughing their a## off.

  6. With all of the teams out there that could use receiver help, Crayton will be unemployed for about 5 minutes.
    Strange move for the Cowboys.

  7. Roy William’s contract is guaranteed. This means that it costs more to keep Crayton (his and Roy’s salary) than Williams (only Roy’s salary).
    The Cowboys should still keep Crayton. He is the most versatile and dependable reciever on the team.

  8. It’s not pride that is keeping Williams on the roster, it is guaranteed money. This doesn’t excuse the fact that they gave Roy a horrible contract, but it makes their reasoning for keeping him around financially defensible.

  9. The Redskins honestly need to be all over this if he gets cut. I know everyone slams the Redskins for spending money on Free Agents but with the WR crew they have right now, this would be a perfect signing.
    Crayton may go for it too. Regardless of the money aspect, he could START immediately in Washington along side Santana Moss.

  10. It’s simply a case of Jerry “the Pimp” Jones’ ego ! He can’t admit failure and letting Williams go would make him an even bigger laughingstock.

  11. “But the Cowboys can’t admit a past mistake”
    They admitted it by drafting Dez Bryant and giving him #88.

  12. The Cowboys biggest mistake was getting rid of TO, period. The guy set a team record 34 TDs in 3 years, fools!

  13. What makes anyone think that Crayton is on the cutting block? If anyone, it’s Sam Hurd or Kevin Ogletree, although with Hurd’s performance last night that puts some doubt into that issue, too.
    Crayton may end up being the #4 on this team, but that’s still higher than #6.
    A better bet might be a trade of one of those 3. For an OG/OC backup or a draft pick.

  14. @ Simon
    Redskins fan kill me. Crayton would be the #1 on the skins easy. Santana Moss hasn’t been good sine Roy Williams left Dallas for the Bengals. He has always been a guy with above average speed who is best suited in the slot.
    @ Roger
    I am no math wiz but I am pretty sure Ogletree and Hurd combined don’t make what Crayton does. I do however agree that they should trade him however with fools passing along all of the “reports” that he is going to be cut, why bother giving anything up for him?

  15. Roger the Dodger says:
    September 3, 2010 9:56 AM
    What makes anyone think that Crayton is on the cutting block?
    Why don’t you ask his agent, or the Cowboys beat writers in Dallas? Or anyone else who knows what’s going on down there, all of whom seem to believe he is being cut?
    It sounds like the reason is his guaranteed money, which is pointed out in the article linked above that you apparently didn’t read.

  16. Williams and Bryant are the big body WR’s. Austin and Crayton are essentially competing for the same space. Witten is the short yardage guy that Romo trusts on 3rd down.
    It’s not like Crayton would replace Williams. Bryant will.
    He can’t play special teams. They should be trading him. Lots of teams could use this guy.

  17. Teams test market value. Happens all the time. Patrick will be a cowboy and the cowboys are smart for testing a players value that might now be on the team 5 months from now. Not a big deal, to most.

  18. As a Cowboy fan I usually do the stupid fan thing and support everything they do right or wrong. But I simply do not get this one at all. I admitt I was one of the many Cowboy fans (you know who you are) that was excited when we first traded for Roy. But it is obvious to a blind man that he simply is not a #2 and probably not a #3 receiver in this game. Not to mention he cost way too much. Crayton is much cheaper, much more reliable and just a hard worker then Roy could ever dream to be. Austin, Crayton & Bryant would be pretty strong. What a shame…..

  19. Keeping Roy Williams makes no “financial sense”. Even if his contract is guaranteed. Its an uncapped year. Dump him now and give yourself more cap room later.

  20. Cowboy fans are a hoot. Crayton is now indispensable, but back in 2007 they were ready to lynch him because of his performance in their playoff loss to the Giants. Dropped a pass … quit running on a deep ball that landed just out of his reach … etc.

  21. Send Crayton to the Chargers. They need a solid WR since Jackson won’t be with them. Crayton is experienced, and could help out.

    No cutting of Crayton. And @Chargers-Superhero got his wish. He got dealt to the Chargers.
    It never made sense to cut him; he has too much value. I think the Chargers got a steal here, only giving up a 7th rounder. Crayton is reliable and solid, just not flashy.
    @Chapnasty – JJ has more money than all of those WR’s put together; he won’t be cutting anyone based on what they cost him. He might NOT cut someone (e.g. Roy Williams) just because of what it would cost, though. The issue with Crayton never was about his salary; it was about 9 serviceable WR’s when there’s only room for 5, and Crayton didn’t add anything on special teams, unlike some of the others on the bubble.

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