Raiders chop several to arrive at 53

In order to track down the Raiders’ roster cuts, we’ve enlisted the Twitter accounts of Jerry McDonald (Oakland Tribune) and Vittorio Tafur (San Francisco Chronicle).

Here they are, for the annual AFC bottom dwellers: 
Defensive end Jay Richardson
Fullback Luke Lawton
Offensive lineman Chris Morris
Quarterback Colt Brennan
Fullback Manase Tonga
Wide receiver Shaun Bodiford
Wide receiver Todd Watkins
Tight end John Owens
Defensive end Greyson Gunheim
Offensive guard Brandon Rodd
Offensive guard Alex Parsons
Defensive end Kellen Heard
Defensive end Alex Daniels
Defensive tackle Chris Cooper
Linebacker David Nixon
Linebacker Slade Norris
Cornerback Walter McFadden (thought to be waived/injured)
Cornerback Joe Porter
Cornerback Joey Thomas
Punter Swayze Waters
UPDATE: Walter McFadden made the team.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter also passes along word that the Raiders “listened to offers” Saturday for linebacker Thomas Howard and cornerback Chris Johnson, yet didn’t pull the trigger.  Howard is a nickel ‘backer.  Johnson has lost his starting job to Stanford Routt.
In addition, the Raiders have announced that 6-foot-8 rookie Jared Veldheer will be his starting center.  So Oakland may rack up double-digit losses again, but at least Al Davis can boast that he has the tallest center in football.

43 responses to “Raiders chop several to arrive at 53

  1. “So Oakland may rack up double-digit losses again, but at least Al Davis can boast that he has the tallest center in football.”
    Wow Silva, show your true colors why don’t you. Maybe you should make opinions based upon reality instead of your personal feelings. Many have seen the Raiders as the second best team in the AFC West and some have picked them as a surprise choice to win it. You must be a bitter Bronco fan who realizes that your sorry team has done nothing but disappoint ever since Elway retired. I bet it sucks to be you.

  2. “Here they are, for the annual AFC West bottom dwellers: ”
    Obviously you haven’t seen the AFC West standings since it’s been 3 years since the Raiders were at the bottom. But what do you expect from a piece of shit hack writer that writes for Florio’s lamass website. Have fun sucking on you boyfriends dick tonight Silva…!

  3. Let me provide you a quote from Abraham Lincoln:
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out ann remove all doubt.
    What say you Evan Silva?

  4. pound your hate until you choke on it.
    you’re qualified to write nothing.
    well be back.
    musta beat your team a ton jealous mofo….
    RAIDER NATION. still better than you.

  5. Silva needlessly says:
    In addition, the Raiders have announced that 6-foot-8 rookie Jared Veldheer will be his starting center. So Oakland may rack up double-digit losses again, but at least Al Davis can boast that he has the tallest center in football.
    Yeah, that’s better than saying something positive about a small-school rookie making the leap to starter on a day when a bunch of people are getting fired. You’re a douche.

  6. Silva isn’t biased at all. He is just stating facts. The Radiers WILL lose 10 game this season. He may have a mean-streak about it, but they are still facts. Al Davis is a moronic corpse, Tom Cable is the worst HC in the NFL, and the fans are all bitches. I don’t dislike the Raiders, these are just facts.

  7. yo’ unibrow
    nobodies “sensitive”. we’ve no feelings.
    we just match hate with hate and ours is better than yours…

  8. Okay guys, I understand that it’s easy to take cheap shots at the Raiders, and it probably boosts comments and page views. After the last 7 years, they’ve deserved just about everything they’ve gotten, but now it’s becoming ridiculous. I understand fans of other teams making snide comments, but you guys should be better than this. Most of the time I laugh about it, however is it really necessary in a post concerning roster cuts? Just report it and move on.
    I’ve been longtime regular visitor to PFT (several times a day) since, I think, either 2004 or 2005, but, if this continues, I will get my football news elsewhere. I rarely make comments, and I don’t think I’ve ever said anything about you guys being biased. I typically think fans are oversensitive, but, at this point, I believe you’ve more than crossed the line. If the Raiders are 2-6 at the half-way point, fire away. They deserve it. Otherwise, just report the news.

  9. Ya know, I was legitimately beginning to believe that the Raiders would have a shot at a wild-card spot this year. This article lets me breath easy, knowing that Al Davis is still senile and incompetent.
    Josh McDaniels is actively dismantling the Broncos and Al Davis is still doing his duty and holding his franchise down.
    See you Monday night, San Diego.
    Go Chiefs.

  10. sharkattacks hate just smells of bitterness..
    you should be so lucky to be in the Nation.
    now please try and hurt our feelings.
    ill wait. yaaaawwwwwn…

  11. Sharkattack sounds like a POS whiners fan. Go back to chillin in your momma’s basement, lunchbox. I guarantee a couple months from now your ass will be nowhere to be found when we’re leading the division.
    For now, STFU and GFY…you understand acronyms, right? Pathetic fool.

  12. dearest evan, it gives me great sorrow that i am going to strip you of your last name because of these childish potshots that you and your PFT wannabes choose to give to the Raiders. From here on in your last name will be Jerkofawitz.
    Best regards,
    Joe Black
    GO Silva & Black

  13. Lol just when i thought Silva was spitting some fire dunking just doused him. Ha! Ha! Well done dunking.

  14. @sharkattack
    Stop defending your buttbuddy and realize there is nothing based in fact in what was said. Not only have the Raiders not been the bottom of the AFC, but they have not been the bottom of the AFC West. Tom Cable can coach circles aroind team killer Norv Turner and idiot McMuffin, I mean McDaniels. Al Davis is what made the NFL… never forget that. Make us a promise, if your so sure about your prediction, if the Raiders do not have a losing season, we never have to hear from your stupid ass again.

  15. The hate and unprofessionalism is mind boggling on here. Shows your class or lack thereof.
    Anything to mget on Florios good side huh Sylvia?

  16. Silva, did someone in a Raiders jersey steal your Halloween candy last year, while you were trick or treating?

  17. # Joe Flacco’s Unibrow says: September 4, 2010 4:58 PM
    Raiders fans are very sensitive for people who try to come off as being tough guys.
    Not so much. Just doesn’t make sense for a “professional” blogger to post a lame crack about a tall center. The kid not only avoided the axe, he got a starting gig. As a fan, I find that troubling, but still, kudos to Veldheer.

  18. Silva, shove it up the 6’8″ centers ass you worthless piece of nothing. And Shark, if you don’t like the Raiders, stay away from the Raiders pages and comments ASSH*le. The Raiders will most likely be 2nd in the AFC West. Possibly 1st I hope.

  19. They got rid of Jay Richardson and kept Eric Pears?? Whoaaaaaaaa…………Did someone wake Al up before the cuts were made?

  20. Biography of Evan Silva:
    Age: 12 years
    Education: None
    Occupation: John Elway butt wiper
    Experience: prostitute
    credibility: 0

  21. This Silva was a High School bench warmer, bet he has never played a down of real football.
    A 6’8″ center ? Nothing wrong with that since QBs these days don’t stand directly behind the center to throw, and Campbell being 6’5′ himself will be able to get under his 6’8″ center and still have a great view of the field and his pre snap reads. And have you seen Veldheer’s play ? He’s been very good.
    I do think they should have kept Cooper and cut Pears. 1) he is awful and 2) Being an NFL player, he should know he has to re-report an ineligible.
    Silva just report the story, we don’t need your “twist” on it. Then if you are a Donkey fan, that explains much.

  22. DEMOLITION says:
    September 4, 2010 6:03 PM
    The hate and unprofessionalism is mind boggling on here. Shows your class or lack thereof.
    Love listening to raider d-bags berate someone on lack of class

  23. Raiders will shock the world and win the AFC West this season. 10-6 record @ seasons end. Chargers are once again way overrated and forget about Denver and KC. These blogging clowns will be eating Silver & Black crow. All Good.

  24. Wow, Evan Sylvia, you’re not even subtle about your hatred. I love it! What are you going to do when the raiders post a winning season? Hate even more I bet. You know this team is not going to suck forever, and when that happens I just hope you keep on hating because I’ll be thinking about you every time the raiders win a game.

  25. why is evan silva considered a journalist. his writing is terrible, knowledge in question, and absolutely has a HUGE bias against the Raiders.
    While many on here hate Florio, at least he has some skills.
    Silva, talentless, brings nothing to the table except for angering Raider fans. NBC can and should hire better.

  26. walter mcfadden didn’t get cut…
    he’s listed on the roster and not on the official released list

  27. Luke Lawton is on the suspended list, not the cut list. He is still property of the Raiders and the club can either activate him after Week 2 or release him.

  28. Silva isn’t a hater…Just look back at his PFT Mock Drafts (Raiders taking Charles Brown OT, USC in the first round over McClain…Brown was the last pick of the second round!!!!)
    Silva is just blogger who isn’t very informed A LOT of the time (look at his post about the Raiders signing John Henderson).
    Mr. Florio can’t post everything, he has to have a “B” teamer like Silva come in sometimes and honestly the Raiders haven’t done squat in going on eight years now so they deserve a “B” team reporting. At least Rosenthal is getting better/wiser (a little anyway).
    You want a true journalistic slant on the Raiders go to Jerry McDonald at…HE IS A HONEST, UNBAIS REPORTER ON ALL THAT IS RAIDERS.
    Meanwhile…Good job to Jared Veldheer going from DII to starting in the NFL (I am sure Silva’s boy Charlie Brown ain’t going to start for the Saints).
    What about about the Mike Mitchell/Stevie Brown saga (which PFT wiffed on so far)?
    I know Al Davis sees Mitchell as the next Jack Tatum, but if all he is going to do is look for the big hit and not focus on safety help on coverage I think the Raiders wasted a second round pick on him.
    “Haters” hate the Raiders even when they die (reference Jack Tatum’s passing) and Raider fans hate “haters”.
    It is the only thing that makes sense in this insane world anymore…Let’s play some RAIDER FOOTBALL!!!

  29. First for all you non raider fans these are not the same raiders from last year or any previous years.
    Because they cut out the locker room cancer that was the last Qb J.Russel. The OL will block for a QB that they like so im not to worried about that and besides the HC is an old OL coach and he’s not callin the plays this year Hue Jackson is. Which means we’re going to run the FB screen better than ever and WRs like L.murphy,and number 85 DHB have a REAL QB in Jason Campbell.
    They will have 8 or more wins this year.
    Other teams in the afc suck like the chargers,chiefs,and broncos.Charges got rid of L.T. and it was the stupidest move by any team this year cause hes got plenty left in the tank. Chiefs……ha they are a joke.Broncos have no QB and injured Rbs and OL is laughable.Other teams that all the media talks about like the vikings r gonna b good but only if favre has a year like last one. Pats have lost there OL and Brady CANT play like he used to because of his bad knee and hes too afraid to step into passes.Giants are gonna be mediocre cause all they have is a runnin game and Eli is not Peyton who is a future hall of famer.
    Teams that are gonna be good this year are the saints,ravens,texans,and maybe the fins.
    We are no longer thet laughing stock of the nfl so all you other weak ass teams and fans better not sleep on the RAIDERS and get used to hating my team like you used too.

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