Browns' Wright, McDonald reflect on harsh reality of cut day

On cut day in the NFL, it’s easy for the eyes of fans and sports writers to glaze over as we look at name after name after name of players who have been released.

It’s easy to forget that as we pass along those names, we’re glossing over the worst day of some of these men’s lives: As NFL teams go about the business of reducing their rosters from 75 to 53 players, a whole lot of young men who have dedicated their lives to playing football are being told that they’re just not good enough, and their NFL dreams are probably over.

A pair of Browns defensive backs. Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald, have taken to their Twitter accounts to reflect on that fact today.

“Just watched a lot of players bag up their stuff and walk out the building,” Wright tweeted (edited for clarity). “Definitely an emotional day. We all put in work. Hurts to see them go.”

Wright added that when the Browns cut McDonald and Gerard Lawson,”I lost my two best friends. . . . Truly it hurts me.”

On the day he found out he hadn’t made the Browns’ roster, McDonald kept a positive attitude.

“The new journey begins,” McDonald tweeted. “Thanks to all. Peace and many many many blessings to all.”

7 responses to “Browns' Wright, McDonald reflect on harsh reality of cut day

  1. Jus watched a lotta players bag up there stuff n walk out the building. Definitely an emotional day. We all put in work. Hurts to c em go
    Edited for clarity indeed.

  2. Good thing a lot of them went to college on scholarships and can now pursue a career with their degrees.

  3. Looks like McDonald won’t have the chance to run a train on TO. Isn’t that what he promised via Twitter a few weeks ago?

  4. I just don’t feel sorry for the players who get cut. Not just because I’m a heartless bastard, but because I don’t think there’s any shame in being cut from an NFL roster. These guys go in knowing they will likely be cut, and they still try and defy the odds and give it their all. There’s no shame in that.

  5. They know it’s a long shot for some to make the team, with new players coming in every year from the draft, to player pick ups.
    with that said. some of these players signed a contract with a large amount of money, just for signing there name to the contract.
    if you played in the NFL for 3 years, you should have a heafty bank account. if you don’t then your to blame.
    Some of you will be picked up by another team.
    some wont. so good luck. and some had 3 to 4 years of college paid for.

  6. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass out the door McDonald—you played like Ronald the past few years—too much self-worth and poor coverage ability and lousy tackling=unemployed—–and try not to assault females either in the future

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