Sage Rosenfels traded to Giants

Matt Leinart may not want to be a backup in New York (or anywhere else), but Sage Rosenfels will gladly take a ticket out of Minnesota.

Alex Marvez of reports that Rosenfels is headed to the Giants to be Eli Manning’s backup quarterback.  Compensation is unclear.

This knocks Rhett Bomar to third string.  We thought Bomar generally handled himself well in the preseason, but he wasn’t ready for the promotion.

With Rosenfels in New York, Joe Webb should safely make the Vikings roster as the team’s No. 3 quarterback behind Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson.  Webb is the only Vikings quarterback that has a contract past 2010.

UPDATE: The Vikings confirmed the move.  They also sent running back Darius Reynaud with Rosenfels in exchange for an undisclosed draft
choice in the 2011 NFL Draft and a conditional draft choice in the 2012
NFL Draft.

57 responses to “Sage Rosenfels traded to Giants

  1. Bad Bad Bad move by the Vikings. T-Joke should have been traded, not Sage. If Favre gets hurt, there will be no chance now.

  2. Wish the Bengals pulled the trigger on this guy. Just watching JustTurnOvers Sullivan in the pre-season gives me indigestion.

  3. Childress is a FREAKING fool!!!! Ziggy please can this idiot!!! There is NO WAY TJoke out played Sage, hell he didn’t out play Webb. I would feel much more comfortable with Webb #2 and TJoke #3.

  4. Bomar didn’ really handle himself “well”. he didn’t make bad decisions, but he also had a habit of missing (badly) wide open receivers.

  5. I know a lot of Viking fans don’t like Tarvaris, but the reality is that Sage really isn’t any better. Sure he’s had quite a pass heavy showcase of his talent this preseason, but that was strictly for exactly what has now happened. He’s was a dead nan walking for weeks and they simply wanted to get something for him before they had to cut him loose. Now the Vikes received something in return for their trash.

  6. tjack sucks…chilly is an idiot who refuses to admit he was wrong about his pet project of a qb.
    fire chilly

  7. Love this move by the Vikings! Any time your rivals get weaker at the most important position in football, you know it’s a good day!

  8. Big mistake, because when Favre is killed on Thursday…nobody but TJack is left. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No doubt Sage is smiling ear to ear upon hearing the news. He has to think that anyone who puts T Jack Off on the depth chart ahead of him is a total idiot and he is right, Col Klink is depriving some village in MN of its standard issue one idiot.
    Playing QB in the NFL requires confidence, both of the player and the head coach in that QB and Sage had to realize that Klink’s side job of chauffeuring the INT leader did not reflect well on his ability. But what most Viking fans will not admit to is that Klink has also thrown T Jack Off under the bus as well. He was never going to be a real QB but the last year has just made it worse. Klink drafted him too high to begin with and once Klink’s is revealed to be the total fraud we all know him to be, T Jack Off will be out of the league as well. And Sage can watch the train wreck from a safe distance.

  10. Childress must have been smoking his crack pipe all day today. It some personnel areas he’s been brilliant – drafting Peterson, drafting Sidney, acquiring Favre… but his unholy allegiance to T Jack is ridiculous. He made a HUGE mistake and needs to rectify it. What a jack @ss!

  11. I’ve been a Vikes fan all my life no matter where I have lived, yet I predicted this weeks ago and it absolutely sickens me…..
    We all know that for whatever reason, Favre likes TJack, and what Favre wants, Favre gets……

  12. I give up. I cannot defend this organization anymore. We’re screwed when favre breaks his ankle in week one vs. the saints.

  13. Stubborn, Foolish, Idiot, all three words have a picture of our coach next to them… Childress is a moron, he has proven this time and time again…12 men on the field after a freaking time out in the NFC Championship game, leaving peterson out there after fumble after fumble, not being able to admit he was wrong about TJack and giving an inept QB a million chances when he doesn’t deserve them, the list goes on and on…When is piss poor, joke of an offensive line gets Favre killed, the season rests in the hands of TJack??? Brilliant move! This coming from a Vikings fan

  14. Glad the Vikes got something for him. I doubt it is as much as they gave, but something is better than nothing.

  15. Thank God. I was really worried about the Giants backup situation and diidn’t want anything to do with Leinart.

  16. Very likely that BF helped influence this trade ……. TJ & Webb aren’t going to subplant BF as starter no matter how awful BF looks in season 2010. ……

  17. WHAT!?!?!?! Wtf were the Vikings thinking? Sage way out played TJ in the preseason…. what a joke!
    This is our only chance to win a SB. Once Favre retires, and he will after this season, the vikings will be searching for yet another veteran qb to lead us for a few years. I certainly wish the Vikings would break this cycle of plucking vet qb’s to save them for a year or two.

  18. Vikes are screwed, Favre’s iron man streak ends this year and then Tarvaris comes in to bail them out? Bwahahahaha!

  19. Some of these posts are hilarious. Trade t-Jack? For what? He has no trade value right now. At least this way the vikings got something. And ‘Vikings act like 2011 is never coming’? Do you REALLY believe for one minute Sage was going to take over as starter next year after two years of Brett Favre?!? No chance. I’ve said since Favre got to MN the next QB to start there would be someone who isn’t already on that roster. Not Jackson, not RosenFAILS, not Booty, or new rookie Webb. Yuo can’t go from Favre and a high caliber team to some castaway like Rosenfels. They’d rather get a new free agent veteran (McNabb??) or trade for one than face the drop off from Favre to Rosensucks. So take a deep breath whiners, and step back from the ledge… If it makes you feel better, Jackson won’t start next year, either. Guaranteed.

  20. T-Jax is the future!
    And the future will begin some time next week when the Saints give Favre the beatin’ Irv shoulda…
    Ha ha ha! 3 years from now, the LA viqueens will be considered the worst franchise in the NFL and LA will sue the NFL for having dump this monstrosity on them. Meanwhile, the people in Minnehaha will wonder where it all went wrong.
    By the way, SI says viking are a 9-7 team… So all you vike fans that say that 8-8 prediction is crap and just homerism… Are the SI writers GB homers too?
    My personal prediction is 4-12 for the vikes with Haus crying by week 10 and claiming he was a Packer fan the whole time and is Rodgers #1 fan. He’ll also claim TT is the greatest and folks just misinterpreted him.
    Contra and gravy will have jumped off a bridge (well it’s minnehaha so it will probably have collapsed before they were able to) and the rest of the vike “fans” will talk trash about last year for the next decade and exchange conspiracy theories about the championship game Favre threw away.

  21. What would you rather have– three backup QB’s who can’t carry Favre’s jockstrap right now, but who will almost have to try when he gets creamed behind that patsy offensive line, OR… 2 backups who can’t play, with another 2+ million dollars of free cap space to bring in an upgrade for the offensive line after all the cuts tomorrow? That helps to keep Favre on the field, the only real QB they have right now. GOOD MOVE.

  22. TJack actually plays best in a backup role, Sage (aka helicopter man) was never a long term answer. The silver lining is that Joe Webb emerged and has to be retained, as he would never clear waivers to be put on the practice squad. They cannot carry 4 QB’s on the 53 man roster. After the Vikes put away those dirtbag thugs from N’Awleans and shut up their pill-popping, drug addled Ben Stiller look-alike coach, they can get down to business and win another division title

  23. The only thing bigger than Chilly’s ignorance is his ego. Nice move Vikes, really making a strong pitch for a new stadium. Hey Wilf, just come out and say you’re looking to move the team to LA so us fans can start thinking about what team we need to switch to. What a gong show.

  24. People on here are retarded. Why not trade your disgruntled backup qb who really isn’t that special no matter how you try to swing things. Brett favre did not plan this trade. They got two draft picks for him and more cap space. Id take it any day of the week. Sage will always be at best a second stringer…find something else to bitch about guys

  25. # Olbermanisadouche says: September 3, 2010 9:15 PM
    I know a lot of Viking fans don’t like Tarvaris, but the reality is that Sage really isn’t any better. Sure he’s had quite a pass heavy showcase of his talent this preseason, but that was strictly for exactly what has now happened. He’s was a dead nan walking for weeks and they simply wanted to get something for him before they had to cut him loose. Now the Vikes received something in return for their trash.
    THANK YOU! Vikings fans are acting like we traded away a future HoF QB or something, when just a year ago most Vikings fans were groaning over the trade to GET Rosenfels.
    Listen people, stop being reactive fans and thinking just because Rosenfels does decent in the pre-season that suddenly he’s a Born Again Pro Bowler or something. He isn’t any better than T-Jack, and that’s not saying much. The hopes, just like last year, ride on Favre again.
    As for the future? It’s Webb, the draft, or bust. There’s just not going to be any quality veteran QB’s on the market this offseason, unless you count McNabb, which I have NEVER considered quality.

  26. If Favre gets hurt we’re in trouble regardless of Rosencopter or T-sack. People are acting like Sage was good. Ummmm, he couldn’t start in Washington, and they’ve sucked at QB forever. And when last seen starting, I believe he was spinning in midair and launching the football into the arms of a defender. They get something in exchange for him, they get to keep Webb who shows promise, and they keep the backup who has the most experience in the offense. I don’t like T-Jack either, but they don’t get as much in exchange for T-Jack. And everyone clubbing Childress will be jocking him if we sign Housh for pennies while Seattle basically pays him to start for us.

  27. favre will be fine this yr you IDIOTS! the only qb who wont be leaving the saints vikings game on there own power is drew brees. HE’S GONNA GET SO POUNDED HE WILL NEVER PLAY FOOTBALL AGAIN!

  28. vikes_favre says:
    September 3, 2010 9:06 PM
    Bad Bad Bad move by the Vikings. T-Joke should have been traded, not Sage. If Favre gets hurt, there will be no chance now.
    You’re assuming they had a choice. You can’t trade a QB no one wants. They wanted to move one of these guys so that they could keep Joe Webb on the roster, and obviously the only QB they got offers for was Sage.
    Not really a surprise.


  30. Goombar….. BTW, do I want to know how you got that nickname??
    You belong to a fan base that still talks about “championships” dating back to 1929 and use that for the barometer of being the best franchise in the NFL, and you have the balls to write:
    “…the rest of the vike “fans” will talk trash about last year for the next decade…”
    What a hypocrite. I guess when you don’t measure up you cling to decades-old glory and preseason predictions. I’m comfortable with cheering a team that actually wins more than it loses.

  31. Why is everyone so fired up about a back up qb being traded? Remember, favre is the starter and when does he ever miss a flipping game?

  32. Does Tarvaris Jackson have naked pictures of hookers with Vikings management?? Maybe a job for Brad Childress down the road?? The ridiculous keeping of a draft pick over much better options at any cost is foolish!!!!!!

  33. BigBear123 says:
    September 3, 2010 10:33 PM
    This season just keeps getting better as a Bears fan.
    You aren’t even close to top dog, you’ll be lucky to beat the Lions for 3rd.
    I can’t believe they got rid of Darius Reynaud.

  34. Im surprised they got rid of Reyanud; the far larger story than Sage, which was a forgone conclusion. I’ll be surprised if the Vikes arent working out another trade (large).
    If not, my thinking is that the Giants “ate” Sages’ salary but asked for Reynaud as additional compensation; they are low on skill players, as are the Vikings due to injuries, which makes the trade for Reynaud even more perplexing. Otherwise, I think the Vikes probably would have had to dump Sage outright. We’ll find out in the next few days.

  35. cvh2009: I think the only logical reason for dumping Reynaud was his size. He’s not beating out AP or Gerhart for regular RB duties, and he’s too small to be a reliable blocker in the backfield – the smallest RB they had on the roster. The only good spot for him to contribute was at punt returner. And while he was good there last year, that probably made him expendable with all the other guys who also have experience there like Berrian, Harvin, Allen, etc. Maybe Joe Webb can be used there, too? He has to do something this year. Won’t be seeing him at QB.

  36. VikeKings says:
    September 3, 2010 10:28 PM
    ya 1 flukey SB whoopy doooo. your still trash!
    Well, fluke or not, they got it and you don’t.

  37. If Eli stays healthy this entire season than this entire discussion about Sage is moot. The same goes for Favre if he stays healthy.
    Bomar DOES need at least one more season of learning although the skills he needs are there. He played a pretty good game against the Pats the other night even though most of that was against 2nd stringers and cannon fodder players.
    Picking up Sage(and Reynaud) was a sound move by Big Blue. The pickings would have been rather slim anyway for a seasoned qb to back up Eli. Surprised the vikes let Reynaud go. Not a bad back; nothing spectacular but still a pretty good player. This was a Special Teams move by the G-Men.
    Time, as it always does, will tell, but I really have my doubts about Brett going the entire season this year. Sooner-or-later he’s bound to get nailed by a blind-sided and hard hitting sack or something happening to that aching ankle of his.
    Oh. Objectively speaking, I sincerely hope the Vikings stay right where they are and truly belong: Minnesota. I groan at the thought of them moving somewhere like L.A.. Those people there never screamed for a new team after the Rams left and then the Raiders. There was never any outpouring of grief over the loss of either of these two teams. Plus California has a state debt worse than some countries and high unemployment. Asking people there especially in the L.A. area to put up with some kind of tax to help fund a new ultra-modern stadium in these economic times is nuts.

  38. Nice move by the G-Men a bit of security and Sage will look good holding the clip Board.
    Its funny to see viqueens fans trashing the saints when the queens have never ever ever won the Superbowl
    The Viqueens are in good company with the other all flash no fire egals
    Now when the Giants have a nice big leed againest the egal and cowpies Sage can go in and mop up

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