Cardinals will cut Matt Leinart today

Any moment now, Matt Leinart’s tenure with the Arizona Cardinals will officially come to an end.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cardinals have told Leinart they’re cutting him today. Derek Anderson will be the starter in Arizona, and Max Hall will be the backup.

Leinart now has to go on any list of the most disappointing draft busts of recent history. When the Cardinals selected him 10th overall in 2006, everyone thought they had their franchise quarterback. Instead Leinart has been a huge disappointment, finishing his career in Arizona with 14 touchdowns and 20 interceptions.

The Cardinals had tried to trade Leinart, but no one was interested in taking on his contract. If he’s going to stay employed in the NFL, he’s going to have to be willing to take a lot less money and accept the fact that he won’t be handed a starting job.

39 responses to “Cardinals will cut Matt Leinart today

  1. Max Hall backing up one of the mostly wildly inconsistent starters in the NFL!?!?!?!?
    Awesome- good luck with that, Cardinal fans.

  2. Max Hall will be starting by mid-season, appears to be best QB on the team, just needs time.
    At least the Cards have the comfort of playing in the worst division in football and have the second worst division AFC West on their schedule.

  3. No surprise there. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Derek Anderson still sucks.

  4. do you think he cares he will make less money?all he wanted was a fair shot which he never got with whisenhunt so why would he do them any favors by taking less to be a backup for them or somebody else?at least now he can pick a team that will give him a real shot to start.if they were so sure he would never be any good why didn’t they cut him earlier?will be fun to be hearing the excuses when anderson plays like he did at cleveland and they have to start one of thier rookies.

  5. If Derek Anderson has problems or injury, Max Hall is capable of leading this team to the playoffs.
    I think, two years from now, the world will be awestruck by Jay Cutler’s stats and Vince Young’s continued heroics. Matt will be a capable back-up somewhere and the 2006 class will be vindicated.
    2007’s class might be weaker. You have a good QB in Kevin Kolb, a good back-ups and maybe more in Troy Smith and Tyler Thigpen, but I’m not sold on Brady Quinn, Trent Edwards and Jamarcus Russell. The jury is still out on 2nd rounders John Beck and Drew Stanton but it seems nobody wants to start them.

  6. About time Leinart was cut. He had been a 4th or 5th round pick he would have been gone two years ago.

  7. Cards, I am sorry, but 2-14 this year.
    Stellar defense, but with Anderson at QB, you cannot win.

  8. Max Hall looked impressive vs umm, who was it? Oh, yeah, a whole bunch of guys that got cut in the past 24 hours. He’s the next Colt Brennan.

  9. The rain of the cards is over time to rebuid for 4 years again. Whisenhunt will be fired this season because they will be so bad. HAHAHAHAHAH

  10. Larry Fitzgerald owners across the nation have been paying that God sends Kurt Warner a divine message to ‘pull a Favre’.

  11. Why didnt they draft Tebow?? At least would have been a playoff team then. Now, this year looks like a car crash.

  12. Isn’t it crazy out of that draft you had Reggie Bush, Mario Williams, Matt Leinhart, Vince Young, AJ Hawk, Vernon Davis, Lendale White, and Jay Cutler, yet only one of those players has even made it to the Superbowl: REGGIE BUSH, and he won it too!

  13. Matt life comes at you fast my friend, and for all of you who thinks Matt Leinart wasn’t given a fair shot by coach Whiz, just grow up already Matt Leinart did it to himself, just think about it.
    He had the chance to be a #1 overall pick in 2005 draft but what did Matt do he past it up to stay and party with the frat girls, just think about it for a second you play since pee-wee stage to become good enough to play high school then college so you can get to be one off the best and highest paid at your position and when you were given that very same opportunity you said no I don’t want it, well thats what Matt Leinart did and that told you all you need to know about Matt, doesn’t take it serious, that and he almost got Fitz killed with that pass that hung in the air for ever.

  14. Derek Anderson as the starter and Max Hall as the backup? Is this the UFL being reported on? That has to be the absolute worst QB situation in the NFL. Any BYU fan is in shock right now that Hall is even in the league, let alone Anderson. Poor Fitz.

  15. Old veteran retires, young early draft pick busts, and is cut, newly signed question mark is named starter with a no name back up …Hey Vikes, you may want to pay attention to this story for next year!!
    On a side note…Im glad I stayed away from Fitz in every draft!!

  16. ok, i got one team in mind for Leinart, Seattle. They want a quarterback and why not get a former Pete Carroll guy, he will sit and watch Hasselbeck for a year, then take over, i think Carroll would give him a shot.

  17. @nowathand
    Really?? 2007 might be weaker? it is weeker… Quinn and smith could be cut today… russell sucks.. thigpen is below average.. John Beck couldnt beat out Troy smith and is now behind Rex Grossman.. Drew Stanton is unseen.. but yes the 07 QB class is garbage and you cant possibly say that Kolb is good.. not yet..

  18. Maybe he could have been a servicable back-up if he had worked hard, instead of partying all of the time. I was fooled when he was drafted, I thought that he was a starting QB. Matt just does not have the arm strength to pass accurately beyond ten yards.

  19. This is all part of something much, much bigger…
    First, Seattle acquired Mike Williams. Then Lendale White gets picked up, then cut. Now Leinart gets cut. How long will it be before Reggie Bush finds a way out of New Orleans? Not long I bet…
    Pete Carroll will sign Leainart. Then he trades for Bush, resigns Lendale White. He’ll find a way to get Ryan Kalil, Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett
    Here the plot thickens…
    Remember all the talk of steroids concerning Maulaluga, Cushing and and Matthews? THEY WERE SPIKED BY PETE CARROLL!!! Once it get’s out that these players tested positive for steroids, their respective teams will cut them, leaving Coach to pick them all up.
    Pete Carroll will have reassembled one the best college football teams…only in the NFL!!! They will
    DOMINATE THE LEAGUE! They will beat opponents by 30, sometimes 40 points. They will win Heismans in back-to-back years. They will make it to the Super Bowl, and then lose to Vince Young.
    Just wait.

  20. Where do you rank in reporting. Based on what you spew daily,I’m pretty sure its between you, & Florio at the bottom!!

  21. Wait…WAIT…
    Isn’t this the QB who said a few days ago that he thought he had “done enough” to earn the starting spot?

  22. @ DarkHorse81,
    I am 100% sure that had Leinart left after his junior year, your post would read:
    “He had the chance to stay in a college program and develop his skills more before entering the draft but what did Matt do, he decided he’d rather enter the draft and get selected #1 and go after the money , just think about it for a second you play since pee-wee stage to become good enough to play high school then college so you can get to be one off the best and highest paid at your position and when you were given the chance to develop yourself as a player and have a better career, you decide you dont want to wait, you want it now, well thats what Matt Leinart did and that told you all you need to know about Matt, he doesn’t care about football, only the money, that and he almost got Fitz killed with that pass that hung in the air for ever.”
    I love how whenever a quarterback leaves college early, everyone claims it’s a sign of immaturity and that he isn’t prepared enough, and if a players stays for his senior year, he’s scared and doesn’t have the confidence to play in the NFL.
    Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning stayed in school for four years and have succeeded in the NFL.
    Aaron Rodgers left college early, and has had success. Ryan Leaf also left after his junior year, and we all know how that story went.
    The point is, whether a player stays for his senior year or leaves after his junior year is NOT an indication of his commitment to the game. Players have various reasons for either leaving or staying after their junior year, the least of which is how serious they take the game. If a player just can’t hack it as an NFL quarterback, an extra year of college football is not going to change that.
    I don’t think it would have made a difference whether he had left in 2005 or 2006. If he had declared as a junior, he would have almost assuredly been drafted by the 49ers, who took Alex Smith, and I can’t believe things would have turned out that differently for Leinart.

  23. Leinart will land somewhere and eventually play, not this year but next if he has any game. As far as Anderson, he isn’t in Cleveland anymore and will show off the arm hitting Fitz for TD’s. He has receivers now and will be serviceable.
    If you want to look at bad QB’s that can’t hit the side of a barn check out the Minnesota QB, TJack now that is someone who shouldn’t have a roster spot.

  24. In 2006 Leinart was a 5th-year senior, who needed only one class to graduate. He took dancing. He apparently continued to dance and booze it up in Tempe.
    What a shame. Guy was a true Golden Boy.

  25. @Icantadd – “They will win Heismans in back-to-back years. They will make it to the Super Bowl, and then lose to Vince Young.”

  26. Micheal David Smith is so clueless. One of the biggest busts in recent memory? Since when is it a bust when a coach and a QB don’t get along so part ways? Give me a break.

  27. Matt Moore undrafted FA= BEST QB from 2007 class. BY FAR. I never saw Kolb in college so knew nothing about him, but he looks promising.

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