Leftwich getting second opinion

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently are planning to play their first game of the season without Ben Roethlisberger or Byron Leftwich at quarterback.

With Leftwich expected to miss two-to-four weeks with a sprained MCL, Leftwich may not be available for any of the four games of Roethlisberger’s suspension.

But Leftwich isn’t ready to give up yet.  Per a league source, he’s seeking a second opinion regarding the severity of his injury and, more importantly, the duration of his absence.

If the Steelers think he’ll be gone for all four games, there’s a chance that they’ll put him on injured reserve, like they did two years ago when Charlie Batch suffered a broken collarbone, which prompted them to sign Leftwich.

13 responses to “Leftwich getting second opinion

  1. Suffice it to say, Steelers will spend the first 4 games running the ball and trying to play great defense. No surprises in what opponents will need to prepare for.

  2. I went to the doctor and he told me I was fat. I said I want a second opnion. He said “O.K., you’re ugly too!”/Dangerfielded

  3. “Byron, you’re too slow and immobile”
    Byron- “I’d like a second opinion”.
    “OK, your throwing motion sucks too”

  4. Release Leftwich and make a play for Matt Leinart(adjusted contract of course) HE will be a better more agile backup and if Ben Screws up you have a Young talented QB on the roster.

  5. @jollyrob68
    Yes Leinart is young but not sure where you have seen him display any talent. Dixon is young and has much more promise than Leinhart. Didn’t Matt just get replaced by a QB that couldn’t start for the Browns?

  6. Your breath stinks and your Mom dresses you funny.
    Seriously, the Batch, Leftwich or Dixon are about the same in terms of skill.
    When you have three QBs that could start you really have none.
    The defense and Mendenhall have to carry the team for the first 4 games.

  7. @ SPOONTHIS, I’m not saying get rid of Dixon. I want Dixon to get his chance. I’m a Dixon fan. I said Leinart because they dont trust the fragile bodies of Charlie Batch( who I would love to see on the coaching staff) of Lefwhich. Also If Ben goes back to Being Ben we need someone as Insurance.

  8. lmfao@leinart being a young talented qb..rofl really??? The Cards have no future qb but they are throwing the young “talented” qb out to anyone who wants him??? Damn i thought you had to know football to comment here? DAMN

  9. Here’s what going to happen….The Steelers go 2-2 while #7 is off. Dixon runs the team and does an OK job…Nothing great…Mendanhall does OK running the ball. The defense takes over and basically wins the 2 games…
    5th game…..
    Welcome to “the city by the lake” Cle Brownies and that game vaults #7 to the pro bowl…
    Playoffs again and looking at yet ANOTHER Super bowl appearance…
    Thank God for Cleveland!!!

  10. jollyrob68 says:
    “Release Leftwich and make a play for Matt Leinart(adjusted contract of course) HE will be a better more agile backup and if Ben Screws up you have a Young talented QB on the roster.”
    Didn’t know Matt Leinart’s father posted any comments on this site.
    What has this guy ever done as a pro that demonstrated he can even play?
    More agile backup? Yes, Dixon’s biggest hurdle is his lack of mobility!

  11. Batch, Dixon, and Leftwich are NOT interchangeable. Batch and Leftwich are seasoned backups. In two seasons and a preseason, Dixon has yet to learn the playbook and still can’t make reads. Much of that is instinctive. That’s why Ben, Marino, Brady, Manning, Flacco, Namath, Elway, Montana ALL had an immediate impact right off the bench in their 1st or 2nd season. They had INSTINCTS as well as skill. Dixon doesn’t.
    No to Leinart. By the time he learned our offense, Ben would be back. Diva backups aren’t needed.
    Much as FLORIO is salivating for Ben to screw up, I’m not worried. Celebs are constantly being sued over nonsense, so there’s no predicting that. But he’s finally got it–and probably well-insulated, too.
    His ONLY issue was buying into his own mystique. He was so busy playing BMOC that he lost perspective and engaged in a lot of risky behavior. He’s had a good kick in the pants now. Think he’ll be more careful about picking up trash.

  12. Deb says: September 4, 2010 1:07 PM
    Think he’ll be more careful about picking up trash
    Now that is classy.

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