Redskins trade Justin Tryon to Colts

The Washington Redskins have traded cornerback Justin Tryon to the Indianapolis Colts.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the trade went down today, presumably for a conditional late-round draft pick.

The Washington Post had previously reported that Tryon was released, but that was incorrect. The Post item wasn’t written by Mike Wise, so we’ll assume it was an honest mistake and not a deliberate fabrication.

Tryon has played in 29 games for the Redskins over the last two seasons, starting two.

8 responses to “Redskins trade Justin Tryon to Colts

  1. I can’t say I know much about him. As a Colts fan, we certainly needed another veteran for depth back there, and I know Tryon was working as a nickelback for awhile. He’ll be no higher than the #4 in Indy behind Lacey. Hopefully he’ll be a nice presence.

  2. As far as Tryon goes, the Colts are getting a solid young player. He’s no pro bowler, but he’s strong in slot coverage/nickel packages and really quite underrated.. Perhaps the best 4th round pick of the entire damned Cerrato era in DC.
    Now to an issue that has been bugging me. Good God get over yourselves you self-righteous hacks! No one reads this site because Florio and Smith and the rest are champions of journalism. As soon as an alternate football news aggregator emerges, you know that you will lose 95% of your readership because of dumb ass stunts like your Wise witch hunt, right? You are managing to make Wise the good guy in all of this. Just shut the hell up.

  3. One more Wise comment and I am done with PFT.
    I’ve been here since the creation and have never seen this.
    It is almos like he struck a real nerve with you guys.
    Maybe Wise was right when it comes to PFT???????

  4. i love your site, i read it all the time, i defended you, and i sent an email to the WP bashing Wise.
    But enough is enough. We don’t need nor want any more of the constant jabs at Wise and the WP.
    Thank you.

  5. MDS…you are not Florio. Please be yourself and create your own type of sports reporting.
    The bashing of Wise from Florio is understood but you need new material. Your own.

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